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Top 10 Best Websites To Prepare Kundli Online Free 2024

Online Kundli Maker

The kundli,  referred to as a horoscope or birth chart, is an astrological chart that shows the positions of the planets of a person’s birth in Vedic astrology. As we know from the Vedic Era Kundly plays an important role in a Person’s Life. Below we have given some important explanations of why astrology believers value the kundli.

  • Personality Analysis
  • Life Path and Destiny
  • Compatibility for Marriage
  • Career Guidance
  • Health Insights
  • Timing of Events
  • Spiritual Growth

Table Of Contents: Best sites for online Kundli Maker

  1. Astro Sage
  2. Astro Yatra
  3. Astro Speak
  4. TalktoAstro
  5. Ganesha Speaks
  6. Astrodienst
  7. Astro Yogi
  8. Astro Ved
  9. Cyber Astro
  10. Indian Astrology

1. Astro Sage

One of the top astrology websites, Astro Sage, offers customers an accurate analysis of the astrological cycle. Astrosage was founded by pundit Punit Pandey. To support those in need, the website was established in 2000.

Kundli maker

One of the best astrology websites and the best online Kundli maker in India, Astro Sage is one of the trustworthy solutions suppliers that offer a variety of options as well as assistance from qualified astrologers.

Chinese Astrology and Indian Horoscopes are only available on this one website. You can contact them before building your ideal home because they are Vastu experts. It’s intriguing to notice that this website allows users to access their “Mangal Dosh” reports. They also offer naming ideas for infants.

2. Astro Yatra

One of India’s most reputable astrology websites is Astro Yatra which makes Kundli online with date of birth. In addition to promising solutions for any issue, it also enables direct communication between its clients and qualified astrologers.

Make Kundli online

Direct communication with an expert can improve the customer’s sincerity and dependability. On this website, you can also seek help with problems that you encounter on a daily basis.

You embark on a journey of learning with Astro Yatra. It adheres to a very conventional idea of a ‘guru’ teaching astrology. Astro Yatra teachers can teach you about your stars and yourself. Additionally, they offer daily horoscopes that include all types of “Dosh Nivarana,” such as “Shani Dosh,” “Mangal Dosh,” etc. Numerous Hindu holidays, including “Karva Chauth” and Deepawali, are covered in detail online.

3. Astrokun


Astrokun gives immediate information about celestial bodies that have the power to alter our lives. It also helps those who require assistance with their problems. The user can take part in the online puja using Astrokun. It also features a platform for internet ritual participation.

Once the online puja is finished, the prashad from the puja is given to the residence. Along with Feng Shui practitioners, they also think of providing numerologists, tarot card readers, and Vaastu experts. Additionally, the program is available in non-English speaking Indian languages and can also create free Kundli.


4. TalkToAstro



TalktoAstro is another distinctive website that is part of one of the most well-known astrology/horoscope websites that is based in India. It is one of the most reasonably priced websites with a wide range of interaction choices.

Additionally, you can get free access to information about astrology and free janam kundli as well as on-call service manuals. Customers who use the service are given a consultation at no cost.

5. GaneshaSpeaks


One of the most well-known and reliable websites in India is Ganesha Speaks. It has been in existence for a long time, offering aid seekers options. Beyond Astrology, it offers a wide range of other services.

They also talk about the best day to start any ceremony or event. Customers can purchase their custom-made Janampatris from them. The owner of the website is Mr Arunbhai Pandit.

In India, there is a high demand for the website Ganesha Speaks. You can call or talk with a number of knowledgeable astrologers using it. On this website, you can find e-books, cures, forecasts, and horoscopes. For someone who is seriously interested in astrology, it is a one-stop shop. When you have “Janampatris,” “Poojas,” “Gemstones,” and “Rudraksha” all in one spot, you have a haven where you can find answers to your life’s problems.

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6. provides comprehensive information about the sun sign, and moon sign, as well as other components and houses. Additionally, it offers the answer that must be put into practice to resolve any problems for the client.

Additionally, they have astrologers from all around the world to offer the best counsel and support in finding solutions for all elements of life.

7. AstroYogi


Daily horoscopes are what draws people to their website in the first place. On the homepage, you can find a list of all solar signs that anyone can use for free.

In addition, Astro Yogi offers support from Vedic Astrologers, professional Horoscope Readers, Tarot Card Readers, and numerologists.

The traditional “Panchang” with all the lucky and unlucky days of the year is available at Astroyogi. Additionally, they offer monthly, yearly, and daily horoscopes as well as Tarot card readings. In addition, Astroyogi promotes love by helping people find partners and resolving romantic conflicts. You can consult astrologers from all around the nation for just one rupee.

8. AstroVed


Astro Ved has established a reputation that makes it one of the best astrological websites in India.

Its primary goal is to offer excellent consulting and direction. They are supported by eminent Indian astrologers. They will also bring the results right to your door.

One of the most well-known astrology websites in India offers a free daily horoscope along with solutions to any issues that may arise. You can get in touch with them for any form of ‘pooja’. They also provide remedies for everyday issues including love, finances, business difficulties, and partner compatibility.

9. CyberAstro


Cyber Astro first appeared in 1997. They provide Vedic Astrology, Online Astrology, Indian Horoscopes, Future Prediction based on Date of Birth, and Indian Astrology.

Additionally, it provides its users with free Vedic current reports. The website currently has more than 400,000 registered users. This is the first website to offer astrology goods and services that have achieved ISO accreditation. They are reachable in 200 nations.

10. IndianAstrology2000


Indian astrology 2000 highlights Vedic astrology while providing information. It is one of the most well-known websites among the best astrological websites with an Indian base of operations. Customers can use a variety of complimentary options that are offered by the company.

Like other websites, the Indian Astrology website is renowned for its assistance in matters relating to money, health treatments, gemstones, and inquiries for both personal and professional usage.

Conclusion – Websites To Prepare Kundli

Above we have listed our top 10 Kundli online websites. As we know Kundli provides a framework for astrological analysis and interpretations and it may vary among practitioners. It is all about the belief system, and it depends on a person’s thinking. Additionally, scientific communities generally do not support the claims of astrology, considering them pseudoscientific.


1. Is Kundli Matching Important For Marriage?

Matching Kundli for marriages just gives a strong foundation for their compatibility. Instead of matching kundli their personalities, sexual abilities, tendencies, and attitudes also should be matched.  So, matching the Kundli depends on the person’s choice.

2. Can Kundli predict the future, and how accurate is it?

Kundli is used in astrology to make predictions about various aspects of an individual’s life based on the positions of celestial bodies. However, the accuracy and interpretation of these predictions depend on the expertise of the astrologer.

3. What information does Kundli provide about a person?

Kundli provides information about a person’s Life like personality traits, strengths, marriage, weaknesses, health indicators, and potential career paths, It is all about life events.

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