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BMC Water bill payment Online | View & Download receipt | Q & A

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation also known as BMC, is a corporation of Mumbai that’s considered the richest in India. It performs voluntary as well as an obligatory duty that includes sewerage project, operation, disposal project, etc. With its efficient performance in its multiple fields, it also enables the consumer to pay their water bill online. Follow these steps to know more about BMC/MCGM water bill payment online and other details.

Disclaimer: Know that BMC/MCGM belong to the same government site. They just come under different sections. As MCGM is the official website and MyBMC is a bill payment portal under MCGM.

How to Login/Register as a BMC user to make water Bill Payments?

Register as a BMC user to make water Bill PaymentsMake sure you are a registered user on the MGCM website before you make your BMC water bill payment, follow the below instructions to register your name on the MGCM website,


  •  Visit the official website page of BMC i.e “” 
  • You will find the “Menu” with three horizontal lines to the left end of the screen click on it.
  • Now a dashboard will appear where you have to tap on “Citizen login”
  • A new window will appear on your screen: if you are a registered user add ur mail id and password to log in if not, follow the below,
  • If you are a new user then click on the “new user” keyword to sign up for your BMC online payment.
  • A new screen with an application to fill out will appear on your screen as “Citizen Registration” fill in your details and sign up.
  • Now, you can follow the coming instructions to make your BMC/MCGM water bill payment online.

How to check BMC water bill payment status & pending bill payment 

MCGM | BMC Water Bill Payment Online

  • When you log in to your MCGM website/ BMC portal click on the Menu bar as mentioned above.
  • There you will have to choose the “citizen help desk” option.
  • Then a  new screen will open where  you would have to enter your “CCN number” and submit “View”
  • After which a new interface will open on your mobile/desktop screen- click on “details”.
  • A list of all your BMC water bill Payments to date will be displayed. And you also find your BMC pending water bill status in the list and clear it using the below instructions.

How to Pay BMC/MCGM Water Bill Online? – Explained

MCGM Water Bill Online | BMC Water Payment Online detailed steps


Paying your bill is as simple as viewing it. It’s the same procedure but with little extra steps. FOLLOW UP, to know in detail about MCGM water bill payment online methods,

  • Firstly, Visit the official website of the BMC “” – Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. Make sure you have logged in to your MCGM account
  • You will find a Menu Box with Drop down boxes named “Pay/View & Download Receipts” Click on the first box and select Water Bill Payment”
  • And then Enter the customer Id/CCN number which will be a 10-digit number mentioned on your bill, then tap on proceed.
  • A new screen will pop up showing all the payment details of your bill where if you scroll down on the same page you get to select the “payment mode”
  • Since your paying your BMC bill online click on “online” and then submit.
  • After this, a new window will follow up for you to fill in the details. Cross-check the entered data and then click on “Pay”
  • Now, in the payment gateway select your payment mode. You can pay using Net banking, Credit card, Debit card, or UPI.

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How to Download the BMC water bill online?

How to Download the BMC water bill online_You don’t have to go to the BMC board offline to check your bill. No queue, crowd, etc. Make a struggle-free payment experience with just one click. To view your BMC bill online is similar to checking your online status as discussed above with just one extra step to follow,

  • After you enter your customer id (CCN).
  • Click on “View” and you will find your details sheet, we know that now.
  • Now, you will see all your details including customer Id, name, pending bills, current bills, etc.
  • After you cross-check with your details or say you are done with your BMC water bill payment/ want to download the previous month’s BMC/MGCM water bill receipt.
  • You can save your online BMC water bill receipt in pdf format or print it.

How to add VAN to your net banking.

  • It’s quite easy and a much-needed step to make this easy online payment, easier. Follow these steps to add your VAN to net banking.
  • Refer to your last bill for the official account number and IFSC code.
  • Do NEFT or SBI VAN transfer by adding BMC to your beneficiary.
  • Tip: SBI VAN is 99% successful. 
  • Once you add it to your beneficiary, you can use it anytime you pay.


Frequently Asked Questions on BMC Water Bill Online Payment 2023

1. Is BMC water drinkable? 

Yes, Mumbai water is 99.34% drinkable. It’s always safe to boil.

2. How much is a unit of water? 

One unit of water is equal to 1000 liters. 

3. Are the water rate going up in 2023? 

 1 April 2023, the average wholesale water rate was increased by 1.7%.

4. What is the TDS level of BMC water? 

TDS level is around 180, which is considered good quality drinking water.

5. Is Mumbai water hard or soft water?

Water supplied in Mumbai is often soft water, as the water comes from the lakes of Vehar, Tulsi, etc. 

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