Top 25 Kdrama’s to Watch on Disney+ Hotstar May 2023

Kdrama on Disney+ Hotstar

Instead of watching different types of movies, serials, sports, news, etc. on television people now choose another easy way. Although a large number of audiences still prefer to sit in front of the television set to watch their favorite shows, various online screening platforms have gained immense popularity these days. Keeping that in mind, here is an organized list of the trending OTT platform to watch and their trailers for the best Kdramas on Disney + Hotstar May 2023 several series from Korean culture.

Top 25 Must-Watch Korean Dramas on Disney + Hotstar 2023

Disney + Hotstar is a platform that only imposes the strength to provide the best entertainment to the audience. Where on the streaming list there are interesting Korean dramas that are appreciated by the world! Let’s have a loop on the 25 most recommended Korean dramas to watch that are available on Disney + Hotstar.

1. Call it Love – 2023 latest Ongoing Romantic Korean TV Series on Hotstar

Call it Love Korean Drama on Hotstar
  • Genre: Melodrama
  • Release Date: February 22, 2023
  • Available Languages: Korean
  • Episodes: Current Stream of 4 episodes

Call it love is an recent new ongoing May 2023 Korean drama on D+ Hotstar. This romantic melodrama shares love, comic, and whole set of family emotions. Where a girl will end up falling for the man who is her father’s mistresses’ son. A story of love twist and turns. Watch it now Live on Disney Hotstar.

2. Going to you at A speed of 493km/Love All Play Korean Drama

Going to you at a speed of 493km Korean Drama
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Release Date: 20th April 2022
  • Available Languages: Hindi, Korean
  • Episodes: 16

Love All play/ Going to you at A speed of 493km is an Korean series of sports romance. A badminton buisness team who play sports series where as the main characters intend to fall in love. An cute and athletic love story to watch on hotstar.

3. Sketch – Best Kdrama on Hotstar 2023

Sketch Kdrama on Hotstar
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Release Date: 25th May 2018
  • Available Languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Korean
  • Episodes: 16

An Action filled Kdrama with supernatural mystery and thriller to experience. A detective who loses his wife in a murder case joins a project to find the culprit. Twists and Turns and new things to experience. Add this to your Disney Hotstar Kdramas Watchlist now.

4. Revenge of Others – Thriller Kdrama on Disney Hotstar

Revenge of Others Kdrama on Hotstar
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller
  • Release Date: 9 Nov 2022
  • Available Languages: Korean
  • Episodes: 12

Speculation is a mystery that revolves around murder. A twin brother of the lead character in this series dies – Suicide or murder? only one way to figure it out. Watch this best thriller Kdrama on Disney Hotstar.

5. BigMouth – Trending Hindi Dubbed Kdrama on Disney Hotstar

Big Mouth Kdrama on Hotstar
  • Genre: Action, Drama
  • Release Date: 29 Jul 2022
  • Available Languages: Hindi, Korean
  • Episodes: 16

A Crime filled thriller with a case to solve, if you are someone who loves watching thriller/ legal crime movies/series then Big Mouth Kdrama is the one that you shouldn’t miss. Watch it now on Hotstar.

6. Crazy Love – Latest Kdrama to Watch on Hotstar Hindi Dubbed

  • Genre: Romance, Comedy Drama
  • Release Date: 7 Mar 2022
  • Available Languages: Hindi, Korean
  • Episodes: 16

A romantic comedy that you can enjoy and laugh your heart out. Crazy Love has an interesting poster that makes it much more attractive and interesting to think about. Love is crazy indeed, but never let go of the crazier you when you fall for someone. So, for now, let’s not fall but watch this best Romantic Kdrama on Disney+ Hotstar.

7. Listen to Love – Romantic Kdrama on Hotstar

Listen to Love | Korean drama on Hotstar
  • Genre: Romance Drama
  • Release Date: 28 Oct 2016
  • Available Languages: Hindi, Telugu, Korean, Tamil
  • Episodes: 12

Watch this Kdrama for free on Disney+ Hotstar, A doubt that always kills a relationship – similar to which is the story of this drama Listen to Love. A husband who suspects her wife – is truthful to him or is he assuming? Will it be a happy ending or a love mystery? One way to find out watch it for free on Disney Hotstar. Also, you can watch this Kdrama in regional languages, as it is dubbed in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil.

8. Link: Eat, love, Kill – Trending Romantic Korean Drama on D+ Hotstar

Link_ Eat, love, Kill 
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama
  • Release Date: 6 June 2022
  • Available Languages: Korean
  • Episodes: 16

A romantic melodrama to watch, Link has a season of 16 episodes, and now the audience is expecting Link season 2. It will be a roller coaster story of love for sure. Wait no more watch it now on Disney+ Hotstar.

9. Grid (2022) Latest Kdrama

Grid (2022) Latest Kdrama
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release Date: 16 Feb 2022
  • Available Languages: English, Korean
  • Episodes: 10

This is quite a popular drama in the Korean industry and has also been screened on Disney + Hotstar. This is the Best Kdrama to Watch for almost all age audiences. The storyline is depending on Kim Sae-ha’s life background and progress. The main character is an employee of a mysterious government agency who has spent 24 years on his job.

And his prior job is to track down the ghost. The Korean drama show will go on based on the storyline and discover dead-end cases again and again. It is the first Korean drama that will recommend for watching on the Disney + Hotstar platform.

10. Rookie Cops (2022) – Recent Korean Drama

  • Genre: Romance, Procedural Drama
  • Release Date: 26 Jan 2022
  • Available Languages: English, Korean
  • Episodes: 16

This is another popular Korean Drama on Hotstar that we are recommending to watch. It can be said that this drama made in a different context will keep you sitting in front of the mobile screen for hours. This story is about the Korean National Police Academy which is a very prestigious police campus. It is believed that this campus is very famous for producing all kinds of police officers in Korea.

The story of this series revolves around a very young man who always stands up against injustice. After passing the tough test and joining the police academy, everything goes according to plan until Go Eun-gang enters his life. From here the context of events will change a lot and love and new challenges will enter the event.

11. Kiss Sixth Sense – Latest Kdrama 

kiss sixth sense | Latest Kdrama on D+hotstar
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance
  • Release Date: 25 May 2022
  • Available Languages: Korean
  • Episodes: 12

Many people in the world who like Korean dramas are currently enjoying the show. So we recommend you start watching this Korean drama. It is inspired by a web novel and web tool that has found its place among the audience very eagerly.

This Korean drama has two main characters – Yoon Kye-sang and Seo Ji-Hye. This Korean drama will show a woman’s life change that started with a kiss. Please watch the weekly episodes streaming now on the Top KDramas List of Disney+ Hotstar.

12. Moving (2023) – Upcoming Kdrama on Hotstar

Moving Upcoming Kdrama on Hotstar

(The official Poster has not been disclosed yet but the cast involved in the drama series has been bought up by Disney+ Hotstar)

This also comes under the Korean drama list Hotstar of very enthusiastic and popular Korean dramas that are available on the Disney + Hotstar platform. The story lies is inspired by the eponymous webtoon created by Kang Full. The series is created on a Supernatural background that starts with a teenage high school student and his parents who can discover some superpowers.

The main character can fly and has the power to recover from any injury. We require watching this show to the kids who are likely to look for the superpower characters on the screen.

13. Graceful Friends (2022) – Must-Watch Kdrama on Disney Hotstar

Graceful Friends Latest Binge Kdrama on Hotstar

This Kdrama 2022 reflects on a friendship story. The story revolves around the main character’s life and some friends around him. Each friend is associated with different types of professional life and some of their problems are shown here.

Their beautiful and peaceful life begins to be disturbed after a murder takes place. As a result, their lives are no longer the same, and many things have changed. It is appearing on Disney + Hotstar platform. So start watching this drama today to know the story of a dressy friendship.

Note: The above mentioned Kdrama might have been removed from the particular platform in recent times.

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14. Snowdrop (2021-2022) – Best Hindi Dubbed Kdrama to watch on Hotstar

  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Release Date: 9 Feb 2022
  • Available Languages: Korean, Hindi
  • Episodes: 16

This is a Korean drama that is very popular with audiences in different countries around the world. The series revolves around the Democratic Movement of 1987. In this serial, emphasis is given to various freedom struggles organized in South Korea.

Later, it detailed the background to the creation of the Republic of Korea Army in this series. Organized different elections and try to highlight different political aspects through this series. All in all, it is an exciting series for all types of viewers which is shown on Disney + Hotstar.

15. Bloody Heart

Bloody Heart Kdrama
  • Genre: Romance, Political Drama
  • Release Date: 02 May 2022
  • Available Languages: Hindi, Korean
  • Episodes: 16

Among the various Korean dramas, this drama made in 2022 is still very popular. In this creation, various scenes are created about the political rivals. This series is an ideal option for those who only like to watch entertainment , enjoy love stories and fictional world . So we recommend that this series airing on Disney + Hotstar platform is a must-watch for you.

16. Adamas – The Best Kdrama’s to watch on Hotstar

Adamas Kdrama on hotstar
  • Genre: Mystery, Romance
  • Release Date: 27 Jul 2022
  • Available Languages: Korean, Hindi
  • Episodes: 16

This series made in 2012 is a trending Kdrama on hotstar. Twin brothers lose their father in murder case which leads to various changes in their life. The series proceeds in the context of various problems arising with mystery to solve. If you don’t have a subscription to Disney + Hotstar then subscribe today to watch this Korean series.

17. The Light in Your Eyes (2019)

The Light in Your Eyes Kdrama
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 11 Feb 2019
  • Available Languages: Korean
  • Episodes: 12

This series was created in 2019 and is still one of the most popular Korean drama series. The main character of this series finds a magic watch while walking on a beach. From here begins a series of events and accidents. The context of this series continues to focus on various strange events. This series is full of various challenges and entertaining activities. You will get this series on Netflix – it is no longer streaming on Disney + Hotstar.

18. Diary of a Prosecutor (2019) – Best Kdrama to watch on Disney+ Hotstar

diary of a prosecutor
  • Genre: 
  • Release Date:
  • Available Languages:
  • Episodes:

As the name of this serial suggests that the events of the prosecutor and their lives are being filmed here. Here are the life stories of some of the prosecutors and the different experiences and problems of each one. The series, produced in 2019, is still available on Disney + Hotstar.

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19. When the Weather is Nice – Best Kdrama to watch on Hotstar

When the Weather is Nice | Kdrama on D+Hotstar
  • Genre: Romance
  • Release Date: 24 Feb 2020
  • Available Languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Korean
  • Episodes: 16

A young girl, who gets tired of the city, moves back to her hometown and helps her aunt with her hotel business. Where she meets a man who runs the local bookshop. But the thing about the hero and heroine in this Kdrama story that makes it interesting to watch is?? Did they really have a past or is it one-sided? Well, the only way to find watch this best Korean drama on Disney + Hotstar and witness the best romantic Kdrama.

20. More Than Friends: Trending Kdrama on Disney Hotstar

More Than Friends - Korean Drama on hotstar
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Release Date: 25 Sep 2022
  • Available Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Korean
  • Episodes: 16

Misunderstandings and time make the two beautiful friends end up not confessing their romantic feelings for one another for over 10 years. This thing always happens with best friends you know what I am talking about if you have a best friend. So, watch this amazing friendship/loveship Korean on the trending OTT platform Disney + Hotstar.

21. Soundtrack#1 – Top Kdrama on D+Hotstar

Soundtrack#1 Korean drama
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Release Date: 23 Mar 2022
  • Available Languages: Hindi, Korean
  • Episodes: 4

A beautiful lyrical drama., wait what a lyrical drama! yes, a drama that revolves around love and a songwriter/famous composer. A beautiful song composer seeking love and friendship. True entertainment for sure, watch now on Disney+ Hotstar.

22. Fantastic Korean Drama on Hotstar

Fantastic Kdrama on Hotstar
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
  • Release Date: 02 Sep 2016
  • Available Languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Korean
  • Episodes: 16

Watch this fantastic Kdrama named Fantastic on Disney+ Hotstar. The show contains an average of 7.6% rating out of 10. It is a romantic comedy that you will love to watch if you are interested in the drama genre. Where the lead character in the series is a writer. Watch now and share the reviews.

23. Solomons Perjury Kdrama on D+Hotstar

Solomons Prejury
  • Genre: Mystery Drama
  • Release Date: 16 Dec 2016
  • Available Languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Korean
  • Episodes: 12

Solomons Perjury is a thriller with a mystery story. Where a bunch of college friends get involved to solving a deadly mystery. It is one of the best thriller Kdrama to watch on Hotstar.

24. Golden Spoon Kdrama

The Golden Spoon Kdrama
  • Genre: Fantasy Drama
  • Release Date: 23 Sep 2022
  • Available Languages: Hindi, Korean
  • Episodes: 16

Golden Spoon is the Latest Kdrama released in South Korea on 23rd September 2022. Now it is available in Disney+ Hotstar from this November so go watch this new Kdrama now. The story revolves around the poor and rich so to figure out what it is exactly watch 14 episodes of golden spoon drama on Hotstar.

Note: And with recent update now you can watch it in Hindi Dubbed Version as well.

25. The Package

The Package Kdrama
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy Drama
  • Release Date: 13 Oct 2017
  • Available Languages: Korean, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
  • Episodes: 12

The Package is an interesting story where a group of people gets to travel together. But they are stuck with a package policy. It carries love, comedy, and culture – an entertainment package for sure. It is now live on Disney+Hotstar watch it, rate it, and keep the binge-watch session going.

Upcoming Movies on Disney+ Hotstar

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the Top Upcoming Kdarmas on D+ Hotstar in 2023?

Moving, Call it Love, the golden spoon in Hindi, Manipulated Paradies and more to be coming.

2. Can I watch Kdrama on Disney Hotstar for Free?

Yes, you can watch certain Kdramas for free on Hotstar. And also you use Disney + Hotstar Subscription Coupons from PaisaWapas and watch more.

3. Does Disney+ Hotstar has Dubbed Korean Dramas?

Yes, you can find dubbed languages of Korean Series i.e, Hindi, English, Telugu, and Tamil on D+Hotstar with subtitles.

4. Which are the top 2 Upcoming KDramas on D+Hotstar?

Race, and Dr.Romantic Season 3 are the latest upcoming Kdramas on Hotstar 2023.


Right now, many people have various screening platforms on their smartphones. Of course, the most popular of these is Disney + Hotstar. Since the popularity of Korean 2023 dramas is worldwide, this platform is showcasing some of the best series to satisfy your Korean drama needs. You can watch the drama that you like from the above options on this platform.

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