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Top 10 Modular Switch Brands in India

Modular Switch Brands in India

Thinking about having the best modular switches brand in India? Here, we’ve listed the top 10 modular switch brands in India.

The modular switch is a great way to extra classy touch to the home interior. The perk of having modular switches is they are sustainable and versatile. Modular switches are of two types such as electrical and mechanical.  The switches are helpful to control the flow of power. So, if you are thinking of buying modular switches but don’t know which brand is best for the modular switch, this post is for you. Let’s get into the post and read about top brands.

List of 10 Best Switches Modular Brands in India

Before creating this list, we have gone through various parameters, including durability, type of switches, resistivity, life span, and design. Based on the research, we concluded that these are some of the best switch brands in India.

1. Havells – Best Modular Switch Brand in India 

havells modular switchesOne of the most reputable companies, Havells India Ltd., was founded in 1958 and is one of the top manufacturers of electrical devices with a noteworthy international presence in India. Havells won the competition for the top 10 modular switch brands in India. The company produces a broad range of goods, including domestic and industrial circuit safety devices, wires and cables, compressors, refrigerators, switches, fans, spotlights, and beauty care products. Havells make the best electrical switches in India.

  • Coral Modular.
  • Oro Modular.
  • Oro Mettalica.

2. Panasonic Modular Switches

Panasonic Modular SwitchesKonosuke Matsushita started Panasonic, a well-known name in electronics, in 1918. In addition to producing several household appliances, Panasonic is a major electronic parts producer worldwide. The company Panasonic has a lengthy history in the sector. And it is famous for producing high-quality electronic products, including the best switchboards that are rich and energy-efficient.

3. Anchor Modular Switches – Best Switch Brand in India 

anchor modular SwitchesThe ANCHOR brand offers outstanding performance and quality that you can trust. ANCHOR has established a reputation for producing the highest caliber marine-grade modular switches and other electrical components. ANCHOR switches are renowned for their dependability, excellence, and effectiveness. The brand switches are long-lasting and are verified. There are available ANCHOR switches constructed of marine-grade cast bronze.

4. Simon Modular Switches – The Popular switch brand in India 

Simon Modular SwitchesThe Simon brand has been in the switch manufacturing sector for over 100 years and was founded in 1916. The best modular switch brand Simon’s, corporate headquarters is in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Whereas, its Indian facility is in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. Spanish company Simon has a combined turnover of around 300 million euros. For producing high-voltage electrical items, this brand is well-known on a global scale.

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5. Syska Modular Switches – Popular Switch Brand in India

syska switches The greatest modular switches in India are those made by SYSKA. These switches include various functions that simplify managing your power consumption. The switches can be found in mechanical and electrical varieties. Syska switches have safety measures that will guard you against electric shocks and are made to be corrosion-resistant.


6. Wipro Modular Switches

Wipro Modular SwitchesBoth mechanical and electrical switch modules are offered by Wipro in large quantities. They are a well-known brand with high standards, and their premium switches can help you manage the passage of your power. They also make significant R&D investments, creating innovative designs to help users save on energy. You don’t need any specific abilities to install these switches because they have a wide variety that is very simple to install.

7. GM Electric Modular Switches

GM Electric Modular SwitchesGM is again the top electrical switches company that produces modular switches. The GM Switch produces high-quality electrical switches & equipment. One of the top switch brands in the nation, GM Switch, has 50 years of experience in the electrical sector. GM Switch offers a broad selection of switches and electrical accessories to meet all your electrical needs.

8. Schneider Electric Switches

Schneider Electric SwitchesIndia’s modular switch industry was established by French company Schneider Electric, which holds 180 years of experience in electronic applications. The leading electrical switch manufacturers in India include Schneider Electric. Schneider electric modular switches are more used in businesses and houses for aesthetic purposes.

ZenCelo, LIVIA, Opale, ULTI, and NEO are just a few of the high-quality switchboards that Schneider Electric has produced. These comprise vital installations, such as power distribution systems. Hence, it is one of the top modular switch brands in India.

9. Legrand Modular Switches

Legrand Modular SwitchesOne of the top manufacturers of modular switches in India is Legrand. You may enhance the quality of your house and place of business by using the large variety of switches they have created. The installation of the modular is effortless. And they are available in multiple colors.

10. Hi-Fi Modular Switch Brand in India

Hi-Fi Modular SwitchAn electrical switch known as a “Hi-Fi modular switch” controls the power flow in a circuit and turns it on/off. Another name for it is a patch panel. The system’s primary component is the module. Many public and private institutions use Hi-Fi modular switches, including residences and businesses. It comes in numerous styles and designs. A circuit breaker,  circuit panel, circuit switch, circuit breaker box, main panel, circuit breaker panel, main breaker box, main breaker, and main panel box are a few of the primary characteristics of the Hi-Fi modular switch.

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Bottom Line

So, we hope you have enjoyed the post about the top 10 Switches Companies in India. You can easily decide on the best electrical switchboards for your home.  However, before you buy electrical switches, check the durability, material, life span, and shock-resistant capacity. Do not forget to consider your budget and then make a considerable investment.

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