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India’s first 5G smartphone is going to be one best smartphone of all time. The Realme X50 Pro is coming with best ever unique features and specifications. It will be launched on 24th February 2020. It is launching in India on the same day as its global lanching, which is 24th February 2020.

Realme has always come with the best phones of all times. It has all type of ranges in case of camera, price, features etc. A good smartphone is very much needed in this digital world. in fact, the best one is always preferred. People are willing to go for it, how much let the price be. Realme has got its place fixed among the gadget lovers with its quality.

When it comes to smartphones, everyone looks for the best one. In all the categories, it should be at its best. As in camera, battery, performance, model etc. Among all this, the camera is very much attracting factor for everyone. For gamers, it’s normally performance. Depending on people preferences, what attracts them varies. Still, the camera is one best feature that is universally attracted.

The Realme X50 Pro has the best camera of the time. The phone is developed in all minute aspects of camera features. And very much other categories awaiting you. This will bring out a wide competition and change in the smartphone game, as it is the first 5G phone in India, it has the best camera, mind blowing design and a lot more.

Features of Realme X50 Pro :

  • The Realme X50 Pro wil be having 6 cameras.
  • The phone takes up the level of photography a notch higher with the Dual Selfie cameras and 4 Rear Cameras.
  • There will be 64MP Quad Rear Camera, which will deliver high qulity images.
  • Dual Front Cameras will be of 32MP, with a 105-degree Ultra Wide Angle.
  • With 64MP back camera, there will be key features like 20x hybrid zoom, 119-degree ultra-wide mode, Super Nightscape 3.0, portrait blur video and UIS Max super video stabilisation as well.
  • The Realme X50 Pro will be powered with Snapdragon 865 processor.
  • It will have a Super AMOLED Fullscreen display of 90Hz.
  • The power capability is of no doubt, it will have the SuperDart fast charging technology with 65W, which is very new.
  • 12GB RAM coupled with an internal storage of 128GB/256GB is expected in the Realme X50 Pro.
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