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PaisaWapas Big Dhamaka Sale 2020 ( 15th October- 14th November 2020)

Hello everyone,
We are so happy & excited to declare that we are back with our exclusive PaisaWapas Big Dhamaka Sale 2020 again which is going to be live on 15th October- 14th November 2020 but before that you have to register first in order to participate in PaisaWapas Big Dhamaka Sale.
The registrations are open till 15th October, hurry and get yourself registered right now so that you’ll be able to participate in the sale.

Find all the details and questions related to PaisaWapas Big Dhamaka Sale below.

What is PaisaWapas Big Dhamaka Sale?

This is the time period in which you can do unlimited shopping through PaisaWapas by saving more & winning different prizes at the same time. In simple words, shop more and win amazing prizes.
There will be a Leader Board section which will be showing top 500 participants among all of you who has done most of the shopping during this sale.
Only those 500 participants will get the prizes.
Make sure to be among those 500 participants and try to improve your rank in leader board because higher the rank then higher would be the prize value.

How to Register?

Click here to register. You just have to press the register button in orange color and you will be registered for the sale.
Make sure to register before 29th September otherwise you will not be eligible to participate in the sale.

What are the prizes?

Below are the prizes that will be distributed as per the Final leader board result.

How to participate?

After completing your registration, you just have to wait for PaisaWapas Big Dhamaka Sale to get LIVE and then start shopping as much as possible from the selected stores. Make sure to shop only from the the stores that we have reflected in the store section.

How you can win different prizes and improve your rank?

There are selected stores from which you have to shop in order to be in top 500 participants. Your rank will be defined as per the total sale value from your side. For Example you have done total shopping of worth Rs.50,000 from different stores and your friend has done for 30,000 then in this case your rank will be higher than your friend.

How results will be calculated?

Final result of a user will be calculated considering the delivered product’s sale value after excluding the cancelled sale values.
Your ordered product has to be delivered successfully (not cancelled) in order to increase your total sale value.

When will be the results announced?

As we have mentioned above that final results will be declared on the basis of successfully delivered product’s so you have to wait for 2 months for the final result as we have to calculate the total number successfully delivered products for your total sale value.

Hints to improve your ranking in Leader Board?

  • There is a section of generating the affiliate link from where you can generate affiliate links of multiple products and can share that link among your whatsapp or telegram groups, family & friends and if someone buy from that link then that product’s sale value will be added to your total sale value. So share more and improve your rank.
  • Be genuine while shopping because the results will be on the basis of successfully delivered products not on the cancelled ones. So, there is no way you can win this contest by ordering fake bulk products.

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