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Huge Cashback on GIF Sale With Amazon Diamonds!

Huge Cashback on GIF Sale With Amazon Diamonds

The Great Indian Festival Sale on Amazon is now in high gear. Amazon has devised yet another kind of reward to boost this sale.

This latest reward system is known as Diamond Points’. Originally advertised as “Earn 750 Diamonds on orders worth ₹500 or more on Amazon Small Businesses”, presently, there are numerous methods of earning Diamonds and redeem them to grab Amazon Pay cashback.

These Diamond awards are in addition to any sale discounts or bank deals, so it’s almost like getting stuff for free.

Amazon Diamonds: What Are They?

Diamonds are points that you receive for shopping, playing, watching video, making a UPI transaction, signing up for Prime membership and various activities on Amazon.

As part of the Great Indian Festival, Amazon has offered one-time bonus Diamonds upfront to customers who shopped in the last 1 year.

Diamond Points At Great Indian Festival Sale

Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale has introduced a new kind of reward in the sort of diamonds.

It has a worth that ranges from ₹1 to the maximum amount you can get. These diamonds are just redeemable for the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale, so earn and burn them while it’s still going on.

Steps To Determine If You Have Any Diamond Points On Amazon

Only the Amazon app allows you to earn Diamond Points. Find yours by following the instructions below.

  1. Launch the Amazon app on your device.
  2. Go to the top of the page and tap the ‘Great Indian Festival Live Now’ banner.
  3. Then, below the banner of bank offers, press “redeem diamonds for guaranteed cashback.”
  4. To discover your Diamond Points, skim down a little.
  5. You will also come across all the deals that you can redeem with these Diamonds.

Methods To Earn Diamonds During the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale

On Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale, you can acquire Diamonds by performing any of the tasks mentioned below. Please keep in mind that diamonds will be awarded to your account within seven days of your transaction. It’s usually credited right away. Check out the activities listed below.

  • Win diamonds by shopping for a minimum of Rs 100. Prime members can obtain 20 diamonds for every Rs 100 spent on orders up to a maximum of 500 diamonds per purchase. Rest of the users  will earn 10 diamonds for every rs 100 paid, up to a maximum of 250 diamonds each purchase.
  • Earn 750 diamonds when you spend Rs 500 or more in the Amazon Small Business category. This offer is only valid once per user.
  • Playing quizzes as well as games on the Amazon app’s ‘Funzone’ segment.
  • By watching Amazon Mini TV. You get 5 diamonds for every 15 minutes of watch time.
  • By making purchases through UPI transactions.
  • Purchasing a one-year subscription to Amazon Prime.
  • Making Alexa say anything.

Furthermore, if you have purchased on Amazon in the last year, you will earn a one-time bonus in the form of diamonds.

How much time does it take for the diamonds to get credited into the account?

You will get Diamonds within 7 days of shopping, Signing up for annual Prime membership, watching Mini TV for min 15 minutes, making Alexa utterance, registering and making the first UPI transaction. You will not get Diamonds if you cancel or return products.

Validity Period of Amazon Diamond Points

If you’re wondering about the validity of these diamonds then please clear your head and make a note that these diamonds are valid till the last day of Amazon Great Indian Festival (2021). After the end of this Amazon Sale, the Diamond points cannot be redeemed.

Redeem Diamonds during Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale

Your diamonds may be redeemed for different cashback deals accessible on the Amazon application.

Amazon allows you to swap the diamonds you’ve accumulated so far for cash back incentives. For instance, on a minimum order of ₹3,000, you may earn ₹300 cashback with 1,500 diamonds.

The more diamonds you acquire, more and more cashback you will be able to collect on purchases made during the Great Indian Festival sale. Keep in mind that after you’ve redeemed, you won’t be able to get a refund.

The greatest thing is that these Diamond points may be used in addition to any sale or bank discount.  Few of the cashback rewards you can get by redeeming your diamonds are shown here.

Amazon Pay Cashback Offer Diamonds to Redeem
Cashback of Rs.300 on min. order of Rs.3000 1500
Cashback of Rs.2000 on selected Air Conditioner 1250
15% cashback on min. order of Rs.500 on beauty 300
Cashback of Rs.1500 on selected Refrigerators 1000
Cashback of Rs.1000 on selected Washing Machines 750
10% Cashback up to 1000 on Monitors 500
Cashback of Rs.100 on Motherboards 100
Cashback of Rs. 200 on Data Cards on min. order of Rs.1000 100
10% Cashback up to Rs.750 on Select Printers 500
Cashback of Rs.1000 on selected Smart TV’s 750
Rs. 1000 Cashback on min. order of Rs.8000 on Select Televisions 1000
Cashback of Rs.200 on min. order of Rs.2000 on shoes 250
10% Cashback up to Rs.100 on Jewellery on min. order of Rs.500 100
10% Cashback upto Rs. 100 on min order of Rs.500 on Fast & Up protein and health supplements 250
Cashback of Rs.150 on min. order of Rs.1200 from Amazon Fresh 375
Cashback of Rs.250 on min. order of Rs.1000 on Baby diapers from Huggies, Pampers & Mamypoko 625
Cashback of Rs. 100 on min. order of Rs. 1000 on Select Toys 250

Diamond Offer at Amazon Pantry

Grab a voucher for Flat 150 cashback on Pantry when you redeem 375 diamonds. This flat ₹150 discount may be used on a bundle of qualifying items worth ₹1200 or more at Pantry.

In the offer timeframe, a user can obtain a max of ₹150 cashback, which will be paid within 24 business hours after the delivery date.

With such lucrative discounts & offers ready to be availed during the currently ongoing Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale, users can hype with joy with the additional discounts, bank offers, EMI offers, exchange offers furnished all for you to enjoy the maximum benefits!

And now with the arrival of a new reward incentive launched by Amazon in the form of Diamond Points you can definitely hop on & buy all your beloved items at the most discounted rates! It’s time to get smitten with the great rewards the Great Indian Festival Sale has for you.

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