Top 3 Books To Read During Extended Lockdown


Books are the door to wisdom, there is nothing you cant achieve from books. Every book you read will definitely have something to teach you. Evolving by living different lives is what makes us human, and books are the key to it. Books are that company, which will help you grow in every way. Reading can help you in many different ways, it will make you more alive, every time. Each and every book contains life, for you to explore. During this quarantine develop your reading habit. Give your brain the best food to strengthen its roots. Find here the best books to read during the quarantine.


If you are not into reading, still there are many different ways available now to get hold of books. You can now listen to any books you want online. Audible by Amazon is one best platform for you to explore as many as books you need, by listening. Do your daily chores, work, do anything and as well as listen to the books. This is just a simple yet wonderful addition to our normal life, which can improve ourselves in many ways. Here are a few suggestions on Books To Read During Quarantine.

Audible offer free trial fr 30 days, which you can cancel anytime. Then if you are into it, subscribe for just R.199, which is a great deal for every month. This will be definitely one best decision you make during the quarantine. You can also buy books to read during quarantine through online sites, there are exchange sites as well to explore.

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Becoming – Books To Read During Quarantine


Becoming in one world-famous and loved book by the former United States First Lady Michelle Obama. She has a great personality which is one in a million and inspired a lot of people around the world. The book is her memoir, which can take us through along her journey of becoming the holder and influencer if million hearts all around the world.

Becoming is said to be a Guided Journal for discovering your voice. The books contain several aspects of her life, like how she found her voice, her roots, her journey as the first lady of united states, her being a mother, supporting the public etc. This is definitely one of the best books to read during quarantine, it will enrich your power of being your true self. The boos help us realise how important it is to find our own voice.

Notes of a Dream: The Authorized Biography of AR Rahman – Books To Read During Quarantine

Notes-to-dream-the-authorized-biography-of-AR Rahman-books-to-Read-Durig-Quarantine

AR Rahman is the musician who has received profound love from all the music lovers and people around the world. His unique way of composing and performing has mesmerised the hearts of millions. Him winning Oscar is a significant factor of his brilliance, whereas his music itself is enough to reach out to all of our souls.

An autobiography of this legend is a massive gift to all his fans and as well as to all other ambitious individuals. In the autobiography, AR Rahman reflects his ideologies and philosophies on hope, perseverance, love and positivity. In simple words, he leads us to live a life without ever stops dreaming and never giving up.

To Kill A Mocking Bird – Books To Read During Quarantine

Notes-to-dream-the-authorized-biography-of-AR Rahman-books-to-Read-Durig-Quarantine

The novel by Harper Lee “To Kill A Mocking Bird”, is an unforgettable masterpiece which explores unforgettable truth on Human condition. By portraying several injustices it captures an ephemeral moment in Southern history. The conscience of a society blinded with prejudice, violence and hypocrisy is pointed out in this book which is very much relevant to all time.

This is a coming-of-age story, with the historical drama of great depression, also an example of southern writing tradition. The antiracist novel will help to open up many blindfolds created in human by the societal exploitation of the historic world.

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