Tips To Manage The Exam Stress !

Everywhere I look, I see souls tormented by books and notes, busy trying to manage the exam stress, either for the ongoing or upcoming horrors. Exams can be really nerve-wracking and scary, especially when you have to cover one whole semester’s worth of syllabus in mere days! There are a couple of those who have already prepared and are getting in gear to revise, but even they can’t beat off the stress sneaking up on them like the devil it is.

Do you feel like her? Well, you are at the right place xD

Stress is not good for anybody. It affects your health, your energy level, your immunity and your emotions. And for those who believe they do better under stress, it’s a myth; for you could achieve greater potential had you worked without the stress.

Before you go on to the exam stress busters and management tips, it’s important to point out what is it that is putting YOU under pressure? Exam phobia and stress could range from a variety of reasons from the fear of forgetting stuff, not having prepared enough, having wasted time and not preparing well, untouched course, fear of failing, doing worse than your mates, and others. Its important to know the why before you beat the stress.

So to pass with flying colors this semester (within reason, for there’s no shortcut to success but mere support systems), take my word, and follow these stress busters as best you can.

  1. PLAN!

You’ve wasted time on stressing about exams but that’s not productive. Instead take a planner, write down your syllabus and allot them a time limit. And calculate and define time for each subject in accordance to the date sheet and days left. Plan your Study Schedule. Plan it Right and ACCURATE.

Plan your Study Schedule. Plan it Right and ACCURATE.

If its revision, then try and go tougher chapters to easier, for once the bigger rocks are off your way, you’ll be more comfortable. If you’ve opened the books for the first time; it’s important to be realistic, no one can finish the whole syllabus in three nights just the way Rome wasn’t built in a day. So plan your way keeping in mind that one bird in hand is better than two in the bush. That is, in order to do it all do not lose out on quality people. Also, REMEMBER time for breaks and naps is important to stay motivated and energized through your study days! This is THE best tip when it comes to managing that exam stress.

PS: Do stick to your plan!


Many of us underestimate power of a goodnight’s sleep. Sleep helps your brain to assimilate new knowledge and store it into your long term memory box. Now if we don’t sleep well, this can cause an issue for during exams because we solely depend on memory during exams and going to exam on half a night’s sleep is definitely suicidal.

You MUST Sleep well, especially if you look as cute as Garfield xD
You MUST Sleep well, especially if you look as cute as Garfield xD
  1. Take Short BREAKS

Instead of those long breaks where you either burn your eyes in front of the TV, go for short in-session breaks that range from 10 to 30 minutes which are enough for stretching your muscles, taking a refreshing walk, listening to calm music or simply resting your eyes and having a power nap. They can really rejuvenate your strength and refresh your mind for another study session.

Tip: Take a break only when you’re done with a chapter or subject and give your mind a break before you cram it with unrelated or different subject or topics.

Listen to the Minion. Minion Knows It Best. Keep Calm, Bruh!
Listen to the Minion. Minion Knows It Best. Keep Calm, Bruh!
  1. Play! Stay HAPPY!

Play with bubble wrap, a kid or a puppy or simply do something that makes you happy as it releases all the good hormones and endorphins in your body and what better way to take that break than do something that not only breaks the monotony of studying but makes you happy. Also, it’s important to engage yourself with healthy interaction as many of us can turn into social hermits as exams approach.

Isn’t Joey adorably Happy when he play with bubble wrap? Well, that could be you!

Tip: Stay away from video games as they engage and tire your brain while watching a screen can further exhaust your eyes.

  1. Dark Chocolate

For all you food-junkies who rely on food during those stressful days, shift to Dark Chocolate. Eating dark chocolate which is over 70% cocoa fights the stress hormone and has an overall relaxing effect on the body. Plus chocolate releases endorphins which act as a natural stress fighter. It might not be as sweet as that ice cream stuck in your refrigerator but it’s much more of stress buster than you could guess!

Its chocolate. Its Healthy. Its Chocolate and healthy. Hallelujah!
It’s Chocolate. It’s Healthy. It’s Chocolate and healthy. Hallelujah!
  1. Block All Possible Distractions

Want to do well on your exam? Well, Facebook isn’t gonna help buddy. I know such a bummer! While studying keep all possible distractions such as phone, facebook, that mystery novel you just have to finish, and others away. As they say out of sight, out of mind and this mantra is true for distractions too.

The Distracting ways of technology can be really sneaky so avoid them altogether, my good friend.
The Distracting ways of technology can be really sneaky so avoid them altogether, my good friend.

So folks, you’ve procrastinated enough, i suppose you should now go study! Study Hard! All The Best!

Good Luck!

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