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The Covid-19 lockdown has turned our life into a very different and unique way. It is really hard to sit at home and do everything, for ourselves and the family. We have been blessed with online shopping sites that made getting essentials in daily life easier and safer. That is actually one best thing to be appreciated during this lockdown. Here is other good news on that part, you can now get the best quality products, from the best stores, that also with great offers and deals. Jio Mart, one-stop for all your essentials. Check out everything you need to know about the services and offers, everything you need is just a click away.

Jio Mart is here for you with your dream price on everyday essentials, with all the products you need. This is an important part of everyone’s life, as daily essentials are never enough. So getting it at the possible best price is a great deal. There will be a minimum of 5% off on the M.R.P of products. A wide range of availability of safety products to meet all your needs.

Fruits and veggies sourced directly from registered farmers, staying healthy and natural are very important. You can shop from all top brands at a great price, no need to sacrifice your usuals for the good price anymore. You can shop by categories or by offers on daily essentials, households, personal care, groceries etc. Also, you can search with lists and find out the products in one go. You can get free delivery for an amount of Rs.750. This is an amazing way to shop because it is all made for your convenience.

Serviceable Areas – Jio Mart

The E-Commerce platform Jio Mart sells all the essentials items you need on a daily basis at a very affordable range of prices. You can even get farm-produced items directly, which is really healthy. The service from Jio Mart is available across cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. You can just check whether your area is serviceable with the Pincode.

Order via Whatsapp – Jio Mart


Shopping is more convenient now with Jio Mart. You can now order via WhatsApp. First, you have to save the Jio Mart allotted number  88500 08000. Now sent a hi, to receive the link by which you can start ordering. The link has an expiry period of 30 minutes.

Offers Available on Jio Mart

Jio Mart is called as India’s Most Convenient Online Grocery. You can shop anything you need from the comfort of your home for example like fresh fruits & vegetables, rice, dals, oil, packaged food, dairy item, frozen, pet food, household cleaning items & personal care products. There are various offers available on all the categories. Check out some of the special offers available in Jio Mart.

Protective mask with 3 layers of protection (Pack of 50)



This is a must-have hygiene product. The pack of 50 masks is very essentials as you cant use one mask for a long period. You can get this product for its half price.

  • M.R.P: Rs.800.
  • Offer Price: Rs.499.

Minimum 5% on Every Products

You can get a minimum of 5% off on every product in various categories. This includes Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy & Bakery, Staples, Snacks & Branded Foods, Beverages, Personal Care, Homecare and Baby care. Check out a few products below with the offer.

Navratana Cool Ayurvedic Hair Oil (100 ml):



  • M.R.P: Rs.78.
  • Offer Price: Rs.74.10.

Amul Higharoma Cow Ghee (200 ml):



  • M.R.P: Rs.120.
  • Offer Price: Rs.114.

Fair & Handsome Fairness Cream (60 gm) :



  • M.R.P: Rs.130.
  • Offer Price: Rs.123.

Top Brands with Great Offers – Jio Mart

Shop from your favourite and top brands with great offers. There are various offers on the top branded products, few of them are given below.

Dove HT Daily Shine Therapy (650 ml):



  • M.R.P: Rs.500.
  • Offer Price: Rs.360.

Good Life Almond (500 gm):



  • M.R.P: Rs.461.
  • Offer Price: Rs.399.

Parle-G Gold Biscuits (1 kg):

Parle-G-Gold -Biscuits


  • M.R.P: Rs.115.
  • Offer Price: Rs.105.

B Natural Mixed Fruit Juice (1 ltr):



  • M.R.P: Rs.105.
  • Offer Price: Rs.52.

Enzo Compact Detergent Powder (1 kg):



  • M.R.P: Rs.170.
  • Offer Price: Rs.149.

Fogg Fantastic Extreme Fragrance Body Spray (120 ml):



  • M.R.P: Rs.200.
  • Offer Price: Rs.100.

Lux Soft Touch Bar Soap (150 gm/Pack of 3):



  • M.R.P: Rs.114.
  • Offer Price: Rs.94.

Reliance Cleaning Combo:



  • M.R.P: Rs.446.
  • Offer Price: Rs.209.

Offers on Daily Essentials

Dals & Pulses Up to 20% Off
Atta, Flours & SoojiUp to 50% Off
Edible Oils Up to 20% Off
Salt, Suger & JaggeryUp to 10% Off
Bath & Hand Wash Up to 15% Off
ToothpasteUp to 33% Off
Noodle, Pasta & VermicelliUp to 50% Off
Biscuits & CookiesUp to 30% Off


Offers on Household & Personal care

All Purpose CleanersUp to 20% Off
Detergent BarsUp to 25% Off
Feminine Hygiene Up to 50% Off
Skin CareUp to 50% Off
Oral CareUp to 30% Off
Hair CareUp to 35% Off
Baby CareUp to 10% Off
Sanitary NapkinsUp to 50% Off
Freshners & Repellents Up to 50% Off


Offers on Groceries

Breakfast CerealsUp to 20% Off
Dairy Up to 15% Off
Dry FruitsUp to 30% Off
Masalas & Spices Up to 50% Off
Snacks & Namkeen Up to 40% Off
Fruit Juices Up to 50% Off
Energy & Soft Drinks Up to 50% Off
Choco & Nut SpreadUp to 25% Off


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