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15 Best Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Your Wedding 2024

Indian Bridal Hairstyles

Bridal hairstyle: The day of your wedding is considered to be one of the most important events in your personal life, and everything including hair (bridal hairstyle) counts in this case. The masterpiece of hairstyle to the bridal dress adds grace, suaveness, and visual attractiveness to the whole look. Below are just 15 Indian bridal hairstyles, which will make you a true queen on your magical wedding day.

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1. The Classic Bun:

the classic bun briday hair style

The timeless bun hairstyle stays in fashion and is perfect for those people who would like to be neat and tidy. Choose a filigree-trimmed cover with a jasmine bouquet. In the 1970s the so-called burn hairstyle was the most beloved, the sideburns being shaped in a very long and solid manner to get the same length as the sides of the face (sometimes reaching the jawline in some cases). This retro look is appropriate for rock and roll wigs which also fit many hair lengths and styles. When put on, the wearer will not only have the rebel aspect but also the vocal style of that era.

2. The Royal Braid:

The Royal Braid bridal hair style

The fitted royal braid is made from gold and pearls and has been made for brides who wish to have a royal beauty accent in their wedding attire. The royal braid of a hairstyle is very elegant and funny, and the braid decorated with jewels or ribbons will be more domineering. This style fits any kind of luxury that you may need it for, whether it would be special events, proms, and cocktail parties, etc., it will make you feel like there is no lower class than you.

3. Soft Curls with Maang Tikka:

Soft Curls with Maang Tikka

Open shiny soft wavy rebraded hair in addition to a statement maang tikka results in an appeal that’s old school but also trendy at the same time. Curly locks aa maang tikka style, beautiful and messy curls with a lovely jewel on the forehead, that make you look gorgeous. Mentioning that this hairdo is an ideal choice for weddings and special occasions bringing together modern curls along with touch of traditional Indian charm thus creating an amazing look that is both beautiful and elegant.


4. The Elegant Updo with Gajra:

The Elegant Updo with Gajra

A one-up high hairstyle is a statement of sophistication and is an iconic choice for brides wanting an elegant look but not missing a classic touch. The tresses are tied to the head with a flourished bun in the crow or nape and a gajra (a garland of jasmine flowers) encircles the head. This coif for the bride gives not only a graceful appearance but also produces a celestial scent that floats over the wedding ceremony throughout.

5. The Half-Up Half-Down Twist:

The Half-Up Half-Down Twist

This updo bun hairstyle which gives our brides one of the most elegant yet easy-looking curls is the ideal pick, don’t you agree? The strands at the face are thrown back it stays half-up, while the other strands fall in waves. (with partial the lift). It is universal and you may be able to decorate it with headbands, hairpins, and other ornaments, all housing the typical Latino motifs.

6. The Side-Swept Glamour:

The Side-Swept Glamour

The side-swept hairstyle is such a statement that is just perfect for a bride with gorgeous looks. The hair is parted to one side and loosely curled or in waves, contrasted with a bold hairpiece, beads, or floral ornament. The headpiece or tiara that is considered the classic hairstyle for women’s wedding functions combines the best of both worlds in terms of being glamorous and romantic.

7. The Traditional South Indian Braid:

The Traditional South Indian Braid

The South Indian braid that embodies the wedding traditions is a long one that is fitted with floral darts and intertwined with gold or temple jewels. It’s a timeless choice Indian brides have carried for always as a beauty and purity sign of femininity.

8. The Sleek and Modern Ponytail:

The Sleek and Modern Ponytail

This hairstyle has a modern twist to the classic engaged look. The look is low set, stylish and practical. Whether a natural high a sleek mid or a low ponytail, the style will hang on a patterned hair accessory. For a minimalist yet inclusive look, these wedding hairstyles selected by Indian brides could be the best option.

9. The Bejeweled Top Knot:

The Bejeweled Top Knot

The Top Knot is a modern vibe and classic updo hairstyle for bridal occasions that gives a sleek & classy look. If you love to try new things, then switching up styles that work for both traditional and modern outfits might be what you’re looking for. Hair is swept back and twisted into a specific type of knot right on the top of the head. To have that dash of Indian culture, we can deck the knots by trying to add jewels or attach a Kundan Passa that will lie on the side of the hair, smoothly. This beautiful wedding hairstyle is not only trendy but also sensible as it secures the hair and does not let it obstruct the bride´s face at any point of the wedding.

10. The Low Chignon with a Twist:

The Low Chignon with a Twist

A chignon is a fairly low bun located at the back of the crown. And this wedding hairstyle is widely known and loved as it is graceful and very popular all across India. The bun style could be taken one step further by twisting or braiding strands of hair around the bun like pearls or pearls or maybe a gold pin or Maang tikka. This hairstyle is ideal for girls who don’t want to make much fuss about their hair, but still want to look the grooviest of the entire audience.

11. The Voluminous Layered Waves:

The Voluminous Layered Waves

Genre is everybody’s niche. So if you are a bride, who likes drama, marijuana is the go-to for your bohemian wavy style. A bridal hairstyle of this type is based on the waving of layers beginning from the middle of the head and going to the ends which will give a nice volume effect and will make hair light and moving. It sees the glittering world where bridal gowns and sparkling chignons can intertwine, and all these details can be emphasized by decorative hair clips or bigger and more stylish headpieces.

12. The Regal Jadau Maang Tikka Braid:

The Regal Jadau Maang Tikka Braid

This new style of hairdo during the Indian wedding ceremonies seems to be a way of paying tribute to the majestic legacies of Indian jewelry. Jadau Maang Tikka, which sits beautifully on the head and flows down the braid, is used for its decorative purposes. The braid is worn traditionally. The hairstyling emphasizes the Jadau work, well-known for its complicated design and its stones embedded, which becomes a stunning effect layered on top of the bride’s hair. It is one of the ideal choices to be worn by brides who want to bring their liking for Indian traditional jewelry and hairstyles to the world.

13. The Bohemian Beach Waves:

The Bohemian Beach Waves

To get a more low-key yet stylish bridal style, Bohemian beach waves, which are simply waves created by curling the natural hair, are the best option. This hairstyle which fills in bridal events enchants a soft and romantic dream, the hair muffled to create unlimited waves curling around the face gently. The bohemian beach waves can be accessorized with some exotic flower crowns or multi-beaded hair vines that can alter the hairstyle from special occasions for a woman to make the Day of her wedding by the beach or at the garden standout.

14. The Sleek Middle-Parted Bun with Kundan Pins:

The Sleek Middle-Parted Bun with Kundan Pins

A sleek bun and head-center part drawn down with beautiful curls behind the ears is a very modern and chic hairstyle for the bride. The topknot is tucked at the nape of the neck whilst the hard-swept parting is well done and dressed to the flag. Another traditional hairpin is Kundan ones, which are embedded with small round-shaped stones and are often placed to add sparkle and tradition to that wedding look.

15. The Festive Fishtail Braid:

The Festive Fishtail Braid

The fish braid is just an easy-to-wear, fun, and complex hairstyle for different occasions in Indian weddings. It’s an innovative take on the regular braid through which you can weave trendy flowers, and pearls or even make the braid fancier with a little gold thread. This bridal hairdo, a huge and integral part of Indian weddings, is both fun and awe-inspiring. This sort of hair looks perfect during reception or sangeet nights.

Whether one is planning the particular look of his or her little girl at the wedding on the girl’s special day, there always exists doorways to the Indian bridal hairstyles for each girl and for every occasion which have their beauty and can be carefully tailored to the key theme of the image or the palette lines of the wardrobe. It is investigated to make a wedding hairdo which is not pretty but also helps in maintaining comfort without becoming disarranged through the entire celebration time.


We have discussed here a comprehensive guide about Indian bridal hairstyles for girls who love minimalism, favor sophistication, or go for moderate hairstyles. It does not matter if you are craving a conventional bridal hairstyle, a contemporary chic look, or a mixture between the two, there are all the hairdressers that you may ever wish for. Let’s recap the key points: Now, we move on to the review of the main findings:

-Choose Wisely: The hairdo for your wedding should echo the real you and be in sync with your wedding costume. Go to a reputable hair stylist for them to advise you and help you select the best one.

-Comfort Matters: The opinion that style at all costs outweighs comfort, but an element of comfort is a major element missing. Pick a hairstyle that will suit your physical moves, and let you feel free.


Q: Which bridal hairstyle should I choose for me among so many different options?

A: Take into account your face shape, gown, and personal views. Lady account for the presence of your hairstylist and choose the style that suits you most.

Q: Can I let go of my hair up for my wedding?

A: Absolutely! Different types of flow, waves, or curls which was open will be extremely tempting. For this reason, sports teams put strong emphasis on the consistency of their efforts because a single failure can cost the whole season.

Q: Will I be like a boy simply because I have short hair?

A: Despite typical belief, one can also have short hair and simultaneously be stylish! Look into new styles by rocking a pixie cut, elegant updo, or sophisticated bob with your choice of weatherproof topper.

Q: May I change the hairstyle of the bridal dress by DIY?

A: Women with great hair styling skills can do their hair for their wedding, but a proficient stylist will be required to get rid of the hair flaws.

Q: When is the right time for me to make the booking appointments with the hair groomer?

A: Booking the most talented hairstylist about 3-6 months in advance is the perfect choice, especially on a wedding day or during peak wedding seasons.

Q: Do brides collaborate with hairdressers on using hair extensions for bridal hairstyles?

A: However, not every woman wants extravagant full-volume hairstyles and this type of hairdressing may not be for her. Get together with your hairdresser and explain to him whether extensions will be appropriate for your hairstyle.

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