10 Best Dating Apps in India 2024

Top 12 Dating Apps in India

Are you searching for love in unconventional places? Feeling disheartened by the current dating scene? Embrace the world of online dating – a fantastic avenue to encounter intriguing individuals and explore your more passionate side. Dive into our assessment of the Top 10 best dating apps in India, bringing love within arm’s reach, possibly just a tap away on your mobile device.

Advantages of Dating Apps

  • The best dating apps offer convenience, expanding the pool of potential partners globally.
  • They facilitate efficient matching based on preferences, saving time.
  • Enhanced accessibility enables connections for diverse relationship types, promoting inclusivity.
  • Features like compatibility algorithms improve match accuracy, fostering meaningful relationships.

Disadvantages of Dating Apps

  • Dating apps can lead to superficial connections, emphasizing appearance over personality.
  • The sheer volume of choices may result in decision fatigue.
  • Privacy concerns and security risks exist, with the potential for misrepresentation.
  • Dependency on digital interactions may hinder real-life social skills.
  • While convenient, the online dating landscape may lack the depth of traditional offline connections.

List of 10 Best Dating Apps in India 2024 – Ratings & Reviews

Datings appsPlaystore RatingsApple Store RatingsSocial Accounts
Elite Singles★2.1★4.1@elitesingles_dating
Christian Café★3.3★2.3@christiancafe

1. Bumble: Online Dating App

Bumble Dating App | 10 Best Dating Applications in India

Bumble, a progressive online dating app, puts women in control by letting them initiate conversations. With a swiping interface similar to Tinder, it fosters connections while emphasizing respect and safety.

Signup Process

  • Bumble’s sign-up is swift, requiring basic details.
  • Users create profiles with photos and bios.
  • Women make the first move, enhancing control and empowerment in this user-friendly process.


  • Bumble dating app features include a women-first approach, swiping for matches, and a 24-hour window for women to initiate conversations.
  • Additional features like Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz cater to friendship and professional networking, enhancing the app’s versatility.
  • You can tell a story about yourself in the form of photos that you will upload.

Target Audience

Bumble attracts a diverse audience seeking connections with a focus on empowering women in the dating landscape. Its user base includes those seeking anything from casual encounters to serious relationships, emphasizing respect and fostering a dynamic and inclusive community.

Bumble Membership Cost

  • The premium membership at Bumble starts at $29.99 for one month and goes up to $99.99 for six months.
  • There are shorter one-day and one-week memberships, as well as a $ 229.99-lifetime premium membership option.
  • Premium add-ons are available to better your chances of finding someone. These packages range from $1.99 up to $59.99 depending on the addon and the number purchased

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2. Tinder Online Dating App

Best Free Dating Sites in India

Tinder, a leading online Indian dating app, revolutionized digital dating with its swipe-based interface. Known for simplicity, it facilitates quick connections based on mutual interest, appealing to a global user base.

Signup Process

  • Tinder’s signup is swift, requiring a Facebook or phone number for verification.
  • Users add photos, a bio, and set preferences, creating profiles ready for swiping.
  • Simplicity and speed characterize the process, making it accessible for diverse individuals seeking connections.


  • Tinder’s features include the iconic swipe function, mutual match notifications, and a messaging platform.
  • It offers premium options like Passport for global matching and Boost for profile visibility.
  • Tinder’s user-friendly design and casual approach make it a go-to platform for those seeking diverse dating experiences and connections.

Target Audience

Tinder’s broad appeal attracts a vast audience, primarily young adults seeking varied connections. Its casual nature makes it popular among those desiring casual encounters to serious relationships.

Monthly Subscription Plan of Tinder

Tinder the best Indian dating app has recently implemented modifications to the perks associated with our Tinder subscription tiers.

  • Tinder Plus® will no longer offer complimentary Super Likes or a monthly Boost for free.
  • Tinder Gold™ and Tinder Platinum™ will now include 5 Super Likes per week instead of the previous daily allocation.
  • The free monthly Boost is exclusively available for Tinder Gold™ subscriptions for 1 month or longer.

3. Zoosk: Best Free Dating Site Overall

Best Free Dating Sites in India

Since its establishment in 2007, has been providing its online dating app and has amassed a user base exceeding 30 million accounts. While other free dating platforms may concentrate on long-term commitments or casual interactions, Zoosk stands out by offering a variety of choices for everyone.

Sign-Up Process

  • After successfully joining this free Indian dating site, users can begin perusing matches and embark on their dating journey.
  • Zoosk provides various options, including messaging and video calls.
  • The app incorporates essential privacy features, ensuring users have complete control over their accounts and messages, minimizing uncomfortable experiences.

Zoosk Dating App Membership Price List

Membership Term Price Per Month Total Price
Basic ~ Free Free
Premium 1 month $29.95 $29.95
Premium 3 months $19.98 $59.95
Premium 6 months $12.50 $74.99
Premium 12 months $12.50 $149.95


  • Similar to many other online dating sites, Zoosk operates on a subscription-based model. The basic free membership permits users to create profiles and explore singles in their vicinity; however, upgrading to a subscription is necessary for sending messages and engaging in chats with connections.
  • Subscribers gain entry to “Great Dates,” a virtual dating service facilitating video dates with potential partners.
  • What sets this free dating app service apart is the ability to select a destination as the backdrop for the virtual experience. Destinations encompass locales like Italy, Greece, and Japan.
  • Beyond subscriptions, Zoosk users can purchase Zoosk coins, a digital currency enabling profile boosting or sending gifts such as emojis and digital pictures to other users. It’s important to note that Zoosk coins are an additional, optional feature and are not included in the standard subscription service.

Target Audience

Its target demographic spans individuals of various ages and relationship preferences, providing a versatile platform for those exploring casual encounters, long-term commitments, or anything in between.

4. eHarmony: Best Dating Site for Serious Relationships

Best Free Dating Sites in India

Since its establishment in 2000, the site has evolved significantly and was among the pioneers in introducing compatibility quizzes to assist users in finding their ideal matches. It remains a top-tier free dating site, characterized by its relatively balanced gender distribution and user-friendly interface.

Sign-Up Process

  • The sign-up procedure on eHarmony is extensive, potentially taking up to an hour, especially if one approaches the compatibility quiz with thorough consideration.
  • To commence, users are prompted to create an account. They can create a manual account using their email or link their Facebook or Apple accounts to eHarmony.
  • Alternatively, linking a Facebook or Apple account allows eHarmony to automatically import relevant information.
  • However, caution is advised regarding the information granted to eHarmony, as it may access details like timeline, relationship status, and likes, potentially raising privacy concerns.
  • The most time-consuming segment of the eHarmony sign-up process is the compatibility quiz. This quiz delves into users’ preferences in a partner, personality traits, and self-perception, all aimed at pinpointing the perfect match. Although the quiz demands a significant time investment, eHarmony permits users to save their progress at any point.
  • Upon completing the quiz, users can commence their search for matches. Each profile viewed includes a compatibility score, with higher scores indicating a better match. Upon finding a profile of interest, users can initiate messaging with the hope of fostering a long-term relationship.

eHarmony Dating App Basic Membership

Upon joining the eharmony, every member initiates their experience with a Basic membership. This complimentary membership now provides unlimited matches and the capability to send and receive Smiles, Icebreakers, and Likes. Additionally, users can respond to initial messages, explore profiles anonymously, and view recent visitors to their profiles. Give it a try – it’s completely free!

eHarmony Premium Membership:

The Premium membership grants you access to eharmony’s complete array of features, encompassing limitless matches and messaging, an advanced search function, and the ability to view all photos associated with your matches. Recognizing that the quest for a new relationship deserves ample time and consideration, they offer Premium memberships in durations of 6, 12, or 24 months.


  • eHarmony’s basic free version is notably generous, enabling users to create a profile, search for singles, and peruse other profiles. eHarmony occasionally offers free communication weekends and subscription discounts, providing opportunities to experience the full spectrum of eHarmony’s features.
  • Diverging from the tiered subscription model common in many dating apps, eHarmony offers a single premium service. The only variable is the subscription duration, affecting the monthly cost—extended subscriptions result in lower membership costs over time.

Target Audience

eHarmony, renowned as the best dating site for serious relationships, targets a discerning audience seeking long-term commitment. Tailored for individuals prioritizing genuine connections, the platform attracts those looking to build meaningful and lasting relationships, fostering an environment conducive to serious and enduring partnerships.



5. Best Dating App for Singles Over 40 caters to the dating needs of individuals in the middle-aged demographic seeking serious, long-term relationships. Primarily focused on users over 40 or those interested in dating individuals in this age group, the platform offers diverse communication options, including email, chat, and video.

Sign-Up Process

  • The sign-up process on initiates with a brief form, prompting users to input age, gender, and preferred age range.
  • Subsequently, users can create an account by linking their existing Google account or manually crafting a profile. facilitates various ways to discover and engage with individuals.

DateMyAge Pricing and Membership Options

DateMyAge adopts a versatile approach to plans, adopting a credit-based system instead of conventional subscription-based memberships. This grants users greater control over their usage and allows them to allocate funds to the most significant features, fostering a personalized online dating experience.

Below are some pricing alternatives for monthly credits:

  • 150 credits per month: Initiated at a promotional price of $19.99 for the first month, followed by a standard monthly fee of $49.99.
  • 600 credits per month: Accessible for $149.99.
  • 1500 credits per month: Priced at $299.99.

Subscribers also receive 20 welcome credits, 10 complimentary live chat sessions, and an initial free message to any member.


Users can allocate their credits for activities such as video calls, reading and sending messages, purchasing gifts, or accessing unique platform features. Noteworthy aspects include a multi-messaging feature, enabling introductory messages to multiple profiles, and broadcasts where users share live videos visible to all members.

Target Audience

  •, the premier dating app for singles over 40, caters to a mature audience seeking serious, long-term relationships.
  • Ideal for middle-aged people, the platform attracts individuals looking for meaningful connections and companionship in the later stages of life, fostering a community focused on genuine and lasting relationships.

6. Dating.Com: Best International Dating Site in India seeks to provide a more inclusive experience, incorporating numerous features for a flexible and streamlined approach to dating sites. The platform adopts a minimalist design, foregoing many features in other dating apps. The platform supports video chat, a valuable feature for those considering international dating sites.

Sign-Up Process

  • Registering on is straightforward: Use your email to create an account and provide basic information. Once the account is established, full access to all profiles and users on is granted without the need for personality tests or other verification steps.
  • However, we observed a dual nature of’s sign-up process. While swift and uncomplicated, it may encounter numerous bots and incomplete profiles. It is strongly recommended to adhere to safe online dating practices, including verifying the person’s identity through video chat before arranging in-person meetings. Membership Plans

Although creating a profile is free on, engaging in meaningful interactions with other users requires payment. employs a credit-based system rather than a monthly subscription model. provides several credit packages, including

  • $19.99 for 150 credits per month
  • $149.99 for 600 credits per month
  • $299.99 for 1500 credits per month


  • departs from the traditional subscription model, allowing users to acquire a digital currency to use on various features.
  • For instance, sending a message requires one credit, while sending an email may cost up to 15 credits.
  • Video chats incur additional expenses, with charges applied per minute.
  • Credits are available in three bundles: small, medium, and large. Larger bundles offer a lower cost per credit but a higher upfront expense.
  • Start with smaller bundles, understand your monthly usage, and select the bundle that best aligns with your needs.

Target Audience, ideal for international dating, targets a diverse audience seeking global connections. The platform offers a vibrant space for those interested in expanding their horizons and finding love across international boundaries.

7. Elite Singles: Best Dating Service for Busy Professionals

Elite Singles is a dating site that offers a more select but higher-quality dating pool for those who prioritize intelligence, seriousness, and appearance. Instead, it caters to individuals seeking serious relationships and authentic connections, steering away from casual flings and hookups.

Sign-Up Process

  • Although Elite Singles previously had a lengthier test with over 100 questions, it has now streamlined the process while retaining relevant, in-depth inquiries.
  • Most individuals complete the questionnaire within 20 minutes, and the option to save progress allows flexibility in completing the profile.


  • Elite Singles operates on a subscription-based system.
  • The complimentary plan lets you complete the personality test, establish your profile, and receive messages.
  • It is an excellent starting point to assess whether the site aligns with your preferences.
  • Similar to many subscription services, an extended subscription period results in a reduced monthly cost.

Target Audience

Elite Singles, the best dating service for busy professionals, caters to a target audience seeking quality connections. Designed for individuals focused on intelligence and seriousness, it attracts career-driven singles. The platform fosters relationships among professionals, offering a high-quality dating pool for those prioritizing success and compatibility.

Membership Plan:

$31.95 per month for a 12-month membership ($383.40 total) $44.95 per month for a 6-month membership ($269.70 total) $57.95 per month for a 3-month membership ($173.85 total)

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8. ChristianCafe: Best for Christians

Best Dating Applications in India

Established in 1999, ChristianCafe has fostered connections among Christian singles. While the online Christian dating site offers a complimentary ten-day trial, transitioning to a paid subscription becomes necessary after expiration. The sign-up process is uncomplicated and can be completed in five minutes.

Sign-Up Process

  • ChristianCafe, ideal for Christians, ensures a straightforward sign-up.
  • The process involves basic demographic details, making it quick and accessible.
  • Users can swiftly complete registration, creating profiles that reflect their faith, setting the stage for connecting with like-minded individuals in the Christian dating community.


  • ChristianCafe provides a seamless online dating experience for Christians.
  • The platform’s features include prayer postings, Christian dating tips in blog posts, forums, and messaging with read receipts.
  • Users can enjoy a faith-centric atmosphere, fostering connections based on shared values and beliefs within the Christian community.

Target Audience

True to its name, ChristianCafe caters to Christian singles, with a predominant membership (60%) falling within the 25 to 44 age range.

Membership Plans:

Members receive 10 free days for logging a profile (7 days for joining plus 3 more days for posting your photo) plus 5 days per referral. If you decide to become a paying member, you will receive all days remaining, in addition to the time for which you pay.

Membership Rates (in US dollars):

Premium Membership
1 month 39.97USD/Month
3 months 19.99 USD / Month
6 months 16.66 USD / Month
12 months 10.00 USD / Month

9. Seeking: Popular Online Dating App for Successful Singles

Best Dating Applications in India

The registration process on is straightforward, requesting fundamental demographic details. Sugar daddies can initiate a free trial, but they must upgrade to the paid version upon its expiration.

Sign-Up Process

  • Seeking’s sign-up process is straightforward for successful singles.
  • Sugar daddies can opt for a free trial, and sugar babies can create a free account with college students receiving a complimentary premium upgrade.
  • The streamlined process ensures quick access, making initiating connections in the niche dating app easy.


  • With a straightforward interface, members can post prayers, engage in user forums, and utilize video chat messaging.
  • The platform’s emphasis on diverse preferences and arrangements distinguishes it as a preferred choice for those seeking meaningful connections.

Target Audience

It is a prominent dating app catering to the specialized market of sugar babies seeking connections with prosperous sugar daddies interested in mutually beneficial arrangements.

Membership Plan

Premium (Subscription)
30 Days 3.67 USD / Day 109.99 USD
90 Days 3.22 USD / Day 289.99 USD
Diamond (Subscription)
30 Days 9.17 USD / Day 274.99 USD
Premium (one-time)
90 Days 3.22 USD / Day 289.99 USD
Diamond (one-time)
30 Days 9.17 USD / Day  274.99 USD

10. SilverSingles: Best for Online Daters Over 50

Best Free Dating Sites in India

SilverSingles stands out as the premier dating app for individuals aged 50 and above. Through a combination of a personality test and essay-style questions, users can infuse their profiles with a personal touch, enhancing connections with their most compatible matches on this renowned senior dating app.

Sign-Up Process

  • SilverSingles, catering to online daters over 50, boasts a detailed sign-up process with a personality test.
  • This dating application ensures personalized profiles, enhancing compatibility for senior daters.


  • SilverSingles dating application offers a user-friendly platform with diverse features for singles over 50.
  • The site’s simplicity and features like personalized profiles and efficient matching, create an ideal environment for seniors seeking meaningful connections in the online dating landscape.

Target Audience

It caters to those over 50 searching for companionship, friendship, or a significant relationship with a compatible partner.

Membership Plan

Basic membership is free, and a Premium membership costs $24.95 a month for 12 months, $34.95 a month for six months, or $44.95 a month for three months.

Comparison Between Tinder & Bumble Dating Sites

Tinder Bumble
Tinder, a pioneering dating app, introduced the swipe-right concept, making it a cultural phenomenon. Its user base is vast and diverse, attracting a younger demographic. Known for casual dating and hookups, Tinder’s simplicity involves swiping right for interest and left for disinterest. While it offers inclusivity, its emphasis on appearance raises concerns about the depth of connections. Bumble, a feminist-driven dating app, empowers women by allowing them to make the first move. With a similar swipe-right mechanism, it encourages meaningful connections. Bumble’s commitment to safety and respect differentiates it, and its diverse user base seeks casual and serious relationships.

Difference Between Matrimony Sites & Dating Sites

Matrimony Sites:

Matrimony sites focus on facilitating marriages and long-term commitments. Users seek life partners based on shared values, culture, and compatibility. Profiles often include detailed information about family background, education, and religious beliefs. The ultimate goal is matrimony, and users expect a serious commitment from potential matches.

Dating Sites:

Dating sites prioritize various relationship dynamics, from casual dating to serious commitments. Users seek diverse connections based on shared interests, personality, or physical attraction. Profiles may be less extensive, emphasizing individual preferences. While some users aim for long-term relationships, others pursue casual encounters. The focus is on exploring compatibility and enjoying diverse dating experiences.


1. What are the best free dating apps for Indians in 2023?

The top free dating apps include Tinder, Bumble, TrulyMadly, OkCupid, and Hinge, providing diverse options for individuals seeking romantic connections.

2. Are these apps secure for online dating?

These apps prioritize user safety with encryption and privacy features. However, users should practice online safety measures and be cautious while sharing personal information.

3. How do matrimony sites like differ from dating apps?

Matrimony sites like facilitate marriages and long-term commitments, emphasizing cultural alignment and compatibility for serious relationships.

4. Do these dating apps cater to specific age groups?

While some apps have a broader age range, others like SilverSingles target a more mature audience, providing options for individuals over 50.

5. Can I find international connections on these dating apps?

Apps like Bumble and Tinder offer options for global matching, enabling users to connect with people internationally.

6. Are there specific dating apps for professionals or busy individuals?

Yes, Elite Singles is tailored for busy professionals, emphasizing intelligence and seriousness in relationships.

7. Do these apps cater to specific cultural or religious preferences?

Yes, platforms like TrulyMadly often consider cultural and religious preferences, catering to individuals seeking connections with shared values.

8. Are these apps inclusive of LGBTQ+ communities?

Yes, dating apps like OkCupid and Tinder are inclusive, offering diverse gender and orientation options for the LGBTQ+ community.


From the pioneering swiping features of Tinder to the empowering women-first approach of Bumble, and the cultural focus of platforms like TrulyMadly, these apps cater to varied preferences. Matrimony sites like offer a traditional avenue for those seeking committed relationships. Whether one prioritizes inclusivity, cultural alignment, or casual encounters, the array of choices signifies a robust and evolving online dating scene, providing ample opportunities for Indians to navigate the journey of love in the digital era.

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