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5 Wardrobe Basics Every Girl Should Own Pronto!

Today the world is ever changing and so dynamic, that things go out of fashion even before you can find your perfect fit of them! But then, there are some things that are evergreen and the biggest statement-makers that are beyond the test of time. And every girl SHOULD own these must-have closet basics.There are 5 Wardrobe Basics Every Girl Should Own without question because it is always important to look your best! Not for the world but for yourself. Also, you never know what opportunity comes knocking at your door, so you must always be dressed for the best. Also if you stuck with your old style, here are some great tips to get that perfect makeover.

Without further ado, let me unveil the Must Have 5 Closet Basics Every Girl Should Own Pronto:

1. Denim Jeans That Fit Perfect

Your biggest armor is that perfect pair of jeans, be it blue or black, that fits you perfectly and makes you look worldly. Jeans are the staple of clothing in the 21st century. They are practical, comfortable, trustworthy and fashionable. Also, you can pair them up with anything from a Shirt to a Tee to a Crop top!

So wait no more if you still don’t own the perfect pair for its never to late to purchase the pair that’s made for you. You don’t even need to step out, all thanks to the power vested to you by the internet.

2. The Go-To Little Black Dress

Every girl must own at least one Little Black Dress that accentuates her beauty while making her look classy and sexy. The LBD or Little Black Dress with its perfect fit can make any girl look like the queen she is supposed to be. Be it a party, a formal event or a funeral, the LBD is your go-to clothing. Accessorized as per the occasion, a Little Black Dress ensures you look beautiful come any day irrespective of the ongoing Fashion. It never goes out of FASHION!

So if you don’t own one yet, its time to shell out some to get the little black dress of your dreams.  Also, for tips on how to rock the LBD, head onto our blog,

3. The Best Red Shade of Lipstick  Only For You

Out there are innumerable shades of lipcolors, lipsticks, lip gloss, etc but for each one of us there is a shade of red that works best. Time and time again, fashionistas have cherished the simplicity and sensuality of the red lipcolor. Its beauty is timeless and appreciated always. You might need to experiment a lot for finding the one shade that suits you well is important. It can be the rouge, the maroon, the dark-red, the cherry, or that of snow white’s; its yours to explore.There is a new Range in the market that explores different shades of Red: The L’oreal Paris Star Collection which you can definitely explore to find your perfect red.

4. The Elegant White Shirt

Irrespective of the fact that you are a student or a housewife or an office-going woman, you need this must-have for those days when you need to look serious to be taken up seriously and nothing makes a point like the Chic yet Elegant White Cotton Shirt. It is my success mantra not only for those official days but it works wonders in casual and business casual themes too while keeping things comfortable and smart.

Pair it up with jeans and flats for a casual day or switch to black trousers/skirt with heels for the Business Chic or you could simply team it u with a colorful tank top and a pair of denim cut offs for the flirty beauty. Its yours to play and dress!

5. Those Sky Scraper Black Heels

If sky were the limit, how tall would you wish to be? Well, no one has the power to do that but then what are heels for? Every girl needs that one pair of SEXY, BLACK, TALL and CHIC STILETTOSThey are indispensable to your closet for they serve well with any outfit you wear and any role you wish to take on. Be it a wedding, a funeral, an office function, party or the first date they shall always compliment you for they are the best creation ever in the history of mankind.

For a good deal on any of the above-mentioned 5 Wardrobe Basics Every Girl Should Own Pronto, download the Paisawapas extension for it helps you save money while you shop and make your closet complete; and your style quotient unbeatable.

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