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Best UPS for computer

UPS for Computer: In a world full of technology-driven businesses that are suitable for domestic and large businesses, UPS i.e. Uninterruptible Power backup System serves as the most seamless transition during any incident. At the time of power outage or voltage fluctuations or even at the time of electricity disruptions these absolute UPS works as a magic operation down the time.

Price List of Best UPS for Computer in India:

UPS Brands Prices
APC Rs. 3050
Microtek Rs. 3070
Luminous Power Technologies Rs. 1400
V Guard Rs. 1500
Zebronics Rs. 2000
iBall Rs. 2650
Foxin UPS Rs. 2250
Vertiv UPS Rs. 3100

Note: Prices are Subjected to Change

Best UPS for Computer In India 2024:

  1. APC 
  2. Microtek
  3. Luminous Power Technologies 
  4. V Guard
  5. Zebronics
  6. iBall
  7. Foxin UPS
  8. Vertiv UPS

1. APC – Best UPS for Computer

apc ups for computer

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APC the brand itself is one of the most innovative leading brands of energy Management that gives the most automated machinery and has been one of the oldest of the UPS manufacturers in India which is not only suitable for homes but also for large data community systems.


  • The device itself has a better efficiency of battery system management that easily gives the proper connection to the CPU device and is best known for its remote monitoring management.
  • Provides absolute strong intelligent efficiency which is incorporated with a cold start capable system that provides a temporary backup system if integrated with at least 2 to 3 devices.

2. Microtek:

microtek | ups battery for home

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The company itself Microtek is the most powerful dominating player in terms of providing an extensive range of products in the technology segment of providing the most elegant device. Each manufacturing team is fundamentally focused on the strong innovation that provides UPS for computers that not only provide a reliable source of uninterrupted energy. But also saves a lot of energy consumption money with its good amount of power backing system.


  • The microprocessor is typically based on a line interactive UPS system that gives optimum relativity boost to the ultimate voltage stabilization when at the time of electricity loss or even at the time of electricity arriving.
  • The device itself has its auto restart module which takes an input range of 140 volts to 300 volts of AC currents which is considered as one of the long battery lifetime systems.


3. Luminous power technologies – Best UPS In India

luminous | best ups for computer

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One of the leading brands in terms of providing the most stabilized UPS for computer, which has been in the market for over decades and has been the most consistent on customers’ favorite top UPS system. With a wide range of devices, each of the units is particularly designed with relatable energy-efficient performance that gives a bigger Savoir to any small or large household.


  • The leading computer device that has quite a load capacity of at least 360 watts of currents that gives a strong backup of at least 1 to 2 hours which is considered as the most energy efficient device.
  • Lithium-ion batteries can save high-quality relatable products that have their voltage regulation inside that gives a proper saving to your device at the time of instant power cut.


4. V Guard:

v gaurd ups for router

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This is the leading recognised UPS system company which has its popularity in terms of delivery in the most reluctant devices which gives a strong performance in the UPS system. The company itself provides different devices for smaller households to larger households or even to smaller to larger businesses so here you get a Fair Choice in selecting the most reluctant devices as per need.


  • It has a power backup system using at least 600 watts of power that gives a proper Energy Efficiency which gives all very little power consumption of up to 5 percent.
  • The instrument has its own insurance-protecting overload discharge module system which gives Ultimate protection to your computer devices from any power loss.


5. Zebronics:

zebronics | best ups computer

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It is the first company in the business of technical systems to offer a wide range of products that are affordable in terms of pricing. The liner active in the system delivers at least three backup system devices that can be connected without any power backup system. And has the capacity that deliver the most durable product which is considered one of the user-friendly devices.


  • The top-up brands in India have come up with the most remarkable devices in terms of providing power needs to every household and every commercial apartment and are considered one of the trusts for the brands of long-term usage.
  • Each of the UPS systems interacts with support sleep module charging that gives an LED indicator which is particularly designed for recharging at the time of any power backed-up system.

6. Iball UPS:

iball | best ups manufacturers

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This is one of the most home-grown tech-up companies that have been consistent in the market for decades and provides the most relatable unique system that not only gives low voltage protection but high voltage protection. But also side by side is considered as the most issue device with its high relativity of high quality which can be easily connected to three devices at a point in time.


  • The device itself comes with a buck AVR system which can restart its device whether it is on a very low voltage or even on a very high voltage but gives the proper amount of stability to the computers.
  • One of the most unique features is that this is considered as the fastest charging device which has a capacity of 33% of charging fast with the excellent proportion of protection of your devices from any power disconnecting system.

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7. Foxin UPS:

foxin ups

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The company makes one of the most unique devices which is not just only aesthetic on the appearance but also it is considered as the height quality device because of its unique line interaction system. This is the most customer-oriented brand because of its efficient power supply at a much greater value on the money perspective.


  • The device is incorporated with an internal fuse protection system that gives the audio alarm to the device instantly at the time of whether it is overloaded or even just before the power cut signal into the device.
  • The device provides a different type of alarm system to each of the module notification alerts and is one of the most lightweight LED-indicated devices which gives instant backup at the time of short circuits also.

8. Vertiv UPS:

vertiv ups

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The company itself is considered one of the leading brands that have ruled over the market of the tech industry for almost 50 years and has made the most remarkable devices with its highly innovative Liberty UPS devices. The product can feature at least 230 voltage and each of the battery sales is composed of lead acids which is considered the most innovative material.


  • When it comes to the device itself then the company makes the most innovative excellent microprocessor control that not only includes good relativity but also comes with the correction of high and low voltage of the batteries.
  • The device gives constant support to at least 42 to 80 minutes of the power banking system which not only stabilizes the voltage but also can provide generator services to easy lightweight devices like Wi-Fi.

Conclusion – Best UPS for Computer In India!

In the industry of constant innovations of UPS systems, these brands have become top leaders in providing the most high-quality innovative products. They have been the constant players in the UPS systems & UPS battery production over the decades and have given the most relatable applications which are to date installed in interest after home and different industries setups.

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