The Best Wine Brands in India with Price List 2022

Do you know that wines were used as long as 4000 BC?  A typical wine is made up of grapes. Further, rice wines and fruit wines like cherry, pomegranate, elderberry, currant, and plum are also gaining customers worldwide. Italy, France, Chine, Spain, and the United States rule the world when it comes to exquisite winemaking.  But do you know, which wine brands in India are the best?

Wine Brands in India has become the talk of the town nowadays because most youngsters who are a beginner in these things want to try only the best wine brands in India. Had you checked the best wine brands in India with a price? This blog makes sure everything is clear regarding the best wine brands in India with a price list. 

Types of Wine Brands in India

There are different types of wines:

  1. Red Wines: wine name in India
  2. White Wines: the highest price of wine in India
  3. Rosé Wines: wine brands name
  4. Sparkling Wines: best wine price
  5. Dessert Wines: highest wine price in India
  6. Fortified Wines: branded wine name

Which wine is best for ladies in India?

These are the most popular wine brands in India for women in the house. And these ladies’ wine names and prices are as classy as the young ladies! And, know our lady’s wine name and price. 

  • Cabernet Shiraz By Sula
  • Sette by Fratelli Wines
  • Big Banyan Merlot
  • Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Shiraz
  • La Reserve by Grover Zampa
  • Reserve Tempranillo By Charosa
  • York Arros
  • Reveilo Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

But, before you buy, check the best wine for ladies in India with the price too!

Highest Price Wine Brands in India

Wanted to know the wine’s highest price in India?

 This wine costly brand in India. Zampa Insignia is the highest price wine in India. It is Rs 5,000 a bottle. So, wine lovers add this to your must-try for your costly wine brands in India list. 

Most Selling Wine Brands in India

 The wine all brand, Cabernet Shiraz by Sula is touted to be India’s best-selling red wine in India overall brand wine. 

Things You Should Know About Wine Brands in India:

1). Most of the demanded wine best brands in India are not from India. These are imported brands means came from abroad. While hunting for whine brand names in India, you must check the origin country of the brand. 

2). You can buy the best quality wine in India only from the selective branded shops. These shops are working online and offline both. Hence, it depends on you “how you want to buy ideal wine brands in India”.

3). If you are finding branded wine names then you are in the right place. We are going to disclose this information from this blog. This blog is all about Top 10 Wine Brands and Price. 

4).  Best Red Wine Brands in India with Price List is a major query of the users because most of the female consumers consider this brand. So, you should know which is your favorite wine name brand. 

5). If you are thinking to start consuming wine for good health then you should check the wine name brands list with the price. 


No meal is complete without an elegant wine that offers the best taste and texture. The Indian wines are specialized in satisfying the needs of wine drinkers with great compatibility with Indian food. Multiple Indian cuisines use wine during cooking stews, sauces, and meats.

The popularity of wines can be estimated because Nashik in Maharashtra is termed the “wine capital of India.” All leading wineries operate from Nashik. Just like options create confusion, multiple wine manufacturers in India promise to deliver the right product. Now, check the wine list in India and see your suitability!

Wine Brands in India with Prices: Best Indian Wine Brands

Check the red wine brands in India with the price list. And get ready to order which drinks are premium wine brands. 

Fratelli Wines: brands of wine in India

Fratelli brand of wine is one of the greatest red wines in India with a manageable price. It completes all requirements of the Indian cuisine out of an Italian delicacy wine. Fratelli Wines best compliment spicy Indian dishes and can be consumed with any vegetarian and meat dishes.

Fratelli doesn’t only manufacture wines but offers a high-end customer experience at their vineyards in Akluj, Solapur, and Maharashtra. It offers mid-range accommodation, scenic experiential activities, and exclusive wine tasting sessions. Then, try India’s no 1 wine brand and know your friends how soothing it was!

Fratelli Wines cost around INR 800 and above.

KRSMA: wine brands in India

KRSMA is one of the best wine brands in India. It manufactures high-end exclusive wines that are well-known for costs and premium quality. The wines from KRSMA are ideal for professional or personal use and never compromise on delivering the best taste and texture.

The parent group KRSMA estates offer Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Syrah, Chardonnay, Sauvognon Blanc, etc., to all wine lovers. This Karnataka-based vineyard was one of the first vineyards to make the world’s best 50 vineyards list. And know all wine brands in India. 

This red wine price list is  INR 800 and above.

Sula: all wine name lists in India

Sula is one of the well-known wine brands in India. Their wines have a great taste with intense and powerful flavors. It has expertise in finishing the various berries perfectly. This wine is the best partner for meat and is widely used in Indian restaurants along with cheese also. People love it majorly due to its texture, aroma, and overall quality. Also, it is the best white wine in India.

It was founded by Rajeev Samant in 1999 and is located in the Nashik region of Maharashtra. It is one of India’s largest and highly awarded wine brands. Sula is the highest-selling wine in India and is a famous wine brand in India. 

This is not the most costly wine in India with a price of INR 700 and above.

Grover Zampa: best wine brand in India

Grover Zampa is one of the most popular wine manufacturers in India. All their wines come with great taste and aroma. Whether it is a professional event or a personal celebration, it is hard to miss Grover Zampa wines. There are multiple products to choose from. All wines of Grover Zampa go well with Indian spicy food.

Kanwal Grover founded Grover Vineyards in 1988 and left his prestigious job to start his winery. Grover Zampa rose out of the merger of Grover Vineyards with Vallee de Vin in 2012.

 The best wine name and price is INR 700 and above.

York: good wine brands in India

York is one of the best wine brands in India and it is a branded wine. With a highly popular red wine range. It is the best partner to mildly spiced Indian food and empowers it with a smooth finish and amazing taste.

York winery has a perfect location of dramatic mountains and a long-lived river in Nashik. It offers different tours and tastings sessions to create awareness about its winery brands. You must try different fruit wines, including Shiraz, which is made up of plums.

The good wine in India with a price of INR 700 and above.

Big Banyan: top brand wine in India

Big Banyan is of the most desirable wine brands for Indian customers. It offers different products with fantastic taste and a smooth finish. It goes well with Indian spicy food and meat dishes.

Big Banyan has a popular vineyard located on the outskirts of Bengaluru city. It covers 20 acres of land and offers multiple stays and wine tastings. There are unique tours at Big Banyan that attracts wine lovers across the states. They have two wineries located in Karnataka and Goa to fulfill the demand for fresh raw materials.

This wine name list with a price is INR 700 and above.

Myra: the best brand of wine in India

Myra is one of the most delicious and smoothest Indian wine brands. It creates popular wines that are prepared using handpicked grapes only. Myra is hard to miss the taste and aroma of Myra wine. It best complements pasta, pizza, and different meats. Myra ranks high when it comes to a smooth finish, texture, and lip-smacking taste.

Ajay Shetty founded Myra wines in 2011. In the year 2015, this Bengaluru-based winery announced first-of-its-kind unfiltered red wine for wine lovers. This unfiltered red wine is matured in French oak barrels for 18 months. The company claims to keep it unfiltered to retain the wine’s natural characteristics. Myra wines manufacture their masterpieces at Dindori in Nashik and Bijapur in northern Karnataka.  

The top wine brands in India with prices: of INR 600 and above.

Reveille Winery: Wine brands in India

Reveilo Winery is a wine brand name which is well-known for Reveilo Syrah, Reveilo Cabernet Sauvignon, Reveilo Chardonnay, and Reveilo Chenin Blanc. It is a great brand for red wine lovers and goes well with many Indian dishes.

Reveille wines are the well-known vegan wines in India that offer different tours and trips in their vineyards. Currently, Reveilo has more than 12 wine types and known for India wine brands.

The high-quality wine price is INR 600 and above.

J’NOON White: wine brand names in India

It is named after the Urdu word “Junoon,” which means passion.

J’NOON White- the name of a wine brand that is the first choice of Indian white wine lovers. It goes well with all Indian dishes and offers a high-quality wine range at affordable prices. It is a joint venture between the Jean- Charles Boisset and Fratelli wines.

White wine is made up of 40% of Sauvignon Blac grapes and 60% of Chardonnay. It is the highest-priced white wine from India and is one of the top five Maharashtra wines.

The best wines in India with prices are  INR 600 and above.

Vallone: branded wine name in India

Vallone is the brand name of wine with great options in red and white wines. It is manufactured with handpicked grapes from the company’s farms. The most sought-after wine brand promises the best taste, aroma, and seamless texture. This fantastic wine goes well with all Indian dishes. Moreover, it is counted in the top 5 wine brands in India. 

Vallonne vineyards are highly popular places offering great wine experience and manufacturer carefully crafted wines only. These are Italian-styled wines that are manufactured in India only.

The branded wine price in India is INR 500 and above.

SDU Deva: best brand wine in India

SDU Deva provides high-quality wines with multiple options to choose from. It goes well with official and personal occasions. All SDU Deva wines go well with meat and other Indian dishes. It is a popular wine brand with an exemplary aroma and taste.

SDU Deva’s vineyards are based out of Karnataka in India. Their wines have been top contenders in the “Selection of India’s Finest Wines” competition with many awards in their kitty.  

It costs around INR 500 and above.

Chateau d’Ori: Indian wine brands name

Chateau d’Ori produces one of the finest wines in India. The vineyards of the manufacturers in Nashik, Maharashtra, offer the best quality raw material to get long-life wine. They offer multiple medium-bodied wines that are liked by people enjoying different Indian cuisines.

The wine names list in India with prices of INR 500 and above.

Four Seasons: wine brand name in India

Four Seasons is another great player of red wines in India with affordable prices. It produces an exquisite wine range from its Bangalore and Maharashtra vineyards. Almost all wine lovers in India like the quality taste and fantastic flavor.

And, get the best wine for INR 500 and above.

Charoset: brand of wine in India

This wine offers a diverse range of exclusive wines that are of premium and semi-premium quality.  Most preferred by Indians -Charosa Reserve Tempranillo, Charosa Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, and wine Selections. All Charosa products go well with non-vegetarian dishes along with classic Indian cuisine.

The best sweet wine in India with a price of 500 and above.

Seagrams Nine Hills: branded wine in India

Seagrams Nine Hills comes from reliable and quality drink manufacturers in India. This wine has a great hold in the Indian beverage industry and offers exclusive red wines under its Nine Hills range. There are multiple other wines by Seagrams Nine Hills that best complement Indian dishes and multiple occasions.  

The best red wine brands in India with a price list are INR 500 and above.

Wrapping Up:

Whether it is a success party, anniversaries, or birthdays, nothing matches the delicacies of wine that enhance the celebrations’ quality. The grace, color, and texture of different wines make you fall in love with them without causing any serious damage to your health. Bring your memories high with red wines and white wines. So, we have made a wine brands list for your comfort!

The best wine brands in Karnataka are the listed wines that you should try!

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