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Pay BBMP property Tax Online.

Bangalore government requires its citizens to pay the property tax every year to BBMP. Your tax can be calculated based on the unit area value (UAV). Gone are the days where you need to physically go to the office to pay your tax. It is simple and can be done online with simple steps. The BBMP charges property tax for anyone who buys land in the city.

BBMP tax pay – Table of context

  1. What is property tax?
  2. Pay BBMP property tax online.
  3. Calculate tax.
  4. BBMP tax receipt.
  5. FAQ.

What is Property tax?

Property tax is basically charged by the state government through a local upper hand.

Anyone who owns land in any city should pay their property tax to that particular city.

The government uses this tax money for the betterment of society.

To be said in detail, You have a plot/land/house in Shanti Nagar, Bangalore. So, now that you own a piece of land in a place that comes under the control of the Karnataka state government, the government expects you to pay tax for it. With this tax, the government will consider developing the public places surrounding it that include building a park, road, etc.

 BWSSB Online Bill payment | FAQ.

Pay BBMP Property tax Online.

Tax is really really important. Skipping it is a serious crime. We understand how hectic it is to go offline and stand in the queue under the hot sun to pay the tax. Just follow these steps to pay property tax offline in Bangalore.

Step 1:

Visit the official website of BBMP / click here.

Step 2:

Enter your SAS number and select ‘fetch’.

Now, you will see your details displayed online.

Step 3:

Cross-check the details and click proceed.

If you find any error in your details, contact customer care.

Step 4:

Now, you can proceed for tax payment.

You can either make the full payment or now you can do it in instalments.

Step 5:

In the payment gateway, choose your mode of payment.

BBMP property tax.

You can either use net banking, credit card, debit card, UPI, etc.

Calculate tax:

Annual Rental Value system: If you are from Chennai or Hyderabad, you should know this system.

so, here BBMP will fix a gross yearly rent for the property and fix tax based on it.

Unit Area System: Property tax is charged on the property per unit piece of the area.

Bangalore usually follows this usually.

Capital Value System: Your tax, depends on the market value.

Download receipt:

Visit the official website.

Select download and receipt printout.

Enter the year and enter the application number.

Select submit.

Now, the receipt is downloaded.


1. What kind of property should pay property tax?

  • Factory buildings
  • Shops
  • Godown 
  • Shop

2. BBMP Official website.

BBMP This is the official website.

3. What happens if one fails to pay the tax on time?

Yes, one should pay a high penalty for not paying before the due date.



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