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India’s First Bike taxi company Rapido founded in 2015 is now India’s only bike taxi company to start a huge change. The Headquarters of Rapido service provider is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka. It provides its transport service in 100+ cities in India.

This article let us understand how Rapido bike services work in detail, by using some of the most frequently asked questions by customers. It also lets us help ourselves in the end and know how to get Rapido coupon codes.

Advantages of Using the Rapido Application

  • Faster, Safer Rides and highly affordable prices
  • Reach your destination on time, as Rapido bikes will do no long hours in traffic.
  • Safety is taken care of; helmets will be provided to every customer who books a bike taxi and has a safe Rapido ride
  • Business Solutions; you can earn from Rapido by linking your details and becoming a Rapido driver.
  • Insurance is done to every driver working/linked up with Rapido Bike Taxi Company
  • Rapido Refreshment centers for customers and drivers- 11 centers across Bangalore
  • You can even find women/lady drivers; respect is more than equality, which is done by Rapido bike taxi.
  • You can book your Rapido bikes, and cabs on the Rapido website or download the application of Rapido on your phone and enjoy every safe ride with Rapido. And pay using Rapido Coupons and earn 20% cashback.
  • Rapido contains special bikes and has made new changes for visually challenged people.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rapido

1. How much does Rapido charge per km?

Following is the list of Rapido charges per km in different cities,


Per Km Charge Maximum based on 2-3 km

Rapido bike charge in Bangalore

Rs.5/- Rs.10/-

Rapido charge in Delhi

Rs. 15/-

Rs. 30-35/-

Rapido bike taxi charge in Mumbai Rs. 6/-

Rs. 12- 26/-

Rapido bike charge in Chennai Rs 15/-

Rs. 3 adds per km

2. Is Rapido Available at Night?

You can book a Rapido bike taxi from morning 6 am to midnight. Rapido night charges are Rs.15 per km and upon the kilometers, three rupees will be added.

3. Is Rapido only a bike taxi?

No, Rapido is not only a bike taxi, you can even book Rapido cabs and Rapido autos. You can download the Rapido application and can book the ride you need.

4. What is Rapido Rental service?

You can rent a bike or car using Rapido. Based on hours you will be charged for the ride of your choice. You can find different Rapido rental packages based on duration.

Rapido has launched rental services in 6 main cities in India. Those are Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, and Jaipur. Following is the price list of Rapido Rental Service,

Rapido Service Rental Price

Duration Distance in Kms

INR 99/-

1 hour 10kms

INR 199/-

2 hours


INR 299/- 3 hours


INR 399/- 4 hours


5. How do you save money while using Rapido?

From this article, we learned exactly how much Rapido charges per kilometer. If you want to save more on your Rapido rides?  Get Rapido coupons. And enjoy your rides.

6. Can I earn money with Rapido?

Yes, by registering as a rapido captain using the Rapido Captian bike taxi auto app you can officially earn an affiliate commission and more.

7. How much can an average Rapido Captain Earn in a month?

On average, the Rapido Captian can earn UPTO 35K – 40K in a month.

9. How to Cancel a Rapido Ride?

Cancel ride on Rapido

The Rapido ride cancellation process is simple,

  • Once you book a Rapido auto, cab, or bike you will have a waiting window pop-up on your screen.
  • In the pop-up window you can see an option for ride details – select it.
  • Now your total fare and location with a cancel ride option will pop up.
  • After selecting cancel ride a feedback window for why you’re canceling the ride will pop up.
  • Choose your reason and cancel your radio ride successfully.

8. How to get Rapido Coupon Codes?

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Overall, Enjoy your Rapido rides. If you are a customer or a Captain driver make sure you have a comfortable journey and the person behind or in front of you feels safe.

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