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Web series and Movies to make your weekend cool.

The weekend is all fun and cool until you realize you have got absolutely nothing planned. We’ve got it covered up for you. If you are a movie buff and at times do love binge-watching, check out these films and series. This suggestion list includes multiple genres to give you a fusion weekend experience.


  1. Someone borrowed
  2. Good Bad Girl
  3. Halloween Ends
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Luckiest Girl Alive.


Someone Borrowed.

It’s a web series, no matter how much you don’t want to sit for a series this will definitely make you want to binge-watch it as much as you can. Marriage has always been the very start of the concept of forever, it is also troublesome for some. Especially for those who are kind of dependent on their partner. Someone Borrowed is the story of one such couple.

Luiz is the hero who lives with his mom. Instead of having a real partner goes for the concept of ‘Someone Borrowed’.He gets Lina ( heroine) and the story moves with twists and turns. If this new yet old concept rom-com fascinates you, do watch it on Netflix.

Bad Boy Good Girl.

This is a Hindi Comedy series that revolves around a lawyer named Maya who has mastered the concept of lying. She lies about her cancer disease and later finds out how difficult it is to keep up the made-up story.

If a story like this grabs your attention, click on this and keep going as the story unfolds as and the main role exhibits how far she would go to get what she wants. Do watch it on Sony Liv Originals.

Halloween Ends.

If you really love thrillers, we are pretty sure you should have already watched it but if not, watch it right now. You won’t regret it. The unstoppable killer Myers escapes from a trap to keep his blood ritual going. Laurie, the babysitter encounters his terror while she babysits a kid.

Tommy, the lead does his best and tries to outshine the evil. Watch more to know how the film goes on Amazon Prime.


The whole story is set in’30’s. Three friends see a murder and somehow they also get into that case legally. As the story goes on they find out one outrageous plot in American history.

This film has also got great caste. That includes Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, Taylor Swift, Anya Taylor-Joy, etc. 

Do watch it if you like crazy yet curious plots.

weekendRomantic movie suggestions to make your weekend feel better.

Luckiest Girl Alive.

This is a story of a writer who writes about their dream life in New York and later gets her hands into a true crime thriller documentary in which she was forced to talk about her high school story thus making her rethink her childhood decisions.

It’s a good thriller directed by Mike Barker.

Do watch it if you are into thrillers on Netflix and also if you would like to watch bookish screenplay, watch it this weekend weekendEnd Note:

Watch these movies to have a cool and happy weekend. Happy weekend 🙂






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