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Rishi Sunak Wiki, Age, Wife, Children & Net Worth

Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak is the name that is trending all across India today. Firstly, congratulations to Mr.Sunak for becoming the formal prime minister of the United Kingdom on 25th October 2022. And the leader of the conservative party since 24th October 2022.

Who is Rishi Sunak? why has the name become so famous? What made Rishi Sunak the Prime minister of Britain? Where is Rishi Sunak from? Who are the Family members of Rishi Sunak? Let us find out in detail through this article one after another.” Wiki of Rishi Sunak”

Who is Rishi Sunak? Rishi Sunak’s Biography

Rishi Sunak was born to parents of Indian descent who migrated from East Africa to Britain in the early 1960s. Hence, he has carried the origin of India with him to date. He was born on 12th May 1980 in Southampton, Hampshire, England.

Educational Background of Rishi Sunak

  • Rishi Sunak’s Early College Education was done at Winchester College.
  • He Studied Philosophy, politics, and economics at Lincoln College (2001)
  • Rishi Sunak also earned a Master’s degree in MBA from Stanford University as a bright scholar (2006).

Rishi Sunak’s Relatives, Marriage Life, & Children

Rishi Sunak FamilyMr.Rishi Sunak met the love of his life while studying at Stanford University. Rishi Sunak’s Love & Wife Ms. Akshatha Murthy. They got married in 2009, and that’s when Mr.Rishi Sunak became the son-in-law of the billionaire Couple Mr. N.R.Narayanan Murthy the founder of Infosys, and Mrs. Sudha Murthy author, Co-founder of Infosys, and wife of Narayanan Murthy.

Rishi Sunak and Mrs. Akshatha Sunak have two children one boy named Krishna Sunak, and a girl Anoushka Sunak.

Did You Know: Mr.Rishi Sunak and His Wife were the 222nd Richest people in Britain with almost a combined wealth of 730 million Euros.

Social Media Sites of Mr.Rishi Sunak

Instagram id: @rishisunakmp

Facebook id of Rihi Sunak: @RishiSunak

Twitter id of Rishi Sunak: @RishiSunak

Rishi Sunak Website:

How did Mr.Rishi Sunak get into Politics?

After graduation, Rishi Sunak worked for Goldman Sachs and with time he became a partner with the hedge fund firms. In 2015 Mr.Sunak was elected for the first time to the House of Commons in the general election.

Later in 2018, he was appointed to Theresa May’s second government as a Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Local Government. With time and effort, Sunak supported Boris Johnson’s campaign and made his way into becoming the conservative leader.

After when Mr.Johnson became the Prime Minister, Sunak was then appointed as the Chief Secretary to the Treasury of Britain. And that’s where it all started.

His Career Path in becoming Prime Minister of the UK

In the 2020 February cabinet reshuffle, Mr.Sunak became the Chancellor in the UK government’s financial response replacing Mr.Sajid Javid. The covid-19 Pandemic situation brought a huge impact on Britain’s economy. Mr.Sunak knew about the circumstances and future downflow that can hit the economic status of the country. That’s when he resigned as chancellor in July 2022 and then stood in the conservative party leadership election to replace Mr.Jhonson.

But luck and the members of the cabinet did not help him to get to his destination. As they voted for Ms.Liz Truss. As time passed there was nothing much changed and the government crisis was still intact. This was why Ms.Liz Truss gave her resignation from her post as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

After, when Mr.Sunak became the leader of the Conservative Party on the 24th of October 2022, and then was elected as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on the 25th of October 2022. Mr.Rishi is the first ever British Asian, to hold a position in British Parliament. A beginning of a new era indeed.

All we could do is to be proud and congratulate him for his success. And wish for him to be a better leader.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Did You Know Mr.Rishi Sunak the PM of the UK worked as a Waiter?

Yes, you have heard it right Mr.Sunak worked as a waiter in a curry house in Southampton during the summer holidays during his college time.

2. What is the date of Birth of Mr.Rishi Sunak?

Mr.Rishi Sunak was born on 12th May 1980 in Southampton, Hampshire, England.

3. What is the Age of Mr.Rishi Sunak?

Mr. Rishi Sunak’s age is 42 years.

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