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6 tips to be confident and successful at al times

In today’s rat race, everyone is running after materialistic achievements. Setbacks and failures may take a toll on our health and mind, thus crippling us in our journey. We judge ourselves and others by the number of awards, promotions, milestones achieved instead of really considering the quality of life lived and the experiences and memories cherished on the way. This post will serve as a reminder that whatever be the situation, there is always a glowing light at the end of the tunnel. Here are 6 tried and tested tips which would boost your confidence and help you in long-term success. Keep reading to change your life.

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Know yourself

Before you set out on your journey of ”success”, know yourself. Introspect and retrospect, judge your abilities before you start working on it. Do a SWOT analysis to know your strengths, weaknesses, assets, threats etc.. This self discovery process is the key to knowing which modus operandi is best suited for your goals.


Set realistic goals

A number of failures are encountered when we set unrealistic expectations from ourselves and raise the bar too high. This step is a direct consequence of the self-analysis. Set the goal and time frame and put consistent efforts towards it. Too many plans in a short time will result in inefficiency and error.

Listen, connect and interact

Listen and listen more. Understand and interact. Grow your network. There is no dearth of knowledge and opportunities, only if you are receptive enough. From peers to seniors, juniors to experts everyone has a take on something and something unique to offer. Be responsive and learn to develop and grow with others experiences.Networking is perhaps the most important skill this generation needs.

Let go, move on

Don’t mope and cry over your failures. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. If it doesn’t happen after the bet of your efforts, don’t let that affect you deeply. Take it in your stride. Remember each time you fall, you get up stronger and wiser.

Make time for people who matter

Your loved ones are the ones who will be with you through thick and thin. Don’t let achievements get to your head and failures get to your bone. Prioritize your family and spend quality time with them every now and then as they are the ones who will have your back when the wind is in the opposite direction. A lot of confidence oozes out from the simple knowledge that you have people who love you despite flaws and failures.

Smile more often

A genuine smile radiates warmth and make you a pleasing personality.It also gives you a confident vibe and makes you feel ready to take on the world. So keep smiling and keep your blues at bay.


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