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Harsh Beniwal shares “How Difficult or Easy it is to be a Famous Viner or an Actor”

Harsh Beniwal, born on February 13th 1996, is one of the most followed actors and viners in India. He uploads regular short videos of comedy style & is highly active on social media. In a short span of time, he has gained huge number of fan following with 559k likes on facebook and 720k followers on instagram. Particularly, his Instagram channel is well known for the vine style videos.

Let’s know more about Harsh in this conversation :

1.When did the idea of doing comedy videos strike you?

I started making videos in May 2015. At that time people were crazy about dubsmash. I was one of them. Soon I realized let’s do something of my own.

2. Where did you get your inspiration from?

I get inspiration from everyone, koi chhota koi bada nahi. Jo mehnat karta hai apne field me, usse inspire hota hun. For example, take Rishabh Rana. He is good friend of mine. His page got from 13,000 to 1,60,000 facebook likes in just one day. I got inspired from him that I should work more on facebook. Like this I get inspiration from every single person. Sabme kuch achha hota hai, sab logo se achha seekhta hu.

 3. When you were a kid, what were you like? Naughty or a trouble maker!

That’s totally me, naughty and trouble maker. And bachpan se sabko hasaata tha. Be it family or be it friends. I was popular in my school time, ‘cause of my dance. But not in my college as I didn’t use to attend my college.

4. It seems you are sort of multi-talented guy! Do you want to do something in the dance field too?

Now? Not really as I have figured out that I want to be an actor. But haan agar main viner nahi hota, main dancer hota.

5. What is the secret of coming up with such amazing jokes in your videos?

I sit with my team mates. And we discuss that what should we make now. So everyone comes up with their inputs. Sometimes funny, sometimes lame; so yes it’s a teamwork now.

6. Where do you see yourself in coming five years?

Bollywood. I am so Bollywood in real life too.

7. Please tell us about your educational background.

I have completed my 12th from Maharaja Agrasen Model School. Then I got admission in Sri Aurobindo   College, Delhi University (BA Prog) & later I migrated to IPU College VIPS where I was pursuing BCA. Then I dropped BCA in 2nd Year.

8. Just to follow your passion, you dropped your BCA degree? That’s really brave of you.

     Mujhe pata chal gya tha life me karna kya hai. (9 to 5) ya acting. I chose acting.

9. Can you share some tips on how to create comedy material?

If you are good at humor, you can easily create comedy material.

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10. And finally, what advice would you give to the comedians/ entertainers just starting out?

Do not give up. If you are doing it for fame, you’ll get nothing out of it. If it’s your passion then you’ll get       everything out of it.

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