PaisaWapas Christmas Mania – 25th December, 2019

Christmas 2019 is going to be more exciting than ever before. PaisaWapas has always got your back in surprising with exactly what you need. As you all know, we offer great deals, cashback and offers, all of our users have been loving it. During this Christmas, you are going to be showered with cash. yes, you heard yourself right. Win yourself free money as a Christmas gift from Santa and of course pure happiness.

You can win instant cash of Rs.500, just like that. Santa might be coming with more gifts, we never know. Get ready to spin your wheel of luck. You are just a few steps away from Santa’s gift has through PW Christmas Mania.

How to Register at PaisaWapas Christmas Mania?

Step 1: Open PaisaWapas app and you will see the PW Christmas Mania option in left side in the menu as shown in the image below. You have to click on that option.

Step 1

Step 2: Then you will enter in the Christmas Mania page where you will the Registration Button as shown in the image below. You have to click on that button in order to get yourself registered at PW Christmas Mania 2019.

Step 2

Step 3: Once you click the Registration Button you will be asked to share the PW Christmas Mania at your Facebook page so that you can complete your registration process.

Step 3

Step 4: After sharing it on your Facebook Profile you will be registered for the PaisaWapas Christmas Mania 2019 as shown in the image below.

Step 4

What is the Last Day of Registration?

Registrations are open only till 1:59 25 December 2019, so please complete your registration on time. Otherwise you will lose the chance to win prizes at PW Christmas Mania.

When will PW Christmas Mania go LIVE?

The PW Christmas Mania will be live from 2 PM – 2:30 PM, 25 December 2019, only for half n hour. So guys you have only half n hour to participate in this mania. So hurry and get yourself registered as soon as possible.

How to play to win?

Once the mania is LIVE you just have to try your luck and you have to tap continuously on the same PW Christmas Mania page at the center of the ROTATING WHEEL in PaisaWapas App. You have only half n hour to tap.
This way you have a chance to win PW Cash of Rs.500 & Rs.100 from Christmas Mania’s Santa. One participant can only receive one prize.
So guys!! be ready for the PW Christmas Mania and win PW Cash surprises from Santa.

Fun is in the app:

Haven’t got your hands on the PaisaWapas app? then its time. You need to download PaisaWapas app in order to play and win (definitely). You are just an app away from the prize money.

Register and wait no more:

Once you register in the PaisaWapas Christmas Mania, then you have marked your place. Now, wait for the Santa to come live. Yes, it is very simple and fun, wait for the surprises.

Share it with your friends:

All you have to do is share it with your friends on Facebook. By this step, you are a part of the PW Christmas Mania. Now get ready to win exciting prize during this Christmas.

Spin the cash flow:

The PW Christmas Mania comes with a wheel for you to spin around. Santa will be live only for half an hour, with the PW cash prize. The lucky you, have to make it on time to win the prize. Also, a person can only win the money once. There will be an instant PW cash prize of Rs.100 and Rs.500.

Santa is coming on:

Santa will be visiting you with PW Christmas Mania 25th December 2019. At 2 pm the mania will be LIVE for half n hour. You don’t want to miss it because the free gifts on Christmas is the best thing.

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