10 Brands of Best Cement in India:

Using an ideal and robust cement for construction is a big task for people nowadays. In the growing world, we have seen so many growing brands of best quality cement in India. Today’s topic is about the ten brands of best cement in India. If you are thinking of investing in the right brand, then this checklist will be helpful for you. Cement brands are limited in India, but few brands are credible and trusted.

This review is about the ten best cement brands in India. Thus from the above review, you can learn more about the top cement brands for construction work. Choosing the right brand is quite challenging from the above checklist because most brands are trusted and popular in India. However, you can consider the budget parameters and choose the right cement brand in India.

Role of Cement:

Cement is the most important binding material in construction. We use cement in various applications and fields of construction. In other words, it is a civil engineering material.

1). Ambuja Cement (Best Cement in India): 

A company from Gujarat achieves a strong position in the list of 10 best cement in India brands. The company has been working in the country for the last 30 years, and that’s why to become the trust of customers. It is a Gujarat-based company which was established in 1983. The headquarters of the company is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company has crossed the turnover of 27 million tons in terms of supply. Ambuja Cement is a high-quality cement brand in India, and that’s why this brand deserves the first position on this list.

2). ACC Cement (Top 10 Cement in India 2022):

The next and second most popular best cement in India brand is ACC. ACC’s complete form is Associate Cement Companies Limited. It is the finest brand, started in 1936 and headquartered in Mumbai. The company offers 17 unique cement manufacturing facilities across the country. The company has also achieved the benchmark of being the first cement maker to contain environmental protection. Currently, there are 12 manufacturing units in India of ACC Cement, and the company offers high-quality cement using advanced technology.

3). Ultratech Cement (Best Quality Cement in India 2022): 

It is one of the biggest and largest cement manufacturing companies in India. It is the subsidiary of Grasim Industries and is owned by Aditya Birla Group. The company is also leading in the global market, and the company was started in 1983. The company has a global presence as well. It is a massive cement manufacturing company with 20 integrated plants and 26 grinding units.

4). Shree Cement (Which Cement is Best in India?): 

The second largest cement producer in India is Shree Cement. It is India’s leading cement company brand, started in 1979. In the initial stage, the company was started in Jaipur and is now transferred to the East of Kolkata. Shree is known as the best cement company in India. This brand deals in the country’s various states, including Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttarakhand etc. The best thing about this brand is its affordable price.

5). The Indian Cement:

The fifth most popular company in India as the cement brand is The Indian Cement. It is the largest cement brand in South India and works with the 12 integrated cement plants in the country. The headquarter of the company is in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. They have more than six plants in Tamil Nadu.

6). JK Cement:

The company was started in 1975 and is the first generation plant in Rajasthan. They produce high-quality cement in India. The company is in the manufacturing and distribution of cement as well. The headquarters of the company is in Mumbai.

7). Binani Cement:

7th position holder, Binani Cement is the leading company of Birja Binanai Group in India. This group has been popular in countries such as China and Unit Dubai. It manufactures products globally and is known for the excellent quality of cement material. This brand was started in 1996 and has become the biggest cement company in India. The headquarters of this brand is in Mumbai. The company can produce 11025 million tons of cement.

8). JSW Cement:

This cement company has three cement production plants in India, including Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The company started in 2009 and is known for producing eco-friendly cement solutions for customers. The company offers three types of cement variants: ordinary, Portland and Portland slag cement. It is one of the best quality cement in India. The price of this cement company brand is 330 per bag.

They have more than 900 employees.

9). Ramco Cement (Best Concrete Cement in India): 

We can’t forget to add the name of Ramco Cement because it is the best concrete cement brand in India. The old name of the brand is Madras Cement. The company was started in 1975, and the headquarters of Ramco Cement is in Chennai. When we talk about the business sphere of this brand, then we can say that this brand is the largest cement selling brand in South India and have eight manufacturing plants in the country right now.

10). Birla Cement (Cement Best Quality in India):

Birla is a leading company among India’s ten best-quality cement brands. It is a multinational company that started in 1857. However, the cement entity of the company was formed in 1918. They are the large cement producers in India. The company created a benchmark in the industry by receiving many national and international awards.

Wrap Up: 

We hope this checklist is helpful for you in learning more about the best cement brands in India. Hence, make sure you invest your money in the right brand. A wrong selection makes your construction work worst for you. Make the bricks of your building more robust with the best quality cement in India, and prefer the trusted brand only.


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