5 Best Visiting Places in Europe

Europe is such a place that it suits all kinds of travelers and has a place for everything. A trip to Europe offers you a lifetime unique experience that you can never forget. This is a place that has beautiful landscapes, history, and culture, different natural parks, amazing beaches, enjoyable nightlife, and many more. If you are planning a trip then this will be a perfect destination in which all the tourists fall in love with Europe. Also, use PaisaWapas coupons for the best offers and cashback.

Some of the best tourist places to visit in Europe are Denmark, Greenland, Estonia, Stockholm, Rome, Zurich, Poland, Vibey, Paris, France, Amsterdam, Lyon, Dublin, Berlin, Moscow, Istanbul, Naxos, and Milan. If you are confused as to which place to visit in Europe then here are the best places to visit in Europe. If you are looking for booking flight tickets and are worried about the cost, then use Agoda coupons. You will get discounts on bookings and also cashback.

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Best Places to see in Europe

#1. Paris, France

  • Paris – a city of lights and also a lovers’ paradise. This has become the best place to visit in Europe.
  • Paris is also known as the Fashion Capital of the World and almost 20 million people visit every year to this iconic place.
  • The city has famous structures like Eiffel Tower,  Louvre, boulevards, and several artistic treasures.
  • There are many forefronts of international trends, chic designer boutiques, vintage shops, flagship haute couture stores, and flea markets.
  • The food you must try in Paris is French cuisine, mouthwatering Pasteries, luscious fromageries – cheese shops, and also wine. Do not forget to enjoy the fascinating nightlife of Paris.
  • Some of the best tourist places that you must visit in Paris are the Eiffel tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Sacre-Coeur, Montmarte, and many more.
  • Must-try adventure activities are  Quad-bike trek, Bubble football, Indoor-freefall simulator, Hoverboard ride, and Skydiving.
  • The best time to visit Paris is between June to August. A duration of 3 to 4 days is enough to explore all the famous places in Paris.

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#2. Venice, Italy

  • Venice – the city of Love and also the capital of the Veneto region. Venice has become the most popular place and the best tourist place in Venice.
  • Venice is famous for its beautiful settings, artwork, charming alleys, many bridges, fascinating history, unique lifestyle, and predominantly Venetian Gothic architecture.
  • Venice is also known as a floating city or the city of canals.
  • Many magnificent Islands are connected by beautiful bridges and separated by many canals which run through the city.
  • Venice is a home for art, history, magic, tradition, and diversity. This place is definitely must visit tourist place in Europe.
  • The palaces and the churches present here depict the history of Venice.
  • Some of the major tourist spots of Venice are St. Mark’s Basilica, Bridge of Sighs, Ponte di Rialto and San Polo, Murano, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari, Torcello Island, and many more.
  • April, May, September, and October is the best time to visit Venice. 4 to 5 days is needed to explore Venice.

#3. Rome, Italy

  • Rome – the capital city of Italy and also a city of Seven Hills. In recent days, Rome has become the most popular tourist in Europe.
  • Rome is a metropolitan city that is rich in History and culture with many unique architectures.
  • This iconic city of Rome is very fascinating during sunrise and sunset.
  • Rome is also home to almost 900 churches from almost all periods.
  • Rome is the 14-the most visited place in the whole world and also a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • The best tourist places to visit in Rome are Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Palatine Hill, the Vatican museums, Sistine Chapel, Roman Forum, and Piazza Navona.
  • Mid-March to June, Late October to November will be the best time to visit Rome. 2 to 3 days is enough to explore Rome.

#4. Istanbul, Turkey

  • Istanbul – the capital city of Turkey, and also the largest and most populated city of Turkey.
  • This vibrant city is known for its mystical beauty and is one of the best places to visit in Europe.
  • Istanbul is famous for the beautiful architecture of Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the Topkapi Palace, and the Dolmabahe Palace.
  • Istanbul is the place of all – you can shop in the Grand Bazaar, and many streets are dedicated to small stores and stalls, enjoy the evening in the mesmerizing gardens of Gulhane and the Emirgan.
  • The world’s 7th largest city is Istanbul.
  • Some of the famous places to visit in Istanbul are Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Galata Tower, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace, Istanbul Archaeological Museum, and Dolmabahce Palace.
  • The best time to visit Istanbul is March to May or September to November. 5 to 6 days are needed to visit all the famous and explore the whole of Istanbul.

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#5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Amsterdam – the capital city of the Netherlands and famous for Heritage and history, parties and parks, food, and fresh beer.
  • A trip to Amsterdam is a wonderful experience and one of the best Europe tourist places to visit.
  • There are many significant buildings, historical monuments, unique sights, beautiful landscapes, museums, parks, architectural marvels, and theatres.
  • Enjoy thrilling activities like zip lining, biking, canoeing, and rock climbing.
  • If you love cycling then you can take a tour through cycling to experience the beauty of Amsterdam.
  • The best tourist place that you must visit in Amsterdam is Rijksmuseum, The Royal Palace,  Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam, Old Church, Begijnhof, Museum of the Tropics, Eye Film Studio,  Van Gogh Museum, Vondelpark, and Bloemenmarkt.
  • September to November is the best time to visit Amsterdam. 3 to 5 days are needed to explore the best tourist places in Amsterdam.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Europe’s most visited city?

  • London is the most visited city in Europe.

2. Which country in Europe should I visit first?

  • Italy is the country you should visit first.

3. What month is the best to visit Europe?

  • June to September is the best time to visit Europe as the weather is pleasant.

4. Which city is the most beautiful in Europe?

  • Paris in France is the most beautiful city in Europe.






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