Best Series to Watch on Netflix 2020


Netflix has been a very big part of every entertainment lovers life. Netflix and chill during the weekend, holidays, special occasions etc have been such a favourite thing of everyone to get relaxed being at home with loved ones. If it has the company favourite and delicious food, then there is no chance anyone would be able to resist this chilling time. Now, it’s like that every day, the lockdown to prevent Covid-19 has made all of our life change. Sitting at him every day, every hour, working, eating, sleeping, doing chores etc, Netflix is one best partner for having a getaway from all the chaos. So you will definitely be looking for the Best Series to Watch on Netflix 2020. You should also check out how to get best Netflix Offers on Monthly/Year Subscription in India.

This is the best time to watch all of your series, movies, documentaries etc. Also, dive into me varieties of entertainment with the favourite genre you love. There are wide varieties if shows for you, which is absolutely awesome. Here are few of the Best Series to Watch on Netflix 2020.

Money Heist – Best Series to Watch on Netflix 2020


Money Heist in trending at the position in the Top 10 of India Today. The hype that the series created id definitely understandable by how awesome it is. The Spanish show is a suspenseful and exciting thriller. This is a must-watch if you love very well and beautifully plotted series, which is especially on a unique robbery. You won’t be able to stop watching once you start it, it’s that exciting. The first 3 parts being successful, every fans are waiting for the 4th part to be released on the 3rd of Marc, 2020. Add this to your watching list, as it the Best Series to Watch on Netflix 2020.

YOU – Best Series to Watch on Netflix 2020


YOU is a show that portrays love which is crazy and psychotic, in a wistful that you will never expect to happen. The story develops into a very strange dark part, as it goes to the season 2. The part is expected to be coming out by next year, which 2021. This will definitely become favourite for any books loves. Its comes under the genre crime TV dramas and TV shows based on books as well. The story is basically about when a passion for someone turns into obsession, it can lead to an unbelievable ending.

Sex Education – Best Series to Watch on Netflix 2020


This is a very fun shoe with a quality of knowledge. The lack of knowledge about sex, respecting everyone equally despite the gender and how people should stand against any kind of abuse has lead to many problems in our society. This is one great show which portrayed all of this with a great storyline. It is a must-watch for everyone out there and as well as one best show.

I Am Not Okay With This – Best Series to Watch on Netflix 2020


This is a Fantasy Show which is best for all teens. It comes under the genre Fantasy, Teen, Comedy, Drama etc. The story is very Cynical and Irreverant, also very amusing and fun to watch. The story is about a high school kid having strange outcomes of power during emotional conflicts. This will a very exciting watch for all the fictional lovers out there.

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