Movies to Watch During the Quarantine

Movies to Watch During the Quarantine

Movies are really such a mood swinger for everyone, You really go from sad to happy to exciting or more, in a second. during the 2020 quarantine, or we could call holidays, movies can really be a best friend to us. It is actually a virtual trip to some other life, as that is the only travelling we can do now, let’s go for it. It is all perspective on how we deal with a certain time. So here are few Movies to Watch During the quarantine.

There are a lot different genres of movies for us to choose from, taking all the free time we have now, its exploring time on different varieties of movies. The movies listed here are very much interesting, maybe not much life changing as such, but definitely a quick booster for the moment. Dig it down to all these wonderful movies, in care you are looking for some fun time to have with yourself or your family or friends etc.

Joker – Movies to Watch During the Quarantine


Joker is one great movie of all times. It is definitely a must-watch movie of 2019. It is an American psychological thriller film, which has a lot of fans, specifically based on the character, joker. The movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, as Arthur fleck, who is a failed comedian standing against the cruelties of the world all alone. The irreplaceable performance in the movie has won best actor academy award to Joaquin Phoenix. He really gives life to the criminal mastermind character known as The Joker, with the immense and best acting.

Inception – Movies to Watch During the Quarantine


This is wonderful and must watch movie. The movie is starring one of the finest and great actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. This movie is very different and interesting to watch. The movie is about entering into the dream, making the impossible into action. The story develops as the character Cobb, playing Leonardo DiCaprio, enter into the dream of a target and steals information.

Groundhog Day – Movies to Watch During the Quarantine

Groundhog Day - Movies to Watch During the Quarantine

This will be a very different movie to watch. But like the situation of the world during the lockdown, amid the daily life we used to have, this has certain similarities to it. This is a classic Bill Murray comedy entertainment movie, which will definitely so much fun to watch. The story is about a self-centred weatherman named Phil, who gets trapped in the time loop, resulting in living a similar day over and over again.

Marriage Story – Movies to Watch During the Quarantine

Marriage Story - Movies to Watch During the Quarantine

Marriage Story is a terrific movie projecting the importance of love, life and family. The movie develops with a great uniqueness, with great artists performing and creating an alive experience for the audience. The movie develops as a husband and wife, who are artists, gets in the middle of divorce creating unexpected events of life.

Moonlight – Movies to Watch During the Quarantine

moonlight-Movies to Watch During the Quarantine

Moonlight is a beautiful movie showcasing the lifetime story of a black man. This movie stands out with its bittersweet uniqueness and reality as well. It is an Oscar winner movie, too deserving as it is one best picture. This is defiantly a must watch movie.

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