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Trending Different Types of Shirts for Men in 2024

different types of shirts for men

Different Types of Shirts for Men: We’ve simplified the process of selecting the correct outfit for you by curating a list of the most diverse sorts of shirts for guys. If you own at least one of these 12 shirts and follow our advice, you’ll never have to question if you’ll look good in them. Several studies have discovered a considerable correlation between a person’s dress selections and confidence. Those who aren’t happy with their clothes tend to be less confident than those who look well in them. If you’re looking to replace your complete unstylish wardrobe with something more fashionable that will increase your confidence, check out our collection of fashionable shirts for guys.

Table of Contents: Different Types of Shirts for Men

  1. Button-up or dress shirts
  2. Denim shirts
  3. Dark-shaded shirts
  4. Button-down shirts
  5. Hawaiian shirts
  6. Shoulder-strapped shirts
  7. Semi-formal shirts
  8. Plain shirts
  9. Pyjama-collared shirts
  10. Summer-friendly shirts
  11. Traditional-events type shirts
  12. Cuban collared shirts

Different Types of Shirts for Men & Their Price Range:

2. DENIM SHIRTS ₹100-₹17,000
3. DARK-SHADED SHIRTS ₹300-₹15,000
4. BUTTON-DOWN SHIRTS ₹1,000-₹15,000
5. HAWAIIAN SHIRTS ₹500-₹15,000
7. SEMI-FORMAL SHIRTS ₹300-₹6,000
8. PLAIN SHIRTS ₹500-₹10,000
12. CUBAN COLLARED SHIRTS ₹150-₹10,000


dress shirts | types of shirts for men

Dress shirts are typically built with pique or Marcella fabric. Formal cotton shirts are made from a breathable and lightweight mesh material. They have distinctive French cuffs, cutaway collars, and full-length sleeves. They’re ideal for special occasions. You can dress up your style with lovely pearl cufflinks and elegant shoes. They go great with tuxedo jackets and pants. Lastly, don’t forget to add the missing element, such as a beautiful bow or tie.


Denim shirts | types of shirts for men

Denim fabric is often formed of cotton twill weave, which is extremely resistant to wrinkles and soiling. It is also easy to take care of and extremely durable. Among the various shirt styles for men, denim shirts are a flexible option. It can be worn alone or with a solid/plain t-shirt creating a more relaxed appearance. They pair beautifully with jeans. You need to experiment with different colors.



Dark shaded shirts

These types of shirts come in darker colors like greys and blues. People frequently confuse it with denim due to its striking appearance. It is constructed with a simple weave, which makes the clothing lightweight. These shirts leave no room for doubt; you can mix them with anything and be ready to go. Adding a trendy jacket to the combination can enhance your appearance. We suggest wearing them with matching trousers and suede loafers.


Button down shirts

These types of shirts are often constructed of Oxford cotton. These shirts are a must-have for any man’s closet. They’re stylish and ideal for occasions that are unique like weddings and meetings. They also look great with fashionable pants like brogues or chinos, as well as jeans. This traditional shirt shape comes in solid/plain colors. To put together an appealing and sophisticated look, consider purchasing button-down shirts in pastel shades. You can wear them with matching trousers. The buttons that hold the collar in place are one of its most noticeable features.



Hawaiian shirts

A Hawaiian shirt is an excellent piece of informal attire to have in your closet. These shirts are great for men who like and are not scared to express themselves. These come in a variety of shades and designs. They are wonderful for summertime and seaside trips. Palm trees and flowers are common elements of the entertaining designs. You can wear them with shorts.


shoulder strapped shirts

Epaulettes are shoulder straps commonly found on police, army, and defence forces uniforms. Manufacturers have transformed the style into fashionable shirts that provide men with a choice of button-ups and t-shirts. Shirts with epaulets are fashioned from a variety of materials and designs. They go great with jeans and formal trousers.

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Semi formal shirts | types of shirts for men

These types of shirts for men are one of the most fashionable shirt styles, eliminating the need for ties and bows. The collar adds sophistication and may be worn with a fitting coat and formal trousers. For a semi-formal look, combine it with jeans or chinos. Add fancy dress shoes to your outfit to create an elegant appearance. They pair perfectly with these kinds of shirts. It can be worn at a variety of times, including weddings, meetings, and semi-formal meetings.


Plain shirts

These shirts are frequently referred to as plain shirts. These shirts are made of thin and cozy fabric, which can be manufactured from wool or cotton. They are typically worn over a t-shirt for added warmth. These shirts are ideal for informal events and look good with jeans. These shirts look great with boots and a cap, and they are also suitable for men’s fashionable casual attire.


Pyjama collared shirts | types of shirts for men

Collared camp shirts are also known as pajama collared shirts. It has a double-paired, plush, one-piece collar that is sewn directly to the shirt’s body. Unlike other collars, which are stiff, this one fits perfectly across the shirt. Short-sleeved camp collared shirts are ideal for warm wearing. They are loose-fitting with a straight hem, making them a breezy summer necessity. You must have at least two combinations. When the situation calls for it, you may suit up with the appropriate jackets, trousers, and shoes.


Summer friendly shirts

We’ve witnessed a variety of shirt designs that are ideal for summer.  This is also a summer-appropriate cloth. These shirts are constructed of lightweight cotton, allowing your skin to breathe during summertime. Avoid wearing a linen shirt with pants. Instead, combine them with classic khakis for an attractive effect. You can also wear it to the seaside or swimming pool. It is ideal for occasions that are special such as receptions. Lighter-coloured shirts make you look more sophisticated at such joyful parties.


Traditional shirts | types of shirts for men

These types of shirts are necessary for cultural gatherings. These shirts are classical variants of dress shirts and Oxford button-down shirts that can be used at most Indian celebrations. This is a loose-fitting long shirt with a slit neckline and a Chinese/Mandarin collar. They are constructed of cotton, linen, or silk. These textiles are ideal for wearing during the scorching Indian heat. They can be worn throughout the entire year. They can be worn with solid or basic jeans or traditional Indian pajamas. Select cultural footwear such as beautiful Juttis, Mojaris, and Kolhapuris.


Cuban collared shirts

These shirts provide a classic twist to your clothes. These shirts, thanks to their shorter sleeves and wide neck, bring something special to your collection. These shirts, with some good design, might be ready for those warm weather parties. From basic to prints, you can create the appearance and vibe that you choose. For a more casual and comfy style, combine the shirt with baggy trousers or jeans. Combining this shirt will cover up its characteristic collar, so avoid doing so. This shirt is an uncommon piece of apparel that will certainly stand yourself among everyone else. Enjoy a relaxing summer afternoon with your Cuban collar free from the top.


1. Must have shirts for Men?

Button Up Or Dress Shirts are that one particular type of shirt that every man should have at a bare minimum.

2. Which is the most common types of shirts for men among all?

Button Up Or Dress Shirts are the most common type of shirt among all of the above.

3. Which is the most preferred type of shirt for men?

Denim and Summer-Friendly Shirts are the type of shirt that are very often suggested or preferred over all others.

4. Which type of shirt is most suited to warm weather?

Summer-friendly shirts made up of cotton and linen fabric are the most suited fabric cloth in warm weather.

5. Which type of shirt is preferred to wear over plain T-shirts?

Plain Shirts or Checked Shirts are the most preferred shirts to wear over plain T-shirts.


The majority of you might have a minimum of two of these in your closet, and you now can dress them properly. If you are unable to improve everything in your closet at once, begin choosing three of the above-mentioned different types of shirts for men. We suggest investing in denim, dress, and button-down shirts. You can then add to your closet wherever possible. This broad variety may assist you in stocking your closet with dresses you’d like to put on. If any other is left, do let us know about that. Until then, Cheers!

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