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Best skin care tips for a healthy glow this November

So people, November is here! And it is inevitaby accompanied by dryness and dullness. To keep your winter woes at bay, here are some top skin care tips to retain that healthy glow. This winter don’t let dehydrated skin dampen your look, instead follow this tried and tested skin care tips maintain your skin.


Use a gentle cleanser

The most essential skin care tip is to cleanse your skin everyday and remove every trace of grime and makeup. Instead of using a soap based cleanser, go mild and use a creamy face wash. This will not strip the oils from your face and give you clean glowing skin.


Exfoliation and Toning is must

All the steps of the CTM routine (Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing, if you don’t know it already) are equally important. So instead of stopping at the first step, religiously follow the next two. Choose a gentle scrub and an alcohol-free toner which will reveal purified and fresh skin.


Opt for heavy night cream

While summers are time for hydration and light moisturization, winters call for heavy duty nourishment. Pamper your skin with nightly skin food, overnight skin treatment or repairing creams. This way your skin derives the daily dose of nourishment and looks healthy and hydrated.


Massage with oil

A stimulating oil massage is a skin care mantra every beauty conscious woman swears by. Once or twice a week, massage your face and body with almond, coconut or olive oil. This will help your skin soak up the goodness of these wonderful oils and get a healthy glow even in the dry weather.


Use homemade masks

Use the wonderful ingredients available in your kitchen to whip up some amazing DIY face masks. Natural substances like yoghurt, honey, banana not only restore the softness of your skin, they have anti-ageing effects and make your skin supple and toned. Use them atleast once every week to keep skin problems away.


Maintain a healthy diet

What you eat is reflected in your skin. Eat right and see how fresh and rejuvenated your skin looks.


Drink enough water

Winter causes dehydration in our body. As the temperature drops, the dryness quotient increases too. The result is increased need for water. Drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water everyday. This will help to flush out toxins and maintain metabolism levels.



Don’t let the harsh winters dull your shine. This November, follow these beauty tips and stay beautiful throughout.



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