Get the best look this Sunday Brunch With Ajio Fashion

Life can be a little boring at times but Sundays and Brunches, need not be.

Half the week has passed and we know you cannot wait for the weekend to arrive so that you can unwind a little and meet your friends for brunch on a lazy Sunday. As nice as it sounds, styling for such a gathering can make things a little tedious. However, online shopping sites like Ajio have made the work considerably easy for you. Apart from a beautiful and collections which keep changing according to the latest trends, Ajio offers heavy discounts on the clothes as well. Ajio sales also give you a good reason for guilt free shopping of clothes which will up your style game. You can avail the discounts through special Ajio coupons which are made available at the website. Ajio offers help people look stylish without burning a hole in their pockets whereas Ajio sales are something everyone looks forward to for bulk shopping. In addition to these offers and sales, you can visit to get additional cashback. All you have to do is visit the website, search for your favourite online shopping site and choose the item you want to buy. After this, you will be redirected to the shopping site where you can do shopping as you always do. Once you are done, you will get money in your wallet which will be sent to your account.

Now that we have told you everything about the discounts and money saving tricks, let us discuss the ways in which you can style for that Sunday Brunch you have been looking forward to.

          1. Silk Jumpsuit

  1. A casual printed silk jumpsuit is the best way to dress up for a brunch where you don’t want to seem all dolled up. It is easy to wear and carry and doesn’t require much effort on your part. You can pair it with gold plated earrings and a simple, layered necklace. Since it is going to be sunny outside, you must also wear chic sunglasses or glares which complement your jumpsuit. Floral print is always in so you can go for it without the risk of going wrong. A slightly oversized jumpsuit with a belt will make you look chic and casual at the same time.Ajio Offers on Women Dresses
  2. 2. Off Shoulder Chiffon Dress

You can also choose to wear that chiffon dress kept in your wardrobe, which you haven’t touched for months. You can style it with a printed scarf and a clutch with floral print. For the footwear, you can opt for monochrome wedges.

Off Shoulder Chiffon Dress collection on Ajio

          3. Flouncy shorts

Flouncy shorts are the perfect options for a brunch which is not too casual. Pair them with a slightly oversized top which is tucked inside. You can wear cute flats with the two for a comfortable, yet stylish look. You can ditch the earrings for this look and rather go for an accessory such as a stylish watch or a bracelet.

Ajio Offers on Women's Fashion Clothing

         4. Suit up

In case the brunch is a formal affair, you can go for a sharp suit, paired with light-coloured shirt, lipstick and a neck piece. Dressing this way will give you that formal look, apart from being incredibly sexy. You can wear gold or silver plated jewelry and a smart watch to complete the look.

Ajio Coupons for Women Dresses

        5. Blue jeans white shirt

There is a reason why it was James Dean’s favourite attire. There is nothing classier than the combination of a white shirt with folded sleeves and blue jeans. You can tie a messy bun and wear hoops as accessories. Put red lipstick, and there, you are all set to rock the brunch.



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