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10 Different Types of Pants for Men in 2024

different types of pants for men

The appropriate material and design on a pair of trousers may enhance or complement your outfit. That does not imply that you should seek out Narrow Fits or costly materials that might not fit you. However, seem wonderful to others. If you’ve started building your closet, here are ten different types of pants for men that deserve to be closet essentials. 

As the start of summer gets closer, it’s high time to refresh your closet with different types of pants, as well as several trendy and comfy garments that will keep you both fashionable and comfy. The heat of summer is an occasion to be extremely cautious with your clothing, particularly your pants. 

Given the extreme humidity and heat, it’s critical to select pants that are not solely fashionable but also convenient to wear. The different types of pants can assist you in staying possibly cool while also looking fashionable. However, with numerous choices readily available it might be difficult to select the most suitable ones. 

In this article, we’ll go over many types of pants for men that are ideal for summertime. From traditional jeans to breezy chinos and comfy briefs, we’ll have you sorted. We’ll also go over some styling suggestions that will make you appear attractive while being at ease during the hottest times of the year.

Whether you’re suiting up for an official event or just taking care of chores. This article will assist you in selecting the ideal pair of male pants for your tastes and requirements. So, let’s begin by upgrading your summertime clothes with these trendy yet cosy pants.

Table of Contents: Different types of pants for men

  1. Jeans
  2. Chinos
  3. Joggers
  4. Dress Pants
  5. Linen Pants
  6. Lounge Pants
  7. Khaki Pants
  8. Cargo Pants
  9. Blue Denims
  10. Pleated Pants

Price Ranges for Different types of Pants for Men 2024:

JEANS ₹300 – ₹5,000
CHINOS ₹300 – ₹5,000
JOGGERS ₹200 – ₹5,000
DRESS PANTS ₹200 – ₹30,000+
LINEN PANTS ₹500 – ₹20,000+
LOUNGE PANTS ₹200 – ₹20,000+
KHAKI PANTS ₹300 – ₹20,000+
CARGO PANTS ₹300 – ₹10,000+
BLUE DENIMS ₹300 – ₹10,000+
PLEATED PANTS ₹300 – ₹5,000+


Jeans | types of pants for men

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When you care for your jeans properly, a good set of jeans may give you decades. A comfortable set of pants is an important must-have for your closet. They work nicely in a variety of environments and easygoing styles.  



chinos | different types of pants for men

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These types of pants for men are one level higher than your go-to pair of jeans, are multipurpose and could be dressed alongside a polo t-shirt for comfortable outgoings. While they are available in a range of materials, pick a cotton one that is appropriate for summertime. These types of pants are an easy and fashionable choice for men’s everyday and professional attire. These trousers are often composed of thin cotton weave material, which is both soft and breezy, making them excellent for summertime. They have a flat front, straight legs, and tapered ankles for an uncluttered and elegant appearance that can be worn up or down. These types of pants are a type of trousers available in a wide range of colours.




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These types of pants are ideal for dressing casually and remaining comfortable in a casual situation. The streamlined design provides an improved fit and style than standard pants. They have grown into a crucial element of every man’s outfit. These trousers’ ease and agility allow them to be suitable for a wide range of circumstances, from shopping to informal gatherings with colleagues. They are available in a variety of designs, ranging from traditional straightforward to flamboyant and decorative. They are intended to be both useful and trendy, with elastic waistbands, curved legs, and pockets for ease.



dress pants | types of pants

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These types of pants look well with a comfortable jacket and relaxed styles. Combine them with a jacket for conferences and a pure button-down for after-work gatherings. These trousers are highly preferred to be worn at professional meetings. 



linen pants

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These trousers are among the most appropriate types of trousers for people out there, particularly during summertime when it’s important to avoid humidity while staying great. Simply combine them with a simple flannel shirt and you’re set to go.  These trousers for males are a trendy and comfy closet standard for summertime. Men’s linen trousers are made from thin, breathable cloth and are ideal for a comfortable yet elegant style. Their organic feel and easy fit convey an easygoing feeling of cool, making them ideal for seaside holidays, informal meetings, or simply lounging at weekends. These types of trousers look great with t-shirts, polo shirts, and sometimes button-up shirts, rendering them an appropriate pick for any kind of event. These trousers are also extremely strong and simple to maintain which makes them an excellent purchase for the future.


lounge pants | types of pants for men

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These types of trousers are great for relaxing on the sofa especially if you prefer pants to shorts. We generally like the way they come in a range of bright and quirky styles. 



khaki pants | types of pants for men

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These trousers are a fashion classic. They match different shades and situations and are comfortable if you pick the proper material. Choose these for a casual appearance. These trousers are an essential item in a male’s closet.  Its colour is an age-old favourite that goes nicely with a variety of different colours, which makes it simple to match with other items in your closet. These trousers can be worn up or down depending on the situation, such as whether you’re doing shopping, going to work or visiting a formal attire function. Also, the smooth and airy material of these trousers provides an excellent option.


cargo pants | different types of pants for men

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These trousers have passed an examination of time due to their ease and simplicity. And suddenly they’re back more prominent than ever before, appearing on almost everyone. Wear one of these when you’re out travelling or going to the movies.  These trousers for males are a helpful and fashionable option for any traveller, Is a style of men’s trousers that was popular in the early 2000s and has recently returned to prominence. These types of trousers are convenient and useful for daily usage thanks to their strong material and easy fit, and the wide range of colours and styles obtainable allows them to be worn up or down for any event.


blue denim pant

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These types of pants for men are a traditional icon in men’s clothing. They are essential items in any closet, providing both beauty and ease. The rough exterior and robust material make them ideal for regular use. They are versatile and may be worn up or down at any event. From an informal evening out to a higher-profile occasion, these denim jeans can be worn with almost everything for an endless range of outfits. Blue denim jeans have risen in prominence throughout time, with a variety of sizes and designs available to suit individual tastes. 


pleated pants

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These trousers for men have been fashionable for many years, providing an ageless and classy appearance. These pants provide an element of modification to the jeans, resulting in a comfy and loose fit while remaining professional. These trousers are frequently constructed of excellent materials such as wool, cotton or linen and are available in a wide range of colours and designs.


  • What type of pants does every man wear very often?

Every male wears Jeans very often, more or less on each occasion, whether it is a professional meeting or a nice evening out with colleagues.

  • Best pants suited for a professional meeting?

The type of pants that every male wears at a professional meeting are linen pants and dress pants.

  • Best pants for men to wear on multiple occasions?

The type of pants that can be worn everywhere regardless of the location one is at are Khaki-Pants and Chinno-Pants.

  • Which type of pants are majorly worn at lounges, airports and at the time of resting?

Lounge Pants are one type of pants that are very often worn at lounges, airports and at times of resting.

  • Which type of pants are denoted as the oldest yet trendy pants?

Cargo Pants and Jeans are the oldest yet trendy types of pants that are still valuable in the fashion industry.,


Summertime is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your closet with comfy and refreshing trousers. There are numerous types of pants for men to wear during the summertime. These trousers are ideal for resting while performing activities. They are pleasant to put on and available in a range of designs and colours. Changing your summer outfit couldn’t be simpler considering the numerous alternatives available. We anticipate that this will assist you in filling your closet for summertime.

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