Top 6 Best Dog Food Brands In India

Anyone who owns a pet is aware of how crucial it is to choose the proper diet in order to consistently ensure their pet’s health. However, there are many different kinds of dog foods available on the market, making it appear quite challenging to locate a suitable item that can meet all of your pet’s demands. Let’s explore the top dog food brands in India.

List of Top 6 Best Dog Food Brands in India

1. Pedigree – Best Dog Food Maker

Pedigree | Top 6 Best Dog Food Brands In India
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Pedigree is the best nutritious dog food maker Brand in India. The finest quality dog food is prepared for pets. Pedigree dog food and treats your pet to nourish, stimulate, strengthen and fuel their potential to be their healthiest, happiest selves. The company has teamed up with the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition to produce wholesome, premium food that you can feel good about feeding your dog.

2. Drools 

Drools | Top 6 Best Dog Food Brands In India

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The brand focuses on providing pet owners with simple, authentic nourishment for their animals. Drools ensure that the nutritionally packed, bio-available products they produce contain high-quality ingredients. This promotes the longevity and wellness of your pet.

Protein and fat levels in Drools dog food are balanced. It will promote a healthy digestive tract and is very digestible. The brand is committed to enhancing the health of pets and is well-known in the pet food business for its unique recipes, which ensure comprehensive nutrition and use only natural, pure ingredients. All ingredients are ethically sourced from farmers and ranchers the company knows and trusts.

3. Orijen 

Orijen | Top 6 Best Dog Food Brands In India

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The company was founded on the idea that animals require wholesome nourishment to thrive and flourish. Each ingredient contains components that your pet naturally requires. The Brand Orjien of Dog food diets includes raw or fresh meat protein in good ratios. Along with meat, the food also contains bones, cartilage, and organs in the appropriate amounts to feed your pet.

4. Royal Canin – The Best Dog Food Provider

Royal Canin | Top 6 Best Dog Food Brands In India

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The goal of Royal Canin dog food is to protect your dogs’ health and welfare. The company holds that each dog is special. To provide an accurate diet for dogs, it combines scientific and nutritional studies. It evaluates the particular dietary requirements of dogs and develops ideal diet profiles based on research. Its breed-specific diet comprises particular nutrients and sources of high-quality protein. Each dog receives a kibble that is specially formulated for its unique facial, jaw, and biting structures.

5. Hills Science Diet

Hills - Dog Food Brands list
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According to the Hills R&D team, food formulation done by this brand for dogs has been clinically a nutritional food that promotes good health. As it is manufactured with natural components. The Hills diet is intended to support your dog’s general health. Additionally, it has a range of meals designed to treat various medical concerns, such as sensitive skin, sensitive stomachs, and oral health.

6. Arden Grange

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As no dietary allergies are present, all Arden Grange pet foods are inherently hypoallergenic. Additionally, they are maintained naturally without the use of synthetic dyes or preservatives. These diets provide every element necessary to ensure optimum health and vitality. Arden Grange’s recipes are flavorful and simple to digest. The meals are suitable for all kinds of dogs.  Each dish is non-invasively taste-tested by the brand’s dogs to make sure it is delectable and palatable.


A Guide to Dog Food Purchasing in India

Knowing your pet’s health is crucial to the choosing process and will help you make the best choice of dog food for your dog. Due to the fact that no two pets are the same, they all have unique problems with their general health.

Regular checkups may be quite beneficial, and veterinarians are uniquely educated about this. The following important criteria are crucial for selecting the best dog food for your pet.

  • Age

If your dog is a puppy, you will need to perform more research and take into account the relevant sub-stage. For example, a puppy that is still weaning will have different demands than a puppy that is getting ready to become an adult.

Even if there are other considerations, such as health and breed type, eating for adults mostly focuses on maintenance. The typical diet consists of a high-protein, high-calorie consumption along with certain supplements for vitamins and minerals.

  • Level of Activity or Inactivity

Making sure that the food includes a lot of protein and lots of calories is essential. Although we typically think that dogs with less active lifestyles shouldn’t consume lipids, this is often the case. Carbohydrates are important sources of energy, therefore we shouldn’t disregard them.

On the other hand, “low-energy” dogs, such as those who could have health issues, require a lot less fat and carbs. As a result, we should modify their food properly because any differences will result in health issues like canine obesity.

  • State of Health

To make sure the dog food is beneficial if the pet has a specific health issue, you should see an expert.

When it comes to healing, a balanced diet may also be quite helpful. Additionally, certain meals can assist fight certain ailments. For instance, omega-3 fatty acids can be used to treat chronic eczema.

  • Allergies

Dogs frequently have allergies, therefore preventing them before they cause the dog considerable harm should be a top priority. The simplest and safest approach to determine any allergies your dog may have, which you must take into account when purchasing its food, is to see a veterinarian.

  • Size and Breed

Dog breeds have nutritional requirements that are proportional to their size and level of activity. Larger dogs frequently experience joint and muscular tension because of their size. The diet should have enough proteins, which aid in mending muscle tissues, to address this specific problem. Additionally, vitamin D and calcium support healthy bones.

Some dog breeds, such as Labradors, are more prone to obesity by nature. This is another element that may contribute to a number of health issues.


Q1. Can the dog food brands be switched frequently?

The dog and the particular dog food will determine this. In general, once a dog starts eating premium dog food, switching to another brand might be more difficult. When deciding whether to adjust the food of the dog, consulting a veterinarian is a good idea.

Q2. Which dog foods are devoid of grains?

Farmina N&D is a reputable brand of grain-free or gluten-free dog food. Both reduced grain and grain-free variants are offered.

Q3. Which dog food contains the most fiber?

Fiber-rich goods are produced by several producers. When searching for a brand of dog food that is high in fiber, Purina is a wonderful choice.

Q4. Are dog foods vegetarian?

Vegetarian feeds are now being produced by a lot of brands. A dog might not, however, be able to simply switch from a meat-based diet to a vegetarian diet. The best course of action in such situations is expert counsel. Manufacturers typically use ground meat, grains, or veggies to produce dog food. The extrusion process is the most often used technique. This technique involves blending all of the raw components into a paste.

Q5. Does dog food ever become outdated?

Unopened bags, packs, or pouches of dog food usually won’t go bad up until the expiration date. After the packaging is opened, however, exposure to air and moisture can deteriorate an item over time. The feed should ideally be consumed by your dog no later than two weeks after the bag has been opened.

Q6. Can I feed the dog food that I make at home?

Along with dog food from the supermarket, home-cooked meals are always a fantastic choice for dogs. The primary reason for this is that home-cooked food is always freshly made, as opposed to store-bought food, which typically requires preservatives of some kind to retain its quality.


Overall, the List of Top 6 Best Dog Food Brands is available in a wide range of pricing points and pack sizes, as well as nutritional compositions, textures, and flavors. Each dog will ultimately benefit from a different kind of dog food, based on a variety of criteria, including those described above.

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  • Raw diet food for dogs in Singapore refers to a type of dog food that primarily consists of raw and unprocessed ingredients such as meat, organs, bones, fruits, and vegetables. This type of diet is becoming increasingly popular among dog owners who want to provide their pets with a more natural and balanced diet. Good Info!