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15 Best Wine Brands in India | White, Sparkling & Red Wines Prices in 2024

Indian wines are specialized in satisfying the needs of wine drinkers with great compatibility with Indian food. Multiple Indian cuisines use wine during cooking stews, sauces, and meats.  A typical wine is made up of grapes. You can also find wine made from rice and fruits like cherry, pomegranate, elderberry, currant, and plum. With the best wine brands that are known for their elegance, luxury taste, and texture. Here is the list of the 10 Best Wine Brands in India and their price list for you to try and savor.

Did You Know: Nashik in Maharashtra is termed the “wine capital of India.” All leading wineries operate from Nashik.


Types of Wines

There are several wine flavors to taste, here are the Top 3 Wine types that are consumed more when compared with the best wines across the globe.

1. White Wine

The Manufacturing process of white wine is unique as it is fermented without contact with any substances of any color. The alcohol percentage in white wine is 11-14% ABV. The white wine can be in light colors like yellow-green, yellow-gold, or straw-yellow. This best wine contains 0% fat & cholesterol which makes it healthier.

The best Nutrition fact about white wine is that it stores 1% of Iron, 5% of magnesium, and 3% of Vitamin B6 protein values.

2. Red Wine

Without a doubt, we can say that red wine is the most consumed type of wine in India. You can find the best red wines in the world almost in 50 varieties of grape flavors. The red wine alcohol percentage is 5.5% to 20.5% ABV. 

The screw mechanism is a type of manufacturing process used in the production of Red Wine. A mixture of the best flavors, fermentation process, and accurate temperature control will end up giving the best red wine.

3. Sparkling Wine

This wine type is more like a cool alcoholic drink at parties. This best bottle of wine can be found in different colors and flavors. Similar to Champagne sparkling wine has more carbon dioxide levels which makes it fizzy and sparkly. And you can also find semi-sparkling wine bottles too. The alcohol percentage in sparkling wine is 12.5% to 13.5% ABV.

Price List of Best Wine Brands in India July 2024

Top Wine Brands in India

Alcohol by Volume in Wines

Wines Price/ml

Rāsā Red Wines 13.5%ABV ₹1795/750ml
J’NOON Red Wine 13.5%ABV ₹4500/750ml
Signet Shiraz Red Wines 14%ABV ₹4000/750ml
Four Seasons Cabernet Sauvignon 12.5%ABV ₹800/750ml
Cabernet Shiraz By Sula 14%ABV ₹995/750ml
Merlot Red Wine 14.5%ABV ₹1050/750ml
H-Block Chardonnay White Wine 12%ABV ₹995/750ml
Vallonne Vin de Passerillage White Wine 13.5%ABV ₹810/375ml
Le Grand Noir, Chardonnay White Wine 13.5%ABV ₹1,700/750ml
Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco White Wine 13.5%ABV ₹900/750
Reveilo Late Harvest Chenin Blanc White Wine 12.5%ABV ₹895/375ml
Sparkling Red Wine 12%ABV ₹1550/750ml
Sparkling Rose Wine 12.10%ABV ₹1400/750ml
JCBº47 Sparkling Wine 12%ABV ₹3500/750ml
Moët and Chandon Imperial Wines 12%ABV ₹10465/750ml

Note: The above-mentioned prices of the best wines in India can vary based on the location or mode of purchase. So, verify and buy the best Indian wine of your choice.

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Series of Top 15 Wine Brands in India to Buy

We have categorized a 3-series list of the top 3 wine types and the brands that offer these best wines. A classified guide to the best wine brands in India.

1. Red Wine Brands in India

2. White Wines in India

3. Sparkling Wines in India

Red Wines in India

1. Rāsā – Best Red Wines Brand in India

List of Best Red Wine Brands in India

Rasa is well well-known wine name brand as it is manufactured by the top distilleries in India i.e., SulaVineyards.  Rasa is the best red wine brand in India, it is tasty and filled with flavors. It contains Black Fruits (Blackcurrant, Blackberries), Olive, and Vanilla all the flavors used in the winemaking are rich and every sip is filled with luxury wine taste. 

The best fact about Rasa being India’s best red wine is it is Aged for 14 to 16 months in French oak barrels. Compared with other top red wine brands it contains less sweetness, is fruity in flavor, and gives the right amount of alcohol kick to the body. 

  • The alcohol percentage in Raza Red Wines is 11.5% ABV

The 3 Varieties of Red Wines from Raza

  1. Rāsā Cabernet Sauvignon
  2. Rāsā Syrah
  3. Rāsā Zinfandel 

2. J’NOON – The Best Red Wine

List of Best Red Wine Brands in India

J’NOON is a Fratelli Wine, filled with luscious flavors of black fruits structured with that beautiful tanginess, a full body, and a long silky finish.  Fratelli is an Indian winery based in Akluj, Maharashtra region of India. J’NOON is wine manufactured by the best wine brand in India and it is one of the top preferred Indian wine distilleries.

This is an expensive wine in India when compared to the best brands in the list of red wines. But with a costly price tag, the flavors make it worth tasting as it contains the best-harvested grapes and has aromas of raspberry. It has that spicy touch and holds a variety of grapes mixed to give a luxury red wine taste.

  • The alcohol percentage in J’NOON Red Wine is 13.5% ABV

3. Signet Shiraz – Best Red Wines to Taste

List of Best Red Wine Brands in India

The deep colors of red and strong flavors of varietal characteristics of Shiraz – Blackberry, black cherry, pepper, and tobacco. Signet Shiraz is the best red wine in India manufactured by Grover Zampa, one of the top distillers from generations.  This best wine is a well-balanced bottle of deliciousness. It has an oaky and sublime finish as you sip this best wine.

  • The alcohol percentage in Signet Red Wine is 14% ABV

The 4 Varieties of Red Wines Offered by Signet Shiraz

  1. Deep Cherry Red Wine
  2. Deep Ruby Red Wine
  3. Deep Garnet Red Wine
  4. Dark Cherry Red Wine

4. Four Seasons – Best Indian Red Wine

List of Best Red Wine Brands in India

Four Seasons Red Wines offers a sensorial journey through nature’s cycles. Spring brings a lively burst of flavors, reminiscent of blooming flowers. Summer unfolds with the warmth of sun-ripened berries, while autumn evokes the richness of harvest fruits.

But in winter with this best red wine brand, it embraces the robust notes, embodying the complexity of the changing seasons in every sip.

  • The alcohol percentage in Four Seasons Red Wine is 12.5% ABV



5. Sula Shiraz – Best Wine Brand in India

List of Best Red Wine Brands in India

This is India’s best red wine as it carries an earthy flavor. And also it is India’s best-selling red wine! Because all the essential ingredients in this red wine are balanced. Acids, fruitiness, sweetness, and the alcohol percentage. With all the required decent amount of ingredients, this is the wine name you should keep in mind.

  • The alcohol percentage in Sula Red Wine is 12.5% ABV

6. Merlot – Best Red Wine Brand in India

List of Best Red Wine Brands in India

100% made with the rich merlot and aged finely by the Fratelli winemakers to present you with the best Red wine in India. Complex yet rich in flavours the balance act of this red wine is on point. Even if it’s a bit high in alcohol by volume it never compromised in richness to give the best aromas of chocolate, red fruits, and morello cherry. So, hope you would for sure add this wine brand to your list.

  • The alcohol percentage in Merlot Red Wine is 14.5% ABV

White Wines in India

White wine is a refreshing and diverse beverage, crafted from fermented green or yellow grapes. Ranging from crisp and dry to sweet and fruity, popular varieties include Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling. Its versatility makes it a perfect pairing for seafood, poultry, or enjoying on its own in various social settings. Here is the continued list of the best wine brands in India – the White Edition.

7. H-Block Chardonnay White Wine

List of 15 Best Wine Brands in India

The H-block Chardonnay is a crispy and effective citrus essence making this white wine a must-try in the list of top wine brands in India. This wine is a medium-bodied fermented in the best oak barrels to enhance its taste and bring out the qualities of the tasty Chardonnay grapes.

  • The alcohol percentage in H-Block White Wine is 12.0% ABV

8. MUSCAT White Wine

List of 15 Best Wine Brands in India

In the grapes family, there is a unique gen called Muscat grapes which are handpicked and refined to present you the best wine brand in India. Muscat White Wine is sweeter and holds a yellow-goldish color that leaves a rough and smooth taste inside your mouth.

  • The alcohol percentage in Muscat White Wine is 15% ABV

9. Le Grand Noir, Chardonnay White Wine

List of 15 Best Wine Brands in India

Minerally rich, oaky, and buttery it is a blend of all the tasty flavors you look for in the best wines. This White wine has an interesting yet fresh, pine-appley wine, with a subtle hint of oak and a touch of mango and ginger essence it. If you are someone who loves to collect the finest and best wines in the world. Then for sure, you can add this best wine brand to your tasting list.

  • The alcohol percentage in Le Grand Noir, Chardonnay White Wine is 13.5% ABV

10. Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco White Wine

List of 15 Best Wine Brands in India

If you are the one who likes a hint of vanilla in their wine and the aroma that it leaves behind when you swallow the best wine. Then this is the best wine you need to taste. Aromas of fragrant spring blossom, coconut, and bougainvillea lead the nose on this rare white. It offers creamy yellow apple, lemon drop, and minerality with a buttery finish on your tongue. So, try this best wine and leave a review behind.

  • The alcohol percentage in Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco White Wine is 13.5% ABV

11. Reveilo Late Harvest Chenin Blanc White Wine

List of 15 Best Wine Brands in India

A burst of flavors that dance on your tongue one after another. Reveilo is a well-known wine name produced in Nashik, India. Experience citrus, lemon, orange, and grapefruit wine with crisp acidity and a long mineral aftertaste. Reveilo is manufactured from hand-harvested grapes to serve you with the best wine brand in India. 

  • The alcohol percentage in Reveilo White Wine is 12.5% ABV

Sparkling Wines in India

Sparkling wine is effervescent and celebratory, known for its lively bubbles and festive character. Produced through a secondary fermentation process, notable varieties include Champagne, Prosecco, and Cava. Whether toasting special occasions or enhancing brunch, its bubbly nature adds a touch of elegance and joy to any moment of revelry. Here are the following best fine and sparkling wines in the list of top wine brands in India.

12. Sparkling Red Wine

List of 15 Best Wine Brands in India

India’s first and only Sparkling Red wine is a delight to enjoy with your favorite feasts. Berries, aromas of pomegranate, and a pinch of spicy experience make this the best and most unique red wine in India. It is filled with fruitful sweetness and medium alcohol volume for you to enjoy the experience wholeheartedly.  

  • The alcohol percentage in Sparkling Red Wine is 12.0% ABV

13. Sparkling Rose Wine – By Brand York

List of 15 Best Wine Brands in India

Do you love cookies and cremes, how about making the best wine with this flavor and look fancy? Yes, this rose sparkling wine is a fulfillment of the best burst of unimaginable flavors. The sparkles taste like cookies and creme with vibrant and refreshing fulfillment in the mouth. A unique and must be the best wine for sure in the list of top 5 sparkling wines.

  • The alcohol percentage in Sparkling Rose Wine is 12.10% ABV

14. JCB N°47 – Best Wine Brand in India

List of 15 Best Wine Brands in India

This best wine is named in honor of 1947 India’s Independence. Fermented in the barrels of French oak tastes of traditional wine. Aromas of green apple and tropical fruits, the dry wine to taste. 

  • The alcohol percentage in  JCB 47 Sparkling Wine is 12% ABV

15. Moët and Chandon Imperial  – Expensive Wine in India

List of 15 Best Wine Brands in India

It’s the style and the flavors that speak for this most expensive wine in India. Being rich in cost it is also known to be rich in flavours. Find every ounce of delights as you will taste fruit salad, caramel, quince butter, grapefruit & ginger in your mouth. If you have not yet added this best wine to your collection what are you even doing?

  • The alcohol percentage in Moet & Chandon Sparkling Wine is 12% ABV

List of 5 Best Budget-Friendly Red Wines to Buy in India

India is becoming a more wine-loving country, and superb wine doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Reasonably priced wines are becoming increasingly popular due to their growing market share and accessibility. We’ve compiled a list of 10 inexpensive wines from different parts of India that are excellent value and will enable you to enjoy the flavors without breaking the bank.

1. Nine Hills Sauvignon Blanc

The reasonably priced Sauvignon Blanc from Nine Hills has crisp acidity, vibrant citrus flavors, and a cool aftertaste. Savor it as a cool beverage on a warm day, or pair it with salads and shellfish.

  • The price range of this Red Wine is:  Rs.550/- to Rs.700/-
  • ABV in this red wine is – 12.5-14%

2. Big Banyan Bellissima

A wonderful sparkling rosé wine with a fresh and fruity flavor is Big Banyan’s Bellissima. It’s a great option for parties, brunches, or just as a cool beverage on its own.

  • Price Range of this Red Wine is: Rs.800/- to Rs.900/-
  • ABV in this red wine is -13.5%

3. Reveilo Chardonnay

For those who enjoy white wine, Reveilo Vineyards’ Chardonnay is a reasonably priced choice. It has flavors of tropical fruit, a hint of oak, and a velvety texture. It goes well with seafood, mild Indian curries, and creamy pasta dishes.

  • The price range of this Red Wine is: Rs.775/- – Rs.1000/-
  • ABV in this red wine is –14%

4. Sette from Fratelli Vineyards

The red wine mix Sette from Fratelli Stations is a well-balanced combination of Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sangiovese. It goes well with grilled flesh and robust Indian curries because of its full flavors, silky texture, and well-balanced tannins.

  • The price range of this Red Wine is: Rs.2000/- – Rs.2200/-
  • ABV in this red wine is – 13.5%

5. Sula Chenin Blanc

The well-liked and reasonably priced Chenin Blanc from Sula Vineyards is a crisp, crisp white wine with hints of citrus and green apples. It goes nicely with shellfish, light salads, and Indian appetizers.

  • The price range of this Red Wine is: Rs.600/- – Rs.800/-
  • ABV in this red wine is – 12%

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the most expensive wine in the world?

Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Grand Cru 1945 is the most expensive wine in the world costing $558,000. That in Indian Rupees will cost INR 4,6386,540/-

2. How much is the Red Wine Price in Delhi?

The Average red wine price in Delhi will cost you Rs.1250/- to Rs.1300/-

3. How much is the Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine price in India?

The Price of Cabernet Sauvignon red wine in India is Rs.1350/750ml.

4. Which are the Top 3 Wine Distellieries in India?

Sula Vineyards, Four Seasons Winery, and KRSMA Estates are the top 3 wine distilleries in India.

5 . Which is the No.1 Red Wine Brand in India?

 Cabernet Shiraz By Sula is the No.1 Red Wine Brand in India.


Altogether, India’s wine market boasts diverse and evolving tastes, with notable brands like Sula Vineyards, Grover Zampa, Four Seasons Wines, and York Winery gaining prominence. These top 10 wine brands in India showcase a blend of quality, innovation, and regional characteristics, reflecting the dynamic nature of the country’s growing wine culture.

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  • I have already tried most of Sula’s flavours, and I have to agree they are extraordinary. However, I have never tried any of the wines for Revelo Winery. I want to try it! I know that it is located in Nashik like Sula vineyards, so I have high hopes! I do like Grover Zampa and York, but in my opinion, Big Banyan has them beat. Thanks for introducing me to a new wine brand, Megha!