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5 Signs That You’re Dating A Smart Woman

While most men would settle for cute, funny, caring women, in the long run, they become extremely frustrated if the lady they are dating is not smart. Let’s face it, how long can you go on talking about daily soaps, carrying her shopping bags or answering calls every half hour, right? But, before you realise that you’re with a not-so-smart girl, you fall for her, and you can’t go back. Well, here’s a few things that would help you see if the woman you’re dating is smart or not, at the very beginning of the relationship.

1. She gets her own ride home.

After a long day, you meet her up for a cup of coffee. You’re exhausted, the coffee is just enough to get you to your home. She gets it. Instead of asking you to drive her up to her home at the other end of the city before heading back home, she books her own ride or uses the public transport system to get home, saving both- your time and your energy.

2. She knows gossip is for when she is with her friends.

With both of you stormed with work in the competitive industry, you only get about two to three hours of quality time to spend with each other. And, she understands that! She knows you do not want to listen to what happens to other people in that time. She talks about her day and tells you how lucky she is to have found you, making you feel lucky to have her.

3. She gets jealous, but never questions.

When she sees you hanging out with your lady friends or talking to other girls or selfies of you and them floating around on social media, she gets a bit jealous, because she likes you and wants to be the only girl that you want to hang out with. But, she understands that if she can’t give up on her guy friends for you, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your gal-friends either for your relationship to work. She doesn’t pry with questions like, “what were you doing with her?” or “is she closer to you than I am?” She just cherishes the time that she gets to spend with you and makes sure that you do that too.

4. She says what she wants outright.

Making a puppy face, running her fingers through her hair and rolling eyes are some signs that you know mean something, but are never sure about what they mean exactly. Confusion is good, it keeps you interested, but you know what’s better? Not having to think about what it is that is expected of you so that you can pour all your energy into doing exactly what’s expected of you. Dating a smart woman serves this purpose. She’ll tell you exactly what she wants you to do, be it getting her a bowl of ice cream or leaving her alone. And, the best part, she’ll actually mean what she asks you to do.

5. She shops via

She doesn’t make you carry her shopping bags around, looking like a shoppers’ assistant. She even saves you from wasting your time standing outside the changing rooms, the hassle of bargaining with roadside vendors and she actually cares about saving money so that you and she can spend it on romantic dates and weekend getaways, or to buy you that expensive watch that you’ve had your eye on since forever.

So men, run, and run fast if you’re dating a ‘not-so-smart’ woman, and ladies, up your game, being smart is indeed, that easy!

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