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5 Best Smart Watch Under 500

smart watch under 500

The smart era has an extensive range of innovative and cutting-edge gadgets. A popular day-to-day and handy item in the range of smart gadgets is a smartwatch. Like the smartphone, the smartwatch is also necessary for all of us. The main problem is the budget while purchasing the device. Can you buy a smartwatch under 500? Yes, you can buy and there are some 10 best brands of smart watches under 500Rs that you can choose for this objective. Hence, keep the budget affordable and shop online for smartwatches at a cheap cost for your kids or yourself.

Top 5 Brands of Smart Watch Under 500

Brand Name Price
Jeteck Y68 Smartwatch INR 412
Emmqura Ultra Pro Plus Smartwatch INR 432
Jocoto D981(A1) Plus Smartwatch INR 450
PunnkFunnk 716-LT Smartwatch INR 395
Kroter M1 Smartwatch INR 499


1). Jeteck Y68 Smartwatch –

With a 1.3-inch display, it is a Bluetooth calling smartwatch under 500. Y68 is the model of the brand. Bluetooth calling is the most important feature of any smart wearable device that people want. However, this watch also comes with the feature of a heart rate monitor and 4 hours of battery backup. Battery backup is not very comprehensive but impressive as per the pricing. It is the best smartwatch under 500 INR because of the extensive features such as a sleep monitor, calorie count, and step count as well. You can also add Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, Reminder, and Timer to the device.

2). Emmqura Ultra Pro Plus Smartwatch –

Finding a smartwatch priced 500 is very difficult for people in the expensive world and they are always looking for affordable devices. This is a Bluetooth watch with a touch display and water-resistant features. You can also use the heart rate monitor of the gadget for health goals and comes with a 2-day battery backup. It is a lightweight device because the weight of the machine is 50g. Pedometer, Calorie Count, and step count are the other features of the device.

3). Jocoto D981(A1) Plus Smartwatch –

A mobile watch priced under 500 is quite impossible for customers but when they are browsing on the right website for this task they can easily find the great device. The cost of the watch is INR 450, and the device helps you to do heart rate monitoring as well. The display of the watch is 1.3 inches, and the watch display is 1.34 inches. Setting an alarm clock and timer is also an easy thing in this device with the 5-day battery backup feature including sleep monitor, calorie count, and step count.

4). PunnkFunnk 716-LT Smartwatch –

Touch watch price under 500 is quite impossible for the customers but when they look at this brand option then we can say that it is a Bluetooth smart calling watch with a 1.77-inch touch display and water-resistant feature. The heart rate monitor and sleep monitor features are also part of the device. The battery back of the device is 4.17 days which is very good for a smartwatch under 500 price.

5). Kroter M1 Smartwatch –

Are you looking for a smartwatch price in India under 500Rs? This brand is for you. It is a Bluetooth 5.0 calling watch with a 1.4-inch touch display and is water resistant. The heart rate monitor is available in this device and the blood pressure monitor is also part of the gadget with the calorie count feature.

The Bottom Line –

Hence, this list of cheap smartwatches in India under 500 is helpful for all those boys and girls who are looking for affordable smart gadgets. These brands offer multiple features in their devices at less cost. You can check the list of all smartwatches at Amazon and Flipkart for more information and buy online smartwatches under 500.

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