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Vodafone NEW SIM- VI Offers, Price & Activation Benifits

Vodafone and Ideas both are the leading Cellular Companies in India in the Telecommunication Industry. When you want a new connection of Sim Card for your phone then no other option is better for you than VI. Vodafone and Idea both are merged now in one place. Here we are going to explain crucial factors in an ultimate guide of VI Sim Card New Connection, Process, Activation Offers, and Price. Check-out now!

What is VI Sim Card?

First, you need to know about the appropriate information and definition of VI Sim. VI Means Vodafone-Idea. VI Sim is mainly representing the joint association or collaboration of Vodafone-Idea that is called VI.

VI Sim New Connection Process:

  1. Now you don’t need to visit the Vodafone Store to buy a new sim card for your phone because this task can also be done through the digital mode.
  2. First visit on the (Vodafone Official Site)
  3. Browse in the Main Menu of the Home Page
  4. Select “New Connection” Tab
  5. Here two types of SIM Card Offers available for the buyers such as Prepaid and Postpaid
  6. Browse the Offers of Postpaid and Prepaid New SIM Vodafone and select the Pack that you want to add.
  7. Once you select the pack, now you will land on the page of selecting your number by self
  8. Enter any 3 Digits to Select Your Number
  9. Pick any one number from the given list
  10. At last, Confirm SIM Delivery at Your Address.

How to Activate VI SIM?

A major question that came in the mind of users is “How to Activate VI Sim”. If you also don’t know about the VI New Connection Activation Process, then you can keep an eye on this guide for the activation of VI new sim card. Nowadays customers can also buy sim online at the VI official website. You can find the option of “VI Sim Order” at the official portal of Vodafone Idea online. 

  1. Once you get the new connection of the Sim then at next you need to activate your number by using a straightforward approach.
  2. A user can activate the SIM by Phone
  3. You have to dial 59059 (It is a VI Sim Activation Number for India)
  4. Fill the Identification Details
  5. Your VI Sim Card will be ready within 24 hours for activation

How to Activate Existing VI Sim By SMS?

  1. A user can also activate Vodafone SIM by sending an SMS
  2. The process is applicable for the users of Prepaid and Postpaid
  3. SMS, SIMEX, <19-20 Digits SIM Card Number> and Sent to 55199 in Recipient
  4. At next, you will get the text message from 55199 without the information of the last 6 Digits of Your Vodafone Sim Card
  5. Now, you need to enter the last 6 digits of your VI Sim to 55199 in the span of two hours of receiving the message.
  6. Your Vodafone New SIM will be activated within 20 minutes.

Why is Vodafone Idea SIM Card Activation is Important?

  1. It is a mandatory process for all users and this process is also free of cost.
  2. If you want to avail yourself of the services of text and call from your VI SIM Card then you must complete this activation process.

Can You Activate VI Sim Card Online?

Right now, there is a facility of VI Sim Activation Online. A user can activate VI New Sim by Call or SMS or can also get the help of a delivery agent for this task.

Price of Vodafone Sim Card:

Many users are looking for information about the VI Sim Card Price but the fact is VI SIM is free of cost for the users because you only need to pay for the monthly pack recharge for the new Vodafone SIM Card. However, you can browse the Vodafone 4G Offers for Prepaid and Postpaid Connection on the website while purchasing the New Sim Card.

Understanding the “Price of Vodafone Sim” is also important for the new customers who have never bought the sim card of Vodafone. Is there any price difference between the airtel sim card and the price of Vodafone Sim card? We can’t judge both companies together as per the pricing but if we compare the pricing of airtel and Vodafone then we can say that most the plans of these two companies match each other. 

VI New Sim Offers-What You Need to Know? 

1). First of all, myvi. In is the official portal of VI New Sim Offers, where you can explore the detail of exclusive offers and benefits.

2). Thus, visit on the myvi. In to know more details of Idea new sim offers because Vodafone and Idea have now become one company and you can shop for the VI Idea sim card from this portal.

3). Offers are crucial for the customers who are going to choose the Vodafone New Connection because whenever you purchase a new connection then you will get free internet and free calling feature according to your new VI sim plan. 

VI New SIM Postpaid Offers to Know:

Rs 399 Per Month:

A user can avail the unlimited calls in this Vodafone Postpaid Offer. When we talk about the Internet pack in this offer, then we can say that 40 GB + 150 Gb Extra is available for the users. 200 GB Roll Over data is also applicable in the same pack. Can you get VI Movies and TV Subscription in this prepaid VI sim pack? Yes, this offer is also applicable.

Rs 499 Per Month:

Next prepaid VI sim offer to know is availed the 75 Gb data for the month in only Rs 499. The best part of this Vodafone Plans Postpaid is a free subscription of Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, VI Movies, and TV Subscription as well. 200 GB Data rollover is also part of this pack with unlimited calls features.

Rs 699 Per Month:

When the limited or appropriate amount of data per day or month is not enough for you because you browse a lot then you should take a look at the Vodafone Offers on New SIM because according to the current 699 per month plan you can avail unlimited calls and unlimited data-free. Subscription of Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, VI Movies, and TV Subscription is also the feature of this Vodafone Postpaid Offer.

Rs 1099 Per Month:

Getting Vodafone SIM Online is very easy for the users and when we talk about the most expensive and premium plan of Vodafone SIM Postpaid then we can say that you should go with the option of Rs 1099 Per Month Plan. This plan comes with airport lounge access and premium benefits that you can’t get in any other plan and the subscription to Netflix as well. Users who travel internationally frequently can avail of the free-roaming feature in this plan of Vodafone Postpaid.

Choose Your New VI SIM Fancy Number Online:

Nowadays the trend of fancy numbers is very popular among users. Most of the business and commercial entities choose the fancy number. At the official site of VI Sim, users can also browse for the Vodafone Fancy SIM Number Online. If you want to get the number that is easy to remember for your contacts then you can choose the fancy number services of VI online and generate the number online.Vodafone’s new sim price is quite affordable for the users because the price of the new sim is almost free and you have to pay for the recharge plan only.

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