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60+Simple Mehndi design | New Designs in 2024

Easy Mehendi Design

Simple Mehndi Designs 2024– Do you love to apply Mehndi on your hands? Whether it’s your big wedding day or occasions like karwa chauth or teej. All girls want to flaunt our mehndi designs on every occasion. Mehndi is a tradition and custom that cannot be ignored at all. Also, mehendi increases beauty and provides a unique appearance on our hands. You have come to the right place if you are searching for new Mehndi designs. Scroll down below to learn the 60+ easy Mehendi designs.

List of Best Mehndi Designs 2024:

  1. Bridal Simple Mehndi Design
  2. Easy Arabic Mehndi Design
  3. Backhand Mehndi Designs
  4. Simple Mehndi Designs
  5. Stylish Easy Mehendi Designs
  6. Simple Mehndi Design for Fingers
  7. Front Hand Simple Mehendi Designs
  8. Leg Simple Mehendi Designs
  9. Full Hand Simple Mehendi Designs
  10. Flower Easy Mehendi Designs
  11. Different types of Simple Mehndi patterns (mixed)
  12. Tips to Darken your Mehendi

1. Bridal Simple Mehndi Design:

Bridal mehndi designs are a symbol of intricate beauty, with detailed patterns that symbolize love, prosperity, and the bride’s journey. In India, it’s a tradition to apply mehendi on the hands and feet of the bride on the occasion of marriage. We curated a various simple mehendi design suitable for the bride, check out the designs below:

easy Mehndi designs

easy mehndi designs

simple mehndi design for bride

simple mehendi design for bride

simple mehndi designs

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2. Easy Arabic Mehendi Designs:

One of the most popular designs on mehendi is Arabic designs, these designs are more popular because of the complexity and look of the mehndi. Arabic mehndi designs give off an elegant and royal look that suits multiple occasions.

arabic mehndi Design

arabic mehendi design
arabic style mehndi
arabic Mehndi Designs

arabic mehendi design on full hand

3. Simple Backhand Mehendi Designs:

Apply mehendi on the back of your hands gives an artistic look to your hands, from floral designs to geometric patterns we gathered various mehendi designs for the backhand. Check out the backhand mehndi designs:

Back hand Mehndi design

simple mehndi design for Back Hand

easy mehndi designs

easy mehndi designs for back hand

back hand mehendi designs

4. Simple Mehendi Designs:

Following Mehndi designs are simple and easy for beginners, these designs are easy to practice and give a simple and elegant look to the hands. Check out our curated list of simple mehendi designs:

Simple mehndi designs

simple mehendi design

Easy mehendi design

easy mehendi design

simple mehndi designs


5. Stylish Simple Mehndi Design:

As time changes so does the culture, even when many cultural shifts happen mehndi still stays relevant and popular. To match the taste of modern trends we made the list of top stylish mehendi designs for 2024. Check out the stylish designs:

simple mehendi design for front hand

stylish mehndi design photo

stylish mehndi design for 2024

stylish simple mehndi design

back hand easy mehendi designs

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6. Simple Mehndi Design for Fingers:

Mehndi applied on the fingers gives a classy look, even without any occasion people apply mehendi on their fingers to show their artistic side. If you are looking for the same see the designs given below for the mehendi design for fingers.

mehndi design for fingers

mehendi designs for fingers

simple mehndi design for fingers

stylish simple mehndi design

back hand mehendi design for fingers

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7. Front Hand Mehendi Design:

If you want a simple mehndi design for the front hand these designs are specially for you. On every occasion, you can apply these below designs and make your hand more gorgeous like you.front hand mehndi design for bride

stylish simple mehndi design

mehndi design easy simple

simple front hand mehndi design

front hand mehendi designs

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8. Leg Simple Mehndi Design:

Mehndi is not only for hands but legs people apply mehndi to the ankle on occasions like marriage, engagement, festivals, and many more. We listed down the best and simple mehendi design for the leg below.Simple mehndi designs for ankle

Full leg mehendi designsimple mehndi design on ankleleg mehndi designsleg mehendi designs

9. Full Hand Mehendi Design:

The full-hand mehndi design will never go out of style. If you are the kind of person who keeps to maintain the style, then the below mehendi designs are for you.full hand mehndi design  full hand mehndi designsfull hand flower mehndi Designfront hand mehndi designs full hand mehendi designs

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10. Flower Mehndi Design:

Celebrating the beauty of nature, flower mehndi designs often feature different floral elements, from delicate roses to intricate lotus blossoms, adding a touch of femininity to the art. You can get inspired by any flower in nature and make an art of it on your hands. Below are the some of best flower mehendi designs. 

flower easy mehendi design for front hand

easy mehndi design

flower Mehendi Design

stylish flower mehndi design for front hand

flower mehndi design for back hand

11. Different Types of Mehndi Designs (Mixed):

There are lakhs of mehndi designs and patterns available on the internet from beginner level to top expert level artists showed their work. you can take inspiration from flowers, animals, birds, geometric patterns, portraits, and mostly anything in nature and make art out of it. We curated the best easy mehendi designs based on some of the most popular categories. you can create your designs, try, experiment, and show your art.

stylish simple mehndi design
easy mehndi design on palm
easy Mehendi Design for back hand
potrait bridal Mehendi Design
geometric mehndi designs on front hand
back hand Mehandi Design
Heart-Shape Mehandi Design
full hand mehandi design
front hand Mehendi Design on palm
alladin mehndi designs for front hand
back hand mehndi designs
Mermaid Mehndi Design
back hand mehendi designs
easy Mehndi Design
easy Mehendi Design
Radha Krishna easy Mehndi Designs
simple back hand Mehendi Design

Tips to Darken your Mehndi:

1. Wash your hands before applying:

When you apply mehndi without washing hands remanent of dust will not allow mehndi to set on your hands resulting in a faded look.

2.   Don’t blow dry your mehndi:

When you blow dry your mehndi only the upper layer will get dry quickly lower layer of the mehndi will not get affected, so, when you wash after the upper layer gets dry you’ll lose the desired look.

3. Let the mehndi dry naturally:

Mehndi may take some time to dry naturally but you’ll get a better and darker look.

4. Use lemon and sugar:

Apply a mixture of lemon and sugar lightly on your completely dried mehndi to get a darker look.

5. Use the Cloves.

It’s not 100% sure but it is believed the smoke from lighting cloves darkens your mehndi, heat some cloves on the pan and hold your mehndi design in a way that can make contact with smoke from cloves to get a darker look.


1. How much time is enough to dry Mehendi?

2-12 hours, depending on the darker look you desire.

2. How to remove mehndi easily?

Mehndi can be removed easily by washing your hands using soap in warm water.

3. Which is the best mehendi cone?

“Kaveri Mehndi” cone is the most popular and considered as best.

4. What are the different colors of Mehndi?

The different colors of Mehndi are Brown, White, Red & Black.

5. Which are the most popular mehendi designs?

The most popular mehndi designs are Arabic design, Floral Design, Mandala Design & Bridal Design

Wrap Up:

No matter what your budget is, if the design you selected suits you, next time try out these easy mehndi designs on your special day. Just relax and express yourself by getting the best design on your special day.

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