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Happy Friendship Day!

Friends are made of sugar,spice and all things nice. They are there when you soar high or when you fall down. they pick you up when you stumble and push you ahead when you deliberate giving up. They love you for they know you inside out and you love them the same way. Such friendships are as rare and precious as are diamonds.


Friends come in all sizes and shapes and types. some are always present and some even if distant, stay close in our hearts. While some hold the power to talk your ear off each time they call, there are some who simply enjoy the silence you share with them. introvert or extrovert, similar or different, loud or quiet, chuddy buddy or college bff, you need them no matter what category they fit into.

The different types of friends that I’ve had are:

  • The Chuddy Buddy

    He or she is the one who has always been in the picture. He or she has witnessed all your mistakes, been your partner in crime since diaper days, stayed over for countless sleepovers, and is basically a family member. Even to your mom. The chuddy buddy probably knows more about you than you remember and is someone who you can never lie to, for he always know.


  • The Gossip Monger

    They’re  your ears and mouth in the grapevine. They have got your back each time that stupid ex plans on spreading a rumor about you. In fact, they sometimes hold the power to ruin that cheating liar with their immense power over gossip vines in your college. They might have a big mouth but it stays shut when it comes to your secrets. Also, they make an amazing addition to the group on sleepovers. Many of us are wary of trusting such people but those who join a gossip monger’s good graces will know no one can keep a secret better than them


  • The Mother Hen

    Just like Monica from friends, they are always the one feeding you, taking care of you, teaching you lessons like “Welcome to the real world, it sucks! You’re gonna love it.” He or she will always be more worried about you than you are. They are the friend you turn to when you need pampering and unconditional love. Not only that, they are fiercely protective of you and shall let no harm come your way as long as they are there.


  • The Jokester

    The jokester is someone who always has you cracking up. their witty remarks nad funny puns keep you entertained through boring lectures and gets you to laugh on a sad day. And when they do get serious, you know they mean it. Despite their jokes and puns, you know they really care about you even if all they ever do is pull your leg. They might crack jokes at your expense but they are the ones who are the most proud of whatever you do. they keep you humble and happy. They are the happy pill for you.

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  • The brutal HareeshChandra

    They truly believe honesty is the best policy. they do not shy away from telling you off when you are in the wrong but are also always the ones who stand by you against the world if they believe you are right. They are the best people to talk to when you need an honest opinion for they do not like to sugar coat things and treat you as an adult. They help you stay humble.


  •  The bird of a same feather

    If it weren’t for looks, you both could be twins. you both are so similar that you put twins to shame. you like the same books, same movies, same food, same games, and god forbid you’ve even had same crushes. Ah, those were the days. But your friendship code is so strong that you’d rather die alone than date someone your friend likes. They are the friends who in every sense of word hold the power to be your soul sister.


No matter what category or categories  your friend falls under or if they are worth of a different category to be named after them, there is no one like them. They are the family you chose. 


And this friendship day, they deserve an equally great gift from you. So don’t let anything take away from your token of love and friendship this friendship day. Show your gratitude and express your love with an amazing gift.


Paisawapas offers you  upto 10% extra bonus over and above cashback so that you can shower your friends with love in every way possible. So make this celebration of the truest love out there, that of a friendship, a grand and extravagant one.

We wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day !

Make friends, not wars!


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