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Ganesh Songs for Ganesh Chaturthi | Bhakti, Arti, and Dj Mix songs

Ganesh Chaturthi Songs List

Ganesh Chaturthi is always incomplete without a song. From Bhakti bhajans to ganesh dj songs everything will be played as we celebrate lord ganesha’s birth. Here is the playlist that you don’t want to miss for Ganesh Pooja. Playlist of the best Ganesha songs in Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada.

List of Popular Ganesha Songs for Ganesh Chaturthi 2023

Best Ganesh Pooja Songs in Hindi for Chaturthi

1. Gajanna | Bajirao Mastani | Best Beat Song of Ganesha in Hindi

Ganesha Bhakti songs For Puja

This Ganesha song from the movie Bajirao Mastani is the best one to add to your Ganesh Chaturthi songs playlist. The song carries a positive vibe that will immerse you in the lyrics and beats. This song for sure is made for Bappa to bless us.

2.  Best Song for Ganesh Chaturthi | Movie Agneepath

The energetic and the best song for Ganpati Visarjan and orchestra. The song is from the movie Agneepath starring Hrithik Roshan. The sound of drums and the spectacular musical choreography make you want to dance to its music.

3. Ganesh Aarti Song | Movie Vaastav

The popular and must-listen song on Ganesh Chaturthi is Shendoor Laal Chadhaya. The song itself brings a positive vibe as you play it. Music is felt truly when you start listening to this best hindi ganesha song.

4. Deva Shree Ganesh DJ remix song

If you are looking for a DJ mix of Ganesha songs for orchestra on Chaturthi. Then this DJ mix is a must listen to and dance for. This is a playful mix from the DJ Bass Boosters and has over 25M views on YouTube.

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5. Hey Ganaraya | Ganesh Chaturthi Song | Movie ABCD 2

Ganesh Chaturthi Songs

Hey Ganaraya is the best Ganesh puja and remix song. As it carries the mix of classical and Western music combined. The song is from the movie ABCD 2, let the energy and the positivity spread in mind as you immerse yourself in the bhakti songs of Bappa.

6. Shambu Sutaya | Best Ganesha Song for Chaturthi | Movie ABCD

Shambhu stutaya is the song from the movie ABCD, it is the best Ganesh visarjan song to play as you bid goodbye to Ganesha. It has powerful beats the musicality is enhanced to its topmost. An must be on the list of best Ganesh Songs for Ganesh Chaturthi.

7. Mourya Re | Ganesh Chaturthi Hindi Song | Movie Don

Ganesh Chaturthi Songs Hindi

The Evergreen and Forever Green starring Sharukkhan from the movie Don. This Ganesh song is the best of the best siding all the DJ mixes for sure. Listen to it and goosebumps are a promise to be felt.


Top Ganesha Songs in Kannada for Chaturthi

There are infinite song selections when you have to choose the best songs for Ganesh Chaturthi. Regional languages are what make India unique. Here is a list of the famous Kannada songs for Ganesh Chaturthi.

1. The Best Ganesh Bhakti Song in Kannada

The popular and best Ganesh puja song is a favorite of all the people across India. This Ganesh stuthi as a song is bliss to the ears as you listen and pray to lord Ganesha.

2. Maha Ganpati Kannada Song | From Asura Movie

A fun and dance to Ganesha song for the Chaturthi orchestra. The song is very lively and carries a unique message that everyone should be aware of. Don’t forget to play this song on Ganpati visarjan as you bid bye to Bappa.

3. Ganpathi Sankashta Stuthi | Ganesha Bhakti Song Kannada

The voice of Rajesh Krishnan makes this Ganesha stuthi a soothing experience as it fills the room with positivity.

4. Kadubige Thuppa | Best Ganesh Chaturthi Song

As we all know how much Ganesha loves his food, and this song tells about how on this day of your birth I have made your favorite that you should consume with love. This is from Karnataka’s superior music choreographer of all time Hamsalekha.

5. Ganapathi Bappa Morya Song in Kannada | Movie Ekadanta

Ganesha Kannada Songs

Ekadanta movies are filled with the songs of lord Ganesh for puja. This Kannada Ganesha Song is a famous and must-add to your playlist.

Best Ganesha Songs in Marathi

1. Ganesha Dj Remix Song

2. Bappa Song in Marati

3.  Ganesh Song DJ Mix


Hope, this Ganesh Chaturthi brings you a whole lot of happiness and wealth. As you celebrate with these best Ganesh songs. Ganapati Bappa Morya!

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