Lsoit Photoshop 7, Corel Draw X3, PageMaker, Phtoshop CS5, HTML, CSS, DreamWeaver, FLASH, Indesign CS5, Illustrator CS6(DVD)



Lsoit Photoshop 7, Corel Draw X3, PageMaker, Phtoshop CS5, HTML, CSS, DreamWeaver, FLASH, Indesign CS5, Illustrator CS6(DVD)

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Lsoit Photoshop 7, Corel Draw X3, PageMaker, Phtoshop CS5, HTML, CSS, DreamWeaver, FLASH, Indesign CS5, Illustrator CS6(DVD)Specifications:

System Requirements
Processor 1GHz Processor
Hard Drive 512 MB
Operating System Window7, Window8, WindowXP, Windows 2042
Memory 1 GB RAM
Subjects Fundamentals of Programming Languages, Computers
Chapters Photoshop Introduction & Rectangle Marquee, Creating Presentation, Brush Pencil, Marquee Layer, Lasso Magic Wand, Crop Tool, Eraser Tool, Slice Select Tool, Clone Pattern, Gradient Paint Bucket, Page Contents, Dodge Burn Sponge Tool, Horizontal Vertical Type Tool, Text Style Pen Tool, Path Direct Tool, Custom Shape, Eye Dropper,Color Sampler,Measure Tool, New Patch Healing Tool, Notes Audio, Fire On The Text Effect, Image In Shape, Scenery Creation, Sceneray Creation Another Example, Fire On Page, Overlay Effect, Light Effect Screen, Simple Animation, Rollover On Text, Conplete Pen Tool, Glow Animation, Cross Border Effect, Cd Creation, Chocolate Effect Screen, Batch Command, Conditional Mode Change, Contact Sheet II, Create Action, Create Action Part-2, Create Droplet, File Browser, Fit Image, Import PDF Image, Multi Page PDF to PSD, Picture Package, Revert Command, Web Photo Gallery, Blur Tool And Sharpen Tool, Create Button Part-1, Create Button Part-2, Create Exploding On Text Effect, Crop Tool in Photoshop, Horizontal And Vertical Type Mask Tool, Image In Text, Patch Tool, Rectangular Marquee Tool And Elliptical Marquee Tool, Slice Select Tool And Healing Brush Tool, Slice Tool, Smduge Tool, Zoom, Swap, Mask, Mode. Complete List of Tutorials for Corel Draw13, Corel Draw Intro, Rectangle Tool, Point Rec And Ellipse Tool, Rectangle Properties, Polygon Tool, Basic Shapes, Text Tool, Intrective Blend Tool, Intrective Contour Tool, Distortion Tool, Drop Shadow, Intrective Envelope Tool, Intrctive Extrude Tool, Transperency Tool, Outline Pen Dialog, Outline Color Dialog, No Outline,Hairline,Color Docker, Fill,Fountain Fill, Pattern Fill Dialog, Texture And Post Script, No Fill,Color Docker, Shape Tool, Smduge Tool, Roughen Brush,Free Transform, Crop,Knife Tool, Eraser And Virtual Segment, Zoom And Hand Tool, Freehand,Bezier,Artistic, Pen,Polyline,3 Point Curve,Connector And Dimension, Smart Fill And Smart Drawing Tool, Intrective Fill And Mesh Fill, Set Default Fill Color, Customization, Using Guideline, Page Properties, Text With Shape Tool, Rangoli, Logo, Logo 2, Text Effect, New,Save,Save As,Close,Close All,Open, Exporting File, Revert,Import, Send To, Publish To Html,Pdf And Doc Info, Duplicate,Clone,Copy Properties From, Step And Repeat, Find And Replace Objects, Views, Insert,Delete,Rename,Goto, Switch Page,Page Setup,Pagebackground, Align Objects, Group,Ungroup,Combine,Break,Lock And Unlock, Add Prespective With Transperency, Powerclip, Rollover, Copy Effect, Clone Effect, Page Curl And Vignette, Chracter Formatting, Change Case, Create Color Palette, Calender Wizard, Pencil Icon, Photo Frame, Glossy Effect. Complete List of Tutorials for Pagemaker, Align Text, Bullets And Numbering, Closing The Publication And Quitting Pagemaker, Color Palette, Coloumn Guides, Edit Story, Export Graphic, Export In Html, Headers And Footers, Importing Text, Index And Toc, Insert Object, Line,Consrained,Crop, Mask And Unmask, Master Pages, Page Basics, Pagemaker Basics, Pagemaker Intro, Pick,Rectangle,Ellipse,Polygon, Rectangular Frame,Elliptical Frame,Polygon Frame, Saving The Publication, Text Tool, Text Wrap, View Options. Complete List Of Tutorials for HTML, Introduction, Basic Structure, Background Image & Background Color, Background Properties, Basic Formatting Tags, Pre,Paragraph, Text Color,Heading Tag, Font Tag, Text Direction,Bdo,Blockquote, Color Codes, Lists, Marquee Tag, Html Links, Internal Link, Image Source, Division, Table, Border Color,Background Image & Color In Table Background, Cellspacing & Cellpadding, List In Table, Frame Attribute In Table, Horizontal & Vertical Frames, Horizontal & Vertical Headers, Linking In Frames, Multiple Frames, No resize Frames, Text Field,Password Field, Drop Down N Text Area, Fieldset & Buttons, More Tutorials on CSS Etc. in Separate CDs, Indtroduction of HTML 5, New Features in HTML 5, Doctype Declaration, Audio Element, Create Circle Using SVG, Create Rectangle Using SVG, Create Rectangle with Opacity Using SVG, Canvas Element, Datalist Element, New Email Input Type, URL Input Type, Color Input Type, Number Input Type, Date, Time, Month and Week Input Type, Input Attribute - Place holder, Input Attribute - Required Field, Input Attribute - Autofocus, Input Attribute - Multiple, Input Attribute - Pattern, Mark tag, Details Tag, Progress Tag, Nav Tag, Header Tag, Video Element, Sample Tag, Create a Web page in HTML, Upload Your Website on Server. Complete List of Tutorials for Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver Intro, Hyperlink,Email,Anchor, Image, Image Placeholder,Rollover, Image Mapping, Date And Tag Chooser, Table, Layers, Mods, Frames, Flash, Flash Button Flash Text, D W Basics Text Format, Css Style, Text Tab, Form, Rest Form Options, Horizontal Rule,Favourites, Import Tabular Data,Word,Excel, Rulers,Grid,Tracing Image, Simple Animation, Behaviours, Basic Web Page. Complete List of Tutorials for Flash, Intro, Page Properties, Tools, Rectangle And Oval, Text Tool, Motion On Object, Motion Guide, Motion On Text Using Guide Layer, Shape Tween, Masking, Masking Using Shape Tween, Masking Between Text And Running Image, Morphing Text, Puzzle Game, Rollover On Image, Rotate Text And Ease In And Ease Out, Shining Text Mask Effect, Slide Show, Smoke Effect, Spin Text Using Transform, Text Color Change, Text Masking, Train Making, Transition Effect, Animated Button, Blur Effect, Blurry Effect On Text, Brightness And Advance Setting, Changing Opacity Using Mouse Over, Drop Shadow, Fade In N Fade Out, Film Grain Effect, Fog Effect, Image Color Change, Image In Frames, Move Object On Run Time, Text Game, Url On Image, Tooltip, Scriptable Masking, Rollover With Scripting, Rotate Flower Using Button, Moving Image Using Key Codes, Mouse Hide And Show At Run Time, Masking With Coding, Adding Numbers, Change Shape Using Movie Clip, Digital Clock, Color Panel, Clock Making, Save As Template, Publish Preview Complete List of Tutorials for Adobe Photoshop CS5, Welcome, Basics Of Layout And Workspace, Create New File, Document Size And Create Duplicate Document, Canvas Size, Opening,Saving And Closing The Files, Open Images, Changing Image Size, Arrange Documents, Switch Between Windows, Tabbed Window Interface, Navigate The Screen From The Keyboard, Navigator Pane, Changing Pasteboard Color, Working With Layers, Working With Layers Part-2, Sorting Layers In The Layers Palatte, Group Layers,Ungroup Layers,Hide And Show Layers, Layer Via Copy And Layer Via Cut, Merging Layers Part-1, Restrize Layer, Rectangular And Elliptical Marquee Tool, Selection Tools Of Rectangular And Elliptical Marquee Tool, Using Feather With Rectangular And Elliptical Marquee Tool, Single Row And Column Marquee Tool, Move Tool And Free Transform, Lasso Tools, Quick Selection Tool, Magic Wand Tool, Crop Tool, Slice Tool, Slice Tool Part-2, Slice Select Tool, Eye Dropper Tool And Color Sampler Tool, Ruler Tool, Notes Tool, Count Tool, Spot Healing Brush Tool, Healing Brush Tool, Patch Tool, Red Eye Tool, Brush Tool, Brush Tool Part 2, Pencil Tool, Color Replacement Tool, Mixer Brush Tool, Clone Stamp Tool, Pattern Stamp Tool, Eraser Tool, Background Eraser Tool And Magic Eraser Tool, Gradient Tool, Paint Bucket Tool, Blur Tool And Sharpen Tool, Smduge Tool, Dodge Tool, Sponge Tool, Pen Tool, Pen Tool Part-2, Horizontal Type Tool, Vertical Type Tool, Wrap Text Style, Working With Styles, Paragraph Type, Converting Point Type Text To Paragraph Text, Changing The Orientation Of Type, Character Formatting 1, Character Formatting 2, Horizontal Type Mask Tool And Vertical Type Mask Tool, Path Selection Tool And Direct Selection Tool, Shape Tool, Custom Shape Tool, Custom Shape Tool Options Part-1, Custom Shape Tool Options Part-2, Hand Tool, Zoom Tool And Zoom Tricks, Zoom Tricks, Quick Mask Mode, Screen Modes, Open Recent Files, Save For Web And Devices, Save Animated File In Html And Gif Format, Print One Copy, Fade, Content Aware Fill, Puppet Warp, Free Transform Part-2, Create Brush, Create Pattern, Keyboard Shortcuts Option, Change Grid Size And Grid Color Of Transparent Document, Changing Font Preview Size, Customize Menu Options, Scale Position And Page Orientation, New Fill Layer In Layer Menu, Create Clipping Mask, Smart Object, Edit Contents Of Smart Objects, Fill And Opacity, Flattening Images, Save And Load Selection, Create Feather After Selection, Custom Color Swatches, Marking The Center Of An Image, Animations Basics (Timeline), Basic Animation Using Animation (Timeline), Basics Of Animation (Frame) Window Part-1, Basics Of Animation (Frame) Window Part-2, Opacity Animation Using Animation (Timeline), Style Animation Using Animation (Timeline), Change Eye Ball Color, Chocolate Effect, Gradient Masking, Grayscale Mode, Moving Text Animation, Scenery Creation, Star Effect Part-1, Star Effect Part-2, Speaker Part-1, Speaker Part-2, Speaker Part-3, Speaker Part-4, Making Wallpaper, Lens Flare Effect, Light Effect, Linking On Button, Metal Effect Part-1, Metal Effect Part-2, Image In Shape, Image In Text, Image Rotation, Face Replace With Other One, Download Meter Part-1, Download Meter Part-2, Create Button Part-1, Create Button Part-2, Capsule Button Part-1, Capsule Button Part-2, Ball Bouncing Part-1, Ball Bouncing Part-2, 3D Sphere Ball, 3D Sphere Ball Part-Ii, Animation In Heart Part-1, Animation In Heart Part-2, Scroll Wheel Tricks Complete List of Tutorials for Adobe Indesign CS5, Introduction Of Adobe Indesign Cs 5 - CD1, Exploring The Interface Part-1 - CD1, Exploring The Interface Part-2 - CD1, Creating A Document Part-1 - CD1, Creating A Document Part-2 - CD1, Navigate The Document - CD1, Rulers - CD1, Panel Position - CD1, Create New Workspace - CD1, New Window - CD1, Keyboard Shortcut - CD1, Menu Custiomization - CD1, Quick Apply - CD1, Save Document - CD1, Text Tool Part-1 - CD2, Text Tool Part-2 - CD2, Frame Tool - CD2, Import File In Frames - CD2, Import Files - CD2, Import Graphics - CD2, Shapes Settings Part-1 - CD2, Shapes Settings Part-2 - CD2, Shapes Properties - CD2, Line Tool - CD2, Edit Shape Using Pen Tool And Direct Selection Tool Part-1 - CD2, Edit Shape Using Pen Tool And Direct Selection Tool Part-2 - CD2, Text Placeholder And Symbols - CD2, Scissors Tool - CD2, Free Transform Tool And Rotate Tool - CD2, Scale Tool - CD2, Shear Tool - CD3, Working With Feathers - CD3, Eyedropper Tool - CD3, Export In Pdf - CD3, Security In Pdf - CD3, Export In Html And Jpg - CD3, Paste Into - CD3, Duplicating Objects - CD3, Edit In Story Editor - CD3, Find And Replace - CD3, Find And Change Objects Format Options - CD3, Autocorrect - CD3, Navigate To Pages Using Layout Menu - CD3, Numbering And Section Options - CD4, Working With Tabs - CD4, Character Style - CD4, Paragraph Style - CD4, Change Case - CD4, Type On A Path Tool - CD4, Bullets And Numbering Part-1 - CD4, Bullets And Numbering Part-2 - CD4, Transform Again - CD4, Group,Ungroup And Lock, Unlock All On Spread - CD4, Align Objects & Distribute Spacing - CD4, Text Frame Options - CD5, Threading Text Frames - CD5, Fit Frame - CD5, Corner Options - CD5, Create Table - CD5, Table Selection Techniques - CD5, Cell Options Part-1 - CD5, Cell Options Part-2 - CD5, Adjust Rows And Columns Part-1 - CD5, Adjust Rows And Columns Part-2 - CD5, Insert And Delete The Rows And Columns - CD5, Merge And Unmerge, Split Cell Horizontally And Vertically - CD5, Formatting Table Part-1 - CD6, Formatting Table Part-2 - CD6, Import Table - CD6, Place Graphic In Table - CD6, Headers And Footers - CD6, Underline And Strikethrough Options - CD6, No Break Command - CD6, Working With Library - CD6, Working With Pages - CD6, Load Master Pages - CD6, Override - CD6, Using Of Master Pages Part-1 - CD6, Using Of Master Pages Part-2 - CD6, Drop Cap - CD6, Paragraph Formatting Controls Part-1 - CD7, Paragraph Rules - CD7, Stroke Panel Part-1 - CD7, Stroke Panel Part-2 - CD7, Working With Tint - CD7, Create New Color Swatch - CD7, Save Swatch And Load Swatch - CD7, Nested Style - CD7, Object Style Part-1 - CD7, Object Style Part-2 - CD7, Drop Shadow - CD7, Unnamed Colors - CD7, Create Gradient Swatch - CD7, Working With Gradient Panel - CD8, Overprint - CD8, Load Object Style - CD8, Motion Path Animation - CD8, Hyperlink - CD8, Page Transitions - CD8, Object State - CD8, Ruler Tips - CD8, Bookmarks - CD9, Text Wrap - CD9, Page Flip - CD9, Place And Update One Indesign Document To Other - CD9, Colorize Image - CD9, Transparency - CD9, Object Effects - CD9, Mirroring - CD9, Working With Buttons - CD9. Complete List of Tutorials for Adobe Illustrator, Introduction Of Adobe Illustrator CS6 - CD1, Exploring The Interface Part-1 - CD1, Exploring The Interface Part-2 - CD1, Exploring Panels - CD1, Change Interface Color - CD1, Working With Control Panel - CD1, Create New Workspace - CD1, Delete Workspace - CD1, Customize Keyboard Shortcut - CD1, Creating Files For Print - CD1, Creating Files For Web - CD1, Opening Single And Multiple Documents - CD1, Arrange Multiple Documents - CD1, Navigating Within A Document - CD1, Screen Modes - CD1, Changing Units Of Measurement - CD1, Placing Images Into Illustrator - CD2, Lock And Hide Artwork - CD2, Creating Artboard - CD2, Create Artboard Within Opened Document - CD2, Using Prebuilt Templates - CD2, Creating Custom Views - CD2, Edit Views - CD2, Preview And Outline Mode - CD2, Creating Shapes Part-1 - CD2, Creating Shapes Part-2 - CD2, Flare Tool - CD2, Creating Line Segment Tool, Arc Tool & Spiral Tool - CD2, Rectangular Grid Tool - CD2, Polor Grid Tool - CD2, Grouping Objects - CD2, Cool Tips - CD2, Eraser Tool - CD2, Using Scissors Tool - CD2, Using Knife Tool - CD2, Working With Fills - CD2, Working With Strokes - CD2, Working With Brush Stroke - CD2, Creating Dashes And Arrowheads - CD2, Applying Gradients To Strokes - CD2, Creating Your Own Pattern Fill - CD2, Applying And Editing Pattern Fills - CD2, Creating Compound Paths Part-1 - CD2, Creating Compound Paths Part-2 - CD2, Creating Compound Shapes - CD2, Blob Brush Tool - CD2, Magic Wand Tool - CD2, Lasso Tool - CD2, Creating Point And Area Text - CD2, Adjusting Type Settings - CD2, Basic Text Editing - CD2, Creating Text On A Path - CD2, Rotate Tool And Reflect Tool - CD2, Rotating Objects - CD2, Scale Tool - CD3, Duplicating Objects - CD3, Revert In File Menu - CD3, Selecting Objects By Attribute - CD3, Repeating Transformations - CD3, Aligning And Distributing Objects - CD3, Creating Color Group In Swatch Panel - CD3, Working With Color Libraries - CD3, Using Color Guide Panel - CD3, Create A Swatch Library - CD3, Importing Swatches - CD3, Working With Open And Closed Path - CD3, Working With Pen Tool - CD3, Drawing Curve Lines - CD3, Add Anchor Point Tool And Delete Anchor Point Tool - CD3, Working With Convert Anchor Point Tool - CD3, Width Tool - CD3, Using Width Profile - CD3, Working With Shape Builder Tool - CD3, Symbols - CD3, Using Prebuilt Symbols - CD3, Symbol Sprayer Tool And Symbol Shifter Tool - CD3, Symbol Scruncher Tool And Symbol Sizer Tool - CD3, Symbol Spinner Tool And Symbol Stainer Tool - CD3, Symbol Screener Tool And Symbol Styler Tool - CD3, Breaking The Symbol Link - CD3, Redefine Symbol - CD3, Drawing Modes - CD3, Exploring Appearance Panel - CD3, Add New Fill In Existing Fill - CD3, Applying Multiple Strokes - CD3, Applying Drop Shadow - CD3, Applying Inner Glow Effect - CD3, Applying Scribble - CD3, Create Graphic Styles - CD3, Applying Graphic Styles - CD3, Add Gradient To Swatch Panel - CD3, Using Isolation Mode - CD3, Exploring Graphic Styles Panel Part-1 - CD3, Exploring Graphic Styles Panel Part-2 - CD3, Saving Graphic Styles - CD3, Import Graphic Styles From Another Document - CD3, Exploring Layers Panel - CD3, Targetting Layers - CD3, Working With Sublayers - CD3, Locking, Hiding And Deleting Layers - CD3, Using Layers Panel Menu Part-1 - CD4, Using Layers Panel Menu Part-2 - CD4, Using Clipping Mask Part-1 - CD4, Using Clipping Mask Part-2 - CD4, Direct Selection Tool And Group Selection Tool - CD4, Eyedropper Tool - CD4, Using Paint Brush Tool - CD4, Blend Tool Part-1 - CD4, Blend Tool Part-2 - CD4, Pencil Tool, Smooth Tool And Eraser Tool - CD4, Save In PDF - CD4, Distorting Objects - CD4, Free Transform Tool - CD4, Creating 3D Ribbon - CD4, Saving Artwork - CD4, Save As Template - CD4, Save For Web, Warp Effect - CD4, Applying Reflection Effect Part-1 - CD4, Applying Reflection Effect Part-2 - CD4, Using Glyphs Panel - CD4, Enter Text In Shape - CD4, Working With Area Type Options - CD4, Using Illustrator File In InDesign - CD4, Creating 3D Objects - CD4, Tilde Key Tricks - CD5, Creating Beveled Star - CD5, Creating 3D Gear - CD5, Live Paint Bucket Part-1 - CD5, Live Paint Bucket Part-2 - CD5, Place Text File In Illustrator - CD5, Creating Interlocked Text - CD5, Threaded Text - CD5, Show Or Hide Text Thread - CD5, Align Text - CD5, Create Rows And Columns In Text - CD5, Creating 3D Letters - CD5, Using Character Panel - CD5, Using Illustrator File In Photoshop - CD5, Type Orientation - CD5, Creating And Editing Gradients - CD5, Resizing Artwork - CD5, Free updates available for all subjects at your registered emails, All subjects steps by steps learning through video tutorials In Hindi DVD., Every member at your home can learn through one DVD., You can learn at anytime of your choice, These tutorials are put in serial order, so that you can learn yourself step by step., The tutorials are in Hindi and English mix language, which gives you comfort at the time of learning., It feels like the teacher is sitting beside you., You can also learn again if you think you have forgotten any topic. it is very easy way to learn computer in hindi language.
Model Name Photoshop 7, Corel Draw X3, PageMaker, Phtoshop CS5, HTML, CSS, DreamWeaver, FLASH, Indesign CS5, Illustrator CS6
Classes Applicable For All
Num Of Disks 1
Model Id Photoshop 7, Corel Draw X3, PageMaker, Phtoshop CS5, HTML, CSS, DreamWeaver, FLASH, Indesign CS5, Illustrator CS6
Education Board General
Brand Lsoit
Educational Board General
Subjects Fundamentals of Programming Languages, Computers
Classes Applicable For All
Disks Included 1
Overview Available in DVD

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