Top 10 Organic Food Brands in India


Best Organic Food Brands in India 

Organic food is the most crucial part of our day to day life. When you are also thinking of adding some items related to organic food products to your diet, you must glance at the list of top organic food brands in IndiaThe list may be extensive, but important to know more about the leading brand of this stuff to add to your life. Your body requires natural elements and components, and your Food is the source through which you can live a healthy life by eating some natural stuff.

What does Organic Food Product Mean?

First, you need to know about the correct concept and definition of organic food before investing in any organic food brand. Well, organic food is mainly produced by farmers. Organic food products use renewable substances and the conservation of water and soil to give rich environmental qualities. The right example of organic food is organic dairy products, meat, eggs, poultry etc. No conventional pesticides and fertilizers, along with synesthetic ingredients used in organic food.

What Are Organic Foods Products?

There are so many daily eating items and organic food products you can find in different brands’ markets. Many leading companies in India are exploring business opportunities and the organic products Indian market is growing because they think that mindset of the audience is now shifting for natural items.

Difference Between Natural and Organic:

Organic and Natural both are different concepts. Don’t think that all-natural items or food products are organic. Natural does not mean organic. Organic food is only those which have 95% organic ingredients, but not all-natural ingredients have 95% organic elements.

Reasons To Switch To Organic Food Brands

For A Healthy Life

The first reason to go on an organic diet is a healthy life. Everyone wants to add those diet things and stuff in daily life which leads to a healthy life. Organic products add to health food Indian and help you stay fit and active in life. People looking for more and more natural and nutritional diet possibilities must consider the organic food brands only for the regular diet. They can also feel the new change in their day-to-day life when they consume organic food products.

Reduce Chemicals in Your Diet

We know about the reality of ready-to-eat and packed food items. In around 88% of things included in our daily snacks, most of the chemicals had. Hence going on the organic diet means you can reduce the percentage of chemicals in your regular. Organic food products secure your body from insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers and weedkillers. Choose from the best organic food brands in India and reduce the chemical intake in your diet.

Improves Nutrition

You can also improve the nutrition in your body by using organic food brands, and that’s why they are the ideal food and healthy items for you.

List Of Top Organic Food Brands

Here’s presenting the list of organic food brands for you:

24 Mantra

The first and foremost brand in this list is 24 Mantra. We can’t miss the name of 24 Mantra because it is one of the leading and renowned organic food brands in India. The company founded this brand in 2004, and this brand mainly offers toxic-free products to buyers. When we talk about the product counts by 24 Mantra organic brands, we can say that say around 150+ products are already available in the market.


When you are looking for the best organic food brand, then don’t miss the option of Farm2Kitchen is also an organic food brand in India. However, it is also the oldest company on the list of organic brands. The slogan of this brand is “Building Healthy India”. You can explore the plenty organic foods of with different standards of quality at Farm2Kitchen.

Agronomic Food

Plenty of choices are available for the customers when choosing the organic food brand in the essential daily items. One more brand that is successful to came in this list is Agronic Food. Siddharth Sancheti founded the brand, and according to the founder of this brand, if you start eating the items, you will come one more step for a healthy life. You can explore the options of spices, grains, herbs, flours, cold-pressed oils and cereals in the range of Agronomic Food Products.

Tiny Spoons

This brand was founded in Mumbai, India. You may not know that charted account Dharmesh Ratanghayra (extremely fond of Indian health food) founded tiny Spoons Organic food brand in 2018. Now the products of Tiny Spoons are available in almost all cities of India. The best part about this brand is the minimum or affordable cost of the products. It is also one of the most trusted organic food brands in India.

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Organic Tattwa

The brand’s name is also founded with organic stuff, and Organic Tattwa is also an organic food brand from India. When it comes to checking the quality standards of this brand, we can say that it is certified by the control unit in complaints with United Stands for organic NOP. They are providing an extensive range of organic products in the list of organic food products. The popular products of this brand are flour, pulses, sugar, rice and spices.

Pride of Cows

Just like the name sounds of this brand, you can understand that they are selling milk products. What is the difference between normal milk and pride of cows milk? They are not using any chemicals for the mixing products, and all products are mainly related to dairy products. Technology that they use to produce milk and other products is also International. Customers can also order organic food online from this brand.

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Organic Garden

If you are looking for organic baby foodyou can take a glance at the range of Organic Garden Products because organic food products by this company are safe for your baby and health. The company is producing 100% organic grocery items, and the brand was founded in 2011.


People who are thinking of eating chemical-free food for their daily lives should look at the range of Mygreenkart because it is also one of the top organic food brands in India. The company is manufacturing organic food products and also deal in home décor and electronic items.


We all know about the benefits of organic food, and when we are making the list of top organic food brands, we can’t forget the name of the leading brand of India, Patanjali. The food items are organic of this brand, but you can also buy the personal care stuff from Patanjali. You definitely cannot miss this name when it comes to the best organic food brands in India.

Pro Nature

Pro Nature is the most popular organic food brand in India based companies. Mainly this company is offering gluten-Free Food Items. Gluten based items may also damage your health, and that’s why choosing these organic food brand items means you can go one more step toward a healthy life. The company is making products without using any chemicals and pesticides.


Thus, keep these top 10 organic food brands in India in your mind because when you browse the best products for your home, then you must know every brand feature, quality, merits and demerits as well.

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