5 Proven Ways To Stay Focused At Work

April 6, 2021

Going to complete the work and unexpectedly something comes up. You give it consideration for 5 minutes, 15 minutes even an hour in some cases. At the point when you get back at your work – BOOM – You have no clue about where you just let off, Next second you don’t get your mind and heart into it.   Probably the biggest challenge faced by employees is to sort out some way to remain focused at work. There are…


What To Avoid During Video Interviews

April 5, 2021

Video interviews are getting increasingly common. Research shows that more than 60% of recruiting administrators pick to utilize video meetings. A big reason is that they help managers save time and money on the job search process. Indeed, even before COVID-19, video interviews were a common hiring tool to screen candidates. In a 2012 study of HR experts at U.S. organizations, more than 6 out of 10 said they utilized…