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14 Struggles You Face While Completing Assignment At The Last Minute

So this assignment topic was given to me days ago and you have been telling yourself that you have a lot of time. After postponing every time you think of starting it, it is just few hours left for the submission time. Hey! It’s panic time.
Every student who keeps their assignment due till the last hour can probably relate to these problems that I face every time.

  1. You read through the assignment topic and have no clue about its meaning and how to go about it. You feel clueless even after reading it for a hundredth time.


  2. You possibly call up all your friends and text them to get an idea about the whole mess that you have created in your head and you end up getting even more messed up because your friends seem to have their own theory about the topic.

  3. So you sit in front of your computer screen and end up staring at it for hours without any clue.


  4. Now you seek help from your best friend in the time of need – GOOGLE!


  5. You generally find some great sources that answers your questions so you begin to read every possible article or basically skim through them.

  6. Then you start to write your assignment and try to relate anything and everything to your topic.


  7. And while doing so, you realize that you are simply plagiarizing and this is when your inner editor skill pops out to the full possible potential.


  8. In every 15 minutes you check if you reached the word limit yet.


  9. Coffee becomes your best friend that night.

  10. Then you go back and try to make sense out of whatever you have written till now and find out to have repeated the same thing like three times with some different decorative words each time just to reach the word limit.


  11. In this struggle of yours, there comes a time when you plan to go bed and pretend as if nothing matters and you will deal with this shit later.

  12. Then your career expectations scream silently in your mind which keeps you going.


  13. Finally you reach the word limit after a night’s hard work and you feel like this is it!


  14. You then fall on bed thinking you will probably start your next assignment earlier.


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