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Electrical wires & cables are one of the most essential components in your house, office, factories, or elsewhere as those are used for transferring electricity from the main line to different electronics. While buying electrical wires, you have to be very careful about the quality of the product as any low-quality electric wires can cause accidents. Therefore, you should trust the popular and renowned cable companies that guarantee the best cable electric wires to serve your purposes. Today, we are presenting such electrical wire companies in India. Read on to know more-

Price List of Best Wires & Cables to Buy in India

Cable & Wire ManufacturersWire Prices/sq.mm
Havells LT Copper Cables₹188/2.5 sq.mm
Plaza Flame Retardent Cables₹1074/1.0 sq.mm
GoldMedal Cables₹1429/1.0 sq.mm
RR CCTV Camera Cabels₹3765/90 Mtr.
Finolex FR PVC Silver Insulated Wires₹1549/1.0 sq.mm
Polycab Industrial Single Core & Multi-Core Flexible Cables₹1102/0.50 sq.mm
Anchor Advance FR -PVC Insulated Cable₹1756/90 Mtr.
Syska Wires & Cables₹3302/2.5 sq. mm
V-GUARD PVC multi strand wires₹27.94/Mtr.
KEI Cables & Wires₹790/90 Mtr.

List of Top 12 Best Electric Wire Companies in India 2024

1. Havells – Best Industrial & Cable Wire Manufacturers

Havells - Best Industrial & Cable Wire Manufacturers

Talking about the top 10 electric wire companies in India will always include Havells at the top. It is emerging as one of the best FMEG companies in the world. They are the manufacturer of top-quality electrical wires and cables including home appliances.

Features of Havells Electric Wires

  • Comes with flame-retardant properties
  • Metal wires are coated with PVC
  • Comes with anti-rodent and anti-Semite featured

With that let us explore which type of wires Havells has to offer,

Types of Wires Offered by Havells
Multicore round cables
Telecom Switchboard cables
CATV Coaxial cables
LAN Cables
CCTV wires
Speaker & solar cables

2. Plaza Cables – Best Electric Wire Company in India

Plaza Cables | List of 13 best Wire manufacturers in India

If you are looking for the best electric wire manufacturing companies in India, you can always keep Plaza Cables on top. Established in 1978, this wires company is consistent with its goodwill till now. They are the master in manufacturing high-quality wires and cables for the market. They produce the best quality wires and cables for residential, industrial, and individual purposes.

Types of Wires Offered by Plaza Cables
Multicore round cables
Heat-resistant & flame cables
Coaxial cables
Round Cables
CCTV Cables
3D Insulated Wires

3. Gold medal

Gold Medal - Best Wire manufacturers in India

Electric wires are not merely electrical necessary; rather these keep the entire electrical system of your house safe and increase the lives of the devices. Gold Medal understands it the best and has come up with top-quality electric wires and cables for your home, office, or industry. Any electrical wires from Gold Medal are known for their outstanding quality and durability.

Types of Wires Offered by Gold Medal Company
Telephone & Switchboard cables
Heat-resistant & flame 
Single & Multicore Flexible Cables
Computer & LAN Networking Cables
CCTV Cables

4. RR Kables

RR Kabel Wires | List of Best wire Manufacturing Companies in India

This is a Mumbai-based company that produces high-quality wires and cables for homes, schools, factories, industrial places, and so on. They started their journey in 1995 and today they own 3 manufacturing units in Selvas Vadodara.

Types of Wires Offered by RR Kables
Drag Chain & Servo Cables
Data & Communication Cables
Instrumentation Cables
Silicon & Auto Cables
LT & HT Power Cables
Fire & Security Cables


5. Finolex – Best Wires Brand in India

Finolex | Best Electric Wire Companies in India

Finolex Cables Ltd. Began its journey as a manufacturer of electrical wire for industrial purposes. Soon they expanded their business and started manufacturing wires for houses, offices, etc. They are one of the leading companies in producing PVC insulated winding wires along with high voltage power cables.

Types of Wires Offered by Finolex
Finolex Electrical Wires and Cables
Optical Fibre Wires
Eco Effective Cables
Duct & Direct Burial Cables

6. Polycab Wires

PolyCab Wires & Cables | Best Elecctric Wire Manufacturers in India

As Polycab Wires is one of the oldest electric wire companies in India, there is no doubt about its reputation. Based in Mumbai, they have several other branches throughout India. They are popular for making varieties of wires by using different metals. The oxygen-free wires and cables are highly durable and can be used in various ways.

Types of Wires Offered by Polycab
Polycab Energy Cables
Communication Cables
Polycab Wires
Etira Wires


7. Anchor by Panasonic

Anchor by Panasonic | Best Electric Wore companies in India

For the last 50 years, this company has ruled the industry of electrical wires and cables. They are one of the best electrical wire manufacturers in India that has merged quality with innovation since its inception. The wires that they produce are highly insulation resistant and come with strong durability.

Types of Wires Offered by Anchor by Panasonic
Light Duty Cable & Building Wires
Industrial & Residential Cable
Communication Cable
Electrical Insulation Tape

8. Syska Wires & Cables

Syska Wires & Cables

In the market of the best electric wire companies in India, Syska is a prominent name. They are one of the best FMEG companies in creating improved and advanced electric wires and cables. They produce 1 sq. mm copper wires that last longer and provide enough lighting. The PVC insulated wires assure collective power supply as those are made of top-quality copper. Not only that, but the best copper wires are also energy-saving and come with high current capacity.

Types of Wires Offered by Syska
Syska Electric Wires & Cables
Syska PVC Coated Cables

9. KEI Cables and Wires

KEI Cables and Wires | 12 Best Wire Companies in India

KEI (Krishna Electrical Industries) Wires and Cables have been in this business for a long time and they are popular in creating rubber cables for household wiring. Established in 1969, the company continues creating different types of cables, ranging from low voltage to high voltage. They manufacture wires with high capacity and high insulation resistance.

Types of Wires & Cables Offered by KEI
Solar Cables
High Voltage Cables
Winding Wires
Rubber Cables
Extra High Voltage Cables
Marine & Onshore Cables
Communication Cables
Control Cables & Stainless steel Wires

10. V-Guard Industries Ltd.

V-Guard wires and cables

While talking about the best wiring companies in India, we have to mention this company. They are a prominent name in manufacturing electrical wires for Indian households. The electrical wires of V-Guard are safe to use in houses. These are triple-layered wires that come with high resistance to high temperature, heat, and water.

Types of Wires & Cables Offered by V-gaurd
Superio V-Gaurd Cables
Speaker Cables
Fire resistant Flexible Cables
Coaxial & Multicore radiant Cables
LAN Cables
Telephone Wires
CCTV Cables

11. Orbit Cables

Orbit Wires & Cables

This company is famous for creating wires and cables. They started their venture in 1996 and since then, they are successfully reining the market of electrical wires and cables. Orbit Cables manufactures for both, industrial usages and household purposes. They manufacture a variety of cables, like flexible cables, power cables, control cables, multi-core cables, and many more.

Types of Wires & Cables Offered by Orbit
Auto mobile and battery cables
Co-Axial Cables
Solar & Weatherproof wires


12. CP Plus Cables

cp plus cable & wires

They are mainly known for manufacturing cables, wires, and CCTV surveillance systems. And they create submersible and effective for heavy duty. The electric wires from CP Plus are manufactured of pure solid copper wires that come with strong durability.

Types of Wires & Cables Offered by CP Plus Cables
CCTV Cables
LAN Cables

Types of Electrical Wires & Cables Used in Home Construction

Always consult local electrical codes and regulations when selecting and installing cable wiring in a home. Licensed professionals should do electrical work to ensure safety and compliance with local codes. Here are the best wire types that are used in home construction

  1. Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable (NM or Romex): This is one of the most common types of wiring used in residential construction. It consists of two or more insulated conductors surrounded by a plastic sheath. NM cable is easy to install and is commonly used for general wiring in walls, ceilings, and attics.
  2. Armored Cable (AC): Also known as BX or flexible metal conduit, armored cable consists of insulated wires wrapped in a flexible metal sheath. It is the best wire for house wiring that provides additional protection against physical damage. It is often used in exposed areas where NM cable may not be suitable.
  3. Conduit Wiring: In conduit wiring, individual insulated wires are run through metal or plastic conduits. This method offers excellent protection and is commonly used in commercial and industrial settings. Types of conduits include rigid metal conduit (RMC), intermediate metal conduit (IMC), and electrical metallic tubing (EMT).
  4. THHN/THWN Wire: These are individual insulated electrical wires commonly used in conduit wiring systems. THHN (Thermoplastic High Heat-resistant Nylon-coated) is used for dry locations, while THWN (Thermoplastic Heat and Water-resistant Nylon-coated) is suitable for wet locations.
  5. Twisted Pair Cable: This type of cable consists of pairs of insulated copper wires twisted together. It is commonly used for low-voltage applications, such as telephone and data wiring (e.g., Cat5e, Cat6).
  6. Coaxial Cable: Coaxial cable consists of a central conductor, insulation, a metallic shield, and an outer insulating layer. It is commonly used for cable television (CATV) and internet connections.
  7. Low Voltage Wiring: This includes wires used for low-voltage systems such as doorbell wiring, thermostat wiring, and security system wiring.
  8. Aluminum Wiring: While less common today, some older homes may have aluminum wiring. Special precautions need to be taken with aluminum wiring to prevent potential hazards like overheating.


1. Which type of wiring is best for the home?

Copper wiring is the best one for a home. As it carries high tensile strength.

2. What is the required wire size for the home?

For domestic home purposes, you can get the 6 sq mm wire.

3. What type of writing is known for safety?

Conduit wiring is the best cable for safety purposes because it can go through the wear and tear process. And prevents fire accidents.

4. Which type of wiring is best for the home?

One of the most common types of wiring used in residential construction is a Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable.

End Note:

Altogether those were the 12 best electrical wire companies in India. They come with top-quality cables and the best wires for various purposes. Well, choose your favorite wire company and shop for it in your nearby electrical shop. And get your home cables secure.

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