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How to get soft rosy lips this winter

Hey amazing people! Are you ready to enjoy winters? Already started pulling out jackets and cardigans and stocking up on goodies to combat winter issues? Is the nip in the air causing dryness? Winters play havoc on our delicate skin, especially on our lips. Lips turn dry and flaky, and we keep looking for easy tips to restore their softness. This post will tell you how to get soft rosy lips this winter.


Drink loads of water

Before anything else, hydrate your body. Drink 10 glasses of water to make up for the dry weather and prevent dehydration. If your body lacks moisture it will be reflected in your dull skin and dry lips. Better start off drinking water even when not thirsty, so that your body remains hydrated and healthy.


Scrub your lips

As winters arrive, your lips become parched. Flaking skin and rough chapped skin greet you daily. To avoid this, kickstart a lip care routine. Scrub your lips with a gentle lip scrub. Either use readymade lip exfoliators to reveal baby soft lips or make a concoction using kitchen ingredients like sugar and honey. Scrubbing removes the dead cells and speeds the cell renewal process.



Keep a lip balm handy

A lip balm is literally your best friend especially in winter. Keep one handy to keep dryness at bay. Each time you feel your lips turning dry, apply it evenly on your lips.  For daytime choose a nourishing lip balm with SPF. This will ensure your lips are safe from the harmful UV rays as well as keep them soft.  For the colder nights, apply a heavier lip butter or repairing lip balm. An emollient lip treatment will treat the cracked lips well.


Ditch drying matte lipsticks

Even if you adore your matte lipsticks, winters are not the most ideal time to flaunt them. Creamy mattes or velvety mattes have a more comfortable finish. Creamy lipsticks, lip creams and lip glosses are ideal for locking in moisture and imparting gorgeous finish.


Reach out for natural ingredients

Discover the goodness of natural ingredients and pamper your lips with generous dose of butter, ghee, almond or olive oil. This richly moisturizing agents soothe dry itchy and rough lips, to give you kissable baby lips.


Remove your lip makeup

At the end of the day, take off your lipstick or lip tint with a wet tissue and apply an overnight lip treatment. Keeping the lip makeup for long hours cause darkening and drying of lips. So it is advised to remove anything you might have applied and treat them with petroleum jelly or lip oil.



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