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Top 25 Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix May 2023

If horror movies are your favorite and you want to get the spine-chilling experience on a movie night, alone or with friends, Netflix will offer you plenty of the latest horror movies to enjoy the time. Bite your nails in fear or just pop up your popcorn bucket, these are some of the 2023 best horror movies on Netflix you want to watch now.

List of Top 25 Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix 2023

1. The Conjuring – the Latest Must Watch Horror Movie on Netflix the conjuring - Best Horror movie on Netflix

The adventures of Ed and Lorraine Warren are always must-watch on Netflix. As per their beliefs, many movies are based on true incidents and that declaration makes the movie even more horrific. Watching the demonic activities and the solutions given by the Warren couple is really commendable.

2. INCANTATION – An true story based Horror movie on Netflix

INCANTATION | List of Top 23 Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix

A curse that was broke leads to so many unexpected horrific experiences. To save own daughter to save one’s self from the death claws of an unimaginable curse. A horror movie inspired by real-life experiences watch it on Netflix 2023 now.

3. Re/Member

Re/Member List of Top 23 Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix

A murderous time loop that captivates a set of high schoolers. Will they come out alive or a six-year-old ghost/ child will kill them all? A scary and suspense-filled horror movie on Netflix.

4. Under the Shadow – Best Horror Movie to Watch on Netflix 

Under the Shadow - Horror MovieMany people think horror movies are brainless and there’s nothing to watch. This 2016 movie will wipe off such ideas. Set in the background of 1980s Tehran, during the War of the Cities, this movie offers a perfect blend of supernatural terror and horror along with the struggle of surviving a mother and her daughter.

5. Creep – Creepiest Horror Movie to Watch on Netflix

Creep movie- Creepiest Horror Movies to Watch on NetflixYes, it is creepy! This is kind of a predictable horror movie, still, you will like it as it follows the typical movie line where a photographer moves to a remote place and uncanny things happen to him. If you are a die-hard fan of this genre, you will like it.

6. The Exorcist – Scariest Horror Movie to Watch on Netflix

The Exorcist - Scariest Must Watch Horror Movies on NetflixYou cannot miss this outstanding and one of the best horror movies on Netflix while you are looking for one to watch. This movie comes with a statutory warning saying it is not for the faint-hearted. So, watch this movie at your own risk.

7. Apostle – Must Watch For the People Who Like the Genere – Horror

Apostle - Must Watch Horror Movie on NetflixWhile talking about the horror movies on Netflix, Apostle will always be on the list for its stomach-turning violent scenes. This movie belongs to a horror-action genre where you can watch Dan Stevens infiltrate an old curse to rescue his sister.

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8. Ouija: Origin of Evil – Best horror Movie on Netflix

Ouija: Origin of Evil - Best Horror Movie to watch in NetflixChildren act outstandingly in horror movies and you can feel that while watching this movie. This is a story of a mother and her two daughters among which the younger one will be possessed by a demon while calling his father out of death. The incidents fold and unfold through several turns and twists and end with a grim ending.

9. No One Gets out Alive – An Horror Thriller on Netflix

No One Gets out Alive - Best Horror Movie on NetflixAs the name suggests, it will be a movie, full of eerie and uncanny incidents. It starts with a desperate woman who moves to rundown Cleveland without documentation and starts seeing visions and unsettling incidents happen to her. The movie won’t let you move a bit from your place until you watch it completely.

10. Mama – top Rated Scariest Horror Movie to Watch on Netflix

Mama Movie - Best Horror Thriller to Watch on NetflixHow about watching a horror movie with deep emotional touch? Yes, if you watch Mama once it will leave a strong impact on you for longer. The emotional turmoil between the kids and ‘Mama’ and the desperation of saving them from the spirit is portrayed beautifully in this film. You should watch it once.

11. The Possession of Hannah Grace 

The Possession of Hannah Grace - Netflix Horror Movie to WatchPossession of demon, unruly exorcism, eerie experience in the morgue- this movie has every element to become the scariest horror movie on Netflix. You can only watch the film if you have a strong heart and don’t get affected by horrific scenes. Never watch a movie with your kids.

12. The Nun – Latest Horror Thriller on Netflix 

The Nun Horror Movie To Watch on NetflixThis movie is based on the life of a young nun who travels all the way to Romania with a priest to find the answer to the devilish existence in a church. If you want a movie horror Netflix, this one you must watch.OTT

13. Insidious – Top Must-Watch Horror Thriller on Netflix 

Insidious - Best Horror movie to Watch on NetflixAfter earning huge fame through the series The Conjuring, James Wan directed the series Insidious with more thrill and horror. This movie showed an astral venture of a couple through their son’s dream to rescue him. The theme is new and the venture is also unexplored. You will find it interesting to watch.

14. Stree – Bollywood Horror Movie on Netflix

Stree Movie - Bollywood-Hindi Horror Movie on NetflixHollywood horror movies present the most uncanny and fearful existence to you. The Bollywood horror movies have not reached that excellence. This idea will get changed once you watch Stree, starring Rajkumar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor. A mythical story of a small town in Bangalore in rapped within horror and fun and has become one of the most entertaining movies of Bollywood.

15. Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 – Top rated Thriller Movie to Watch on Netflix 2022

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 - Bollywood Horror Movie to Watch on NetflixBhool Bhulaiyaa was a cult movie. So, when this new one got released, many people thought about whether it can match the level of the previous one. The interesting fact is that Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 never tried to touch the grandeur of the first one. The story and star cast are different and it is a good and entertaining movie to watch.

16. Bulbbul – one of the Best Netflix Horror Movies

Bulbbul - Hindi Horror Movie to Watch on NetflixWhat a heart-wrenching story it is! Bulbbul is one of the top Netflix horror movies, produced by Anushka Sharma. The storyline is outstanding and the acting of each actor is commendable. Overall, Bulbbul is a must-watch and then you decide what kind of movie it is.

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17. Ghost Stories – An Bollywood Series of Horror Stories on Netflix

Ghost Stories - Hindi Horror movie on NetflixThis is another Bollywood-style horror movie where you can witness the genius of four directors- Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Bannerjee, and Anurag Kashyap. There are four short horror stories that will keep you glued to your mobile or laptop screen.

18. Slender Man – Best Thriller to Watch on Netflix 

Slender Man Movie - Best Horror Movie to watch on NetflixWhen four friends invoke the dangerous Slender Man, things have to go out of their hands. What happened next? To know that, you have to watch this horror movie slender movie.

19. Escape Room – a Best Horror-Action Movie on Netflix 

Escape room - Thriller on Netflix to WatchThis movie is a power-packed one with horror, action, thrill, and adventure. How the lure of earning ten thousand dollars turns into something horrific incidents is the main theme of this movie.

20. The Unholy – The Best Horror Movie to Watch

The Unholy movie - Top Horror movie on Netflix to WatchThe story is commendable as well as the acting. Alice, the girl with hearing impairment, can hear and talk to Virgin Mary and heal sick people. But, there is a great conspiracy lies behind it.

21. Eli – Top Best Horror movie to watch on Netflix

eli movieWhen trapped in a haunted house, a boy discovered a mysterious doctor, undergoing some miraculous treatment for some rare disease. This is one of the top Netflix horror movies you can plan to watch tonight.

22. The Grudge – Highly rated horror movie on Netflix

The Grudge - Highly rated horror movie on NetflixIf you are a horror movie buff, you know The Grudge is one of the best horror movies of all time. Now, you can watch it on Netflix.

23. Veronica – Best of Top 10 Horror Movies on Netflix

Veronica - Horror Movie to Watch in NetflixThis is another movie with an Ouija board, calling the spirit, and the appearance of an evil spirit instead. How the story unfolds further? Watch it now!

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24. Fear Street – Latest Horror Movie Released on Netflix 

Fear Street - Best Horror Movie to Watch on NetflixBasically, it is a trilogy of which the latest movie was released in 2021. If you want to enjoy this one, watch the previous ones too.

25. Annabelle – Best of Top 5 Horror Movies on Netflix 

Annabelle- Top Best Horror Movie to Watch on NetflixAnd finally, to finish the list of Netflix movies horror genre, there is nothing better than Annabelle. Watch it and think twice before buying a doll!


So, these are some of the best movies of the horror genre on Netflix 2023. If you can take those in good sense and enjoy your time, you can watch whatever you like.

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