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Top 10 Indian Petrol Pump Companies in India 2024

Top 10 petrol pump in india

Top 10 Petrol Pumps in India: India now uses more petrol since the nation has a greater need for it. Every day, the price of fuel is adjusted by Indian oil marketing corporations such as Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum.

The economic advantages of Indian gas station operators encourage development, making the oil and gas industry the backbone of the Indian economy. In the nation, there are several petroleum corporations. The economic expansion of the petrol station industry fosters development. This article will concise the top 10 petrol pumps in India.

Table Of Contents – Best Petrol Pump Companies in India

  1. Reliance Industries Ltd.
  2. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
  3. Jio-BP
  4. Nayara Energy
  5. Oil India Limited
  6. Indian Oil Corporation
  7. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
  8. Shell India Private Limited
  9. Adani Welspun Exploration Limited
  10. Cairn India
  11. Indian Oil Market Analysis

List of all the top 10 Petrol Pump Companies in India

    S.No. Name of Petrol Pump Companies
       1. Reliance Industries Ltd.
       2. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
       3. Jio-BP
       4. Nayara Energy
       5. Oil India Limited
       6. Indian Oil Corporation
       7. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
       8. Shell India Private Limited
       9. Adani Welspun Exploration Limited
      10. Cairn India

Following are the top 10 Petrol Pump Companies in India

1. Reliance Industries Ltd.

Reliance industry

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In addition to creating cutting-edge goods and services to satisfy particular needs, Reliance is committed to helping the country advance. Reliance Petroleum, with its corporate headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, was established by Mukesh Ambani in 2008. It has consistently been India’s top privately held company. To maintain your car running smoothly at all times, lubricants, petrol, auto LPG, high-speed diesel fuel tanks and petrol fuel tanks are all readily available.

Different market segments are provided with different fuels, including packaged liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and aviation fuel. You undoubtedly are familiar with the Reliance Industries plant known as the RPL Jamnagar Refinery. It is the biggest petrol pump in India.

2. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited Petrol Company

Bharat petroleum

The Bharat Petroleum Company is entirely owned by the Indian government. The Indian government purchased Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, the country’s second-largest downstream oil firm, on August 1st, 1977. The Indian government owns the reputable oil business Bharat Petroleum. Among the domestic downstream oil companies, it comes in second. They provide a variety of products, such as petroleum, natural gas, LNG, lubricants, and petrochemicals. Bharat Petroleum offers services at diners, restaurants, and ATMs in addition to convenience stores.

3. Jio- BP Petrol Company


Jio bp

Jio-BP, a joint venture between Reliance and BP, provides its consumers with a variety of fueling alternatives under the name Reliance BP Mobility Limited. The first Jio-bp branded Mobility Station is located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. Jio- BP petrol pump in India is located in many states.

4. Nayara Energy Petrol Pump Company


Nyara energy

Nayara Energy, a downstream oil company based in India, produces crude oil. Essar Oil was bought from Rosneft and Rosneft in 2017 by a consortium led by Trafigura and UCP Investment Group. The organization’s main office is in Mumbai. Essar Oil Limited, as it was originally known, has more than 5,000 retail fuel shops spread throughout India. Petroleum products are not only created and refined by Nayara Energy but they are also sold. This company produces high-quality goods. The high calibre of the company’s products and services has led to the development of a devoted clientele. The business wants to expand its activities. You can expect prompt service and high-quality fuel from Nayara Petrol pump stations.

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5. Oil India Limited

Oil india limited

The publicly traded firm Oil India Limited is an illustration of government ownership. The business also conducts business in a number of other nations, including Nigeria, India, Myanmar, Gabon, and the United States. In Oil India Limited There are approximately 7,000 people working, and its market value is approximately Rs. 20,000 crore rupees. Oil India Limited comes in the top 5 for the best petrol pumps in India. You can see many petrol pump stations of Oil India Limited in India at various places.


6. Indian Oil Corporation Petrol Pump Company

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd: Latest News, Videos and Photos of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd | Times of India

Indian Oil is among the biggest and most reputable oil firms in the nation. It is at its highest point in terms of profitability. The primary operations of this organisation are the refinement and sale of petroleum products. In order to satisfy India’s rising demand for fuel and petroleum products, Indian Oil has been working hard. The business has grown throughout the years in order to satisfy the ever-expanding needs of its clients by establishing many petrol pumps in India.

Numerous petrol stations can be found around the nation. Fuel stations run by Indian Oil were the first to install digital dispensers, adequate lighting, and uniform signage. The business not only provides services to Indian citizens but also has a global presence.

7. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

hindustan petroleum corporation limited

Hindustan Corporation Petroleum Limited is one of the finest and largest oil and gas companies. It is also referred to as HPCL. Its headquarters is in Mumbai which was established in 1974. It serves as a corporation. The brand is based in several areas of India. In India, HPCL operates around 15000 retail locations. ONGC is not just its parent business; it also holds a controlling share in it. Oil, gas, LNG, lubricants, and petrochemicals are just a few of the numerous items that HPCL provides. In India, HPCL is in charge of five refineries.  The brand is based in several areas of India and has established many petrol pumps. In India, HPCL operates around 15,000 retail locations.

8. Shell India Private Limited Petrol Pump Company


In India, Shell currently owns 100 petrol stations. With the help of their staff who are friendly and supportive Shell India Private Limited has grown over the years which is a result of their commitment to provide high-quality services to their customers. Including Assam, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and many more states, Shell has established many petrol pumps in India. Shell is also expanding its nationwide network of petrol stations.

9. Adani Welspun Exploration Limited

Mumbai and Kutch refinery blocks are run by the private oil business Adani Welspun Exploration Limited. The Welspun Group and the Adani Group have joined forces to operate the company. Infinite Energy Pvt. Ltd. includes the privately held company Tata Petrodyne. Onshore and offshore refineries total seven in number countrywide. The company’s annual income varies between 100 and 500 crores of rupees. The company has a market value of Rs. 15,000 Lakhs. It has established well-known petrol pumps in India.

10. Cairn India


A private company owned by Vedanta Limited is called Cairn India. The corporate headquarters are located in Gurgaon. The business runs refineries in the Rajasthan (MBA) Gas Field, the Lakshmi Gas Field, and the Ravva Oil and Gas Field. Over 53,000 crore rupees are the market worth of Cairn India.

Indian Oil Market Analysis (as of 2024)

  • Current Situation: Demand Upsurge: India is expected to be the largest source of global oil demand growth this decade as consumption is fueled by economic expansion, population growth and urbanization.
  • Most Consumed Fuel: Diesel use in transport and industry accounts for nearly half of the increase in oil demand.
  • Volatility in Prices: Price fluctuations in crude oil are a big challenge to both fuel costs as well as market stability.
  • Varied Market Structure: State-owned companies (PSUs) dominate but non-state-owning enterprises are increasingly gaining share.
  • Changing Dynamics: Government policies such as ethanol blending and electric vehicle push are reshaping the marketplace.

Main Trends In the Oil Market

  • Increasing Demand: Consumption will rise at modest rates even with electrification efforts.
  • Emphasis on Alternative Fuels: Ethanol blending and biofuels have been embraced to diversify sources of power generation hence reducing reliance on imports.
  • Retail Network Expansion: Accessibility is being enhanced through more fuel stations, particularly in rural areas.
  • Digitalization: Convenience and transparency will be increased due to the adoption of digital payment methods and cashless transactions
  • Cleaner Energy Shifts: Increasing awareness of air pollution has pushed forward the demand for cleaner alternatives.

Wrap Up

The growing requirement for fuel in India has led to an increase in petrol consumption there. Oil marketing companies including Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum update the cost of petrol in India each day. The nation is home to a large number of petroleum businesses. Development is facilitated by the economic prosperity that petrol pump businesses are enjoying.

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