Top Cities to Enjoy Street Food in India

India is a diversified nation, and different kinds of food are available in various regions of the country, just as there are various types of people living there. Street food from India is one among them. 

Naturally, different foods are accessible in various cities. Once more, the identical meal is frequently accessible in two or more cities, but the preparation methods vary, leading to changes in the test. However, it must be acknowledged that there is a huge demand for such food across all of India’s cities. From this, it can be concluded that this cuisine is well-known not just in India but also throughout the world. 

Considering there are many cities in our nation that are likely to be called the food capitals of India. The majority of these units’ testing of various cuisines, which engage the thoughts of people of all ages, is the cause.

List of Top 10 Indian Cities for Tasting Best Street Food 

Such delicacies are nothing short of priceless gems, especially for food lovers. Therefore, if you enjoy eating as well, you should try some of the local favorites. 

This will not only satiate your appetite but also let you take in the local natural beauty. Here is a discussion of the 10 best cities and their signature street foods for your convenience, which will assist you in your quest for delicious meals.

1. Kolkata – Best City to taste Street Food in India

Kolkata Street Food

Kolkata is one of the major cities with street food renown. In this city, a vast range of dishes is offered. The best street food in India is “Phuchka,” and despite being quite spicy, many people find it difficult to resist the desire to eat it. The main ingredient is tamarind water, although many Phuchka walas also sell Doi Phuchka. 

Along with Phuchka, most stalls sell them also Alukabli, Churmur, and other popular local foods. Ghugni, Jhalmuri, Ghatigaram, Moghlai Parota, Special Dum Biryani, Desi Chinese, etc. are some of the city’s other well-known dishes.

2. Delhi – Best Street Food City in North India

The street foods of India as well as Delhi, the Indian capital, are Chole and Bhature. The best street food in Delhi combines flavorful, spicy chickpeas with fluffy bhature. Along with it, a salad and occasionally special chutney are provided. Everyone in the city loves this post because it is so delicious. 

Delhi’s street food is incomplete with its renowned dish Rabri Faluda. It is a highly distinctive sweet dish that combines coconut, dry fruits, faluda milk, and other ingredients. Due to its distinctive flavor, a lot of people here eat it virtually daily. Puri Aloo, Kulfi, Aloo Chaat, Ram Laddu, etc. are some additional local delicacies that are enjoyed by all.

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3. Lucknow – The Land of Cuisines with the Best Street Food

The most preferred street foods of India and the best street cuisine in Lucknow are famous when it comes to tasty foods in India. The Kebab is incredibly savory on the inside but crispy on the outside. Lucknow is the most well-known and popular Street food

Although the Kebabs are often not vegetarian, the businesses here do make vegetarian Kebabs to cater to a variety of customers. Once more, this is the reason certain places make Veg Kebab Parantha. Other foods are enjoyed by the locals, including Chicken shwarma, Malaimakkhan, and Basket chaat.

4. Mumbai – Best Street Food Destination

Mumbai, one of India’s most well-known cities, is known for its world-famous as well as the best dishes in India. It’s Pav bhaji. It’s a popular breakfast, lunch, and supper option here. This implies that it is consumed here virtually daily. In addition to this, Bara Pav and Misala Pav are two other well-known ones and the best street food in Mumbai

Any of these Pav recipes are quite popular here among the population. They have a stellar reputation as a result. They are so well-known that Mumbai considers them to be its pride. Examples include Bhelpuri, Samosas, Masala Papads, etc.

5. Patna Best Indian Street Food – Must Taste

Patna Street Food

Litti chokha is the best snack in India as well as in Patna which is full of taste and spices. This meal is well-known all around the city. This is the typical breakfast, and it is excellent and quite tasty. Khaja, a sweet delicacy that is cooked in oil and then soaked in juice for extra crunch, is another well-known cuisine from this region. 

Tilkut, a meal with a sweet and spicy flavor combination is another delectable option. Due to the unit test, along with other dishes like Batata Puri, Balushahi, Ladoo, etc., it is a regional favorite.


6. Jaipur – Popular Food City in India 

Jaipur Famous Street Food City in India

Jaipur is yet another wonderful Indian city. Onion kachori is among the most mouth-watering dishes in India’s Pink City. This cuisine is fried in oil, making it both unhealthy and extremely delicious. Most individuals enjoy eating it. Onion kachori is one of the things that have made this popular street food. 

Mutton Tikki is a well-known non-vegetarian food in this city; it is a spicy, rich dish. People also favor sweet foods like Jilipi, Shrikhand, etc. In addition, soda lime water can provide cooling relief in the summer.

7. Chennai – The South Indian Street Food City

Chennai Street Food

When it comes to South Indian cities, Chennai is quite well-liked, and this includes its street cuisine. Of which idli is the most significant. The rice cake, which is served with Monday and chutney, is the dish’s major component. 

Dosa is a further well-known dish besides this. The most well-known meals from South India are, as everyone is aware, those. Uthappam, Jigarthanda, Idiyappam, Puttu, KuzhiPaniyaram, and other similar foods are also popular among the locals.

8. Ahmedabad – The Street Foods of Gujarat

One of the well-known cities in India is Ahmedabad. The most popular street food is Gujarati food. Dhokla is the most well-known and tasty of them all. This mouth-watering delicacy prepared with rice flour is soft and hot. This meal is delicious and healthful. 

Dhokla is a favorite food of a lot of people who are health conscious. The second well-known meal is khakhra, a delicious morning item. Along with these, other delectable local favorites include Dal Vada, Maska Bun, Bhuna Gosht, and Mutton Chaap.

9. Indore (Food Capital of India)- best North Indian food Street

Indore food street

One of India’s flavorful cities is Indore. The modern version of Poha Jalebi combines sweet Jalebi and sour Poha; most people eat it for breakfast, and both young and elderly love it. BhuttekiKees is another well-known phrase from this area. It is typically a boiling dish made with the best maize and a variety of other spices, making it a fiery nutritious dish. Shikanji, Egg Benjos, Malpua and MawaBati, Dal Batti, and many other delicacies are also well-known.

10. Hyderabad – Best Must Taste South Street Foods

Hyderabad street Food

One of the most well-known dishes not only in India but also throughout the world is Hyderabadi Biryani. Everyone is aware of how wonderful and spicy this dish is. This meal is quite rich due to the flavorful beef and richly seasoned rice. It is also incredibly popular because so few people dislike eating it. 

Phirni is yet another name for this sweet dessert, which is made especially for various occasions and is incredibly creamy and tasty. Hyderabadi haleem, Boti Kebab, and Qubanika Meetha, among other well-known delicacies, are also regional favorites.

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1. Which is known as the street food city of India in 2023?

Indore is known as the food capital of India and has some of the best street foods in India.

2. What are the 5 famous street foods in India?

Chole Bhature, Pani puri, Idly Sambar, Akki Roti, and the famous Vada Pav.

3. Which is the most beautiful city in India?

Varanasi is the most & No.1 beautiful city in India.

4. Which is the most cleanest city in India?

Indore is the cleanest and most well-developed city in India, with the finest Infrastructure.

5. What is the average starting price of street food in India?

The average starting price of street food in India starts at INR 30/-.


So, if you enjoy trying different dishes and consider yourself a foodie. Then you will be sufficiently satisfied by the well-known street food of various cities. You will get to explore multiple Indian cuisines as well as several places while enjoying the country’s amazing food culture. And to aid you here is a discussion about which are the Top Cities to Enjoy Street Food in India. Without further delay go out and find some new foods and enjoy them.

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