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“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”-Coco Chanel


The HOTTEST skirts of this spring have a very very strong 70s influence, while keeping a modern twist on them. Of course.

A lot of front button skirts in denim or suede. Mini A-lines. Psychedelic printed skirts. Midi lengths are massive, and actually more so than shorter hemlines. Everything seems to have a very loose and sexy retro spin on them, which is great, but on the downside, for example, midi lengths, flowy, A-line over-the-knee skirts require more attention to body-styling, as not everyone is 6 ft tall and super slim to effortlessly pull of a midi skirt and sneakers. BUT, it can be done, hence the array of all bloggers and non-models embracing these skirts and looking fabulous in them.

Enough preaching now form my part, let’s do some practicing and nail the list of the skirts, shall we?

1. MAXI SKIRTS. They’re not new, but they seem to not wanna go away and I predict a massive emphasis on the maxi skirt for 2015, especially paired with tiny crop tops and fringe bags. They look best in super fluid fabrics and print.

2. MIDI SKIRTS. This spring it seems like every possible fabric, cut, and skirt style out there looks better in midi than mini or maxi. A bit of flare or A-line to them will put a total retro spin on the look. So, whether it’s a pleated skirt, a denim skirt, a see-through, a suede, pencil, full – as long as it’s midi length, over-the knee-hem you’re good to go.

3. PRINTED SKIRTS. They are having a major moment in 2015 spring, with florals still IN, cause it’s spring, so… what else is new, but also anything else actually, especially psychedelic, graphic style prints, in muted or bright shades. Whatever floats your boat. BTW, they look amazing of flowy pleated midi skirts. Having an *ahhhhh moment* right now.

4. SLIT SKIRTS. Oh. My. Gowd. To me, the slit is the definition of sexy and effortless. Whether it’s a tiny slit on the side, in the middle of a skirt (like a subtle cut, on a pencil skirt for office), or a more uber-hot-feminine high slit on the side in a floral fluid silky blowing-in-the-wind midi style skirt I’ll take it and sleep in it, thank you ver much.
Seriously. It don’t get better than this. It’s so feminine, so retro, so modern, so effortless, sophisticated and sexy without the slightest effort – it’s intoxicating.
5. FLUID SKIRTS & PLEATS. Please!!!! Again the definition of the above stands true here as well. It only makes me wonder whether I’ve grown (sartorial wise) and learn to embrace less in-your-face-styles, OR I’ve just grown… old, that is, and in the process realised (a lot of things. yeah go figure.) AND also how irresistible understatement actually is.
6. MINI SKIRTS. Well… they will always be in once temperatures rise and every woman and girl will be wearing them on weekends and holidays regardless of trends. Which actually makes them quite a staple. Cut and fabric wise, leather mini skirts are still IN, A-line cuts, flowy fluid floral print mini styles which look great with back tees or cropped tops, asymmetric mini skirts. Style tip: high waisted skirts (especially in mini styles) always look so much better.
7. DENIM SKIRTS. Did I say the 70s are back? There you have it, the every-day-day-to-day skirt style that was massive back in the day. I’m not sure if it was in denim per se, but it certainly was knee-length and had buttons in front.
There is something so proper, retro, and yet so very very very chic about a denim mid-lengh skirt with side pockets or front buttons that I actually LOVE it. It looks amazing with a denim shirt tucked in, a white crispy one with rolled up sleeves (very 70s office), a basic tee, or even crop top.
It’s very casual but looks really retro-trendy.
Here i have styled a balloon skirt with a simple Lining top. I have paired it with sports shoes to give it a simpler look.
All the girls out there can try this look for their colleges. It is simple yet classy.
I have tied my hair into a high ponytail as excess of heat during summers will lead to a lot of sweat and make it uncomfortable to open up my hair. Also the look goes best with the ponytail itself so it is a plus point too.
Advice-Don’t accessorize much. Just play it simple.
What i wore-
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