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10 Best Colours for Kitchen Painting 2024 | Trending Combinations

best colour for kitchen

Choosing the right colour for kitchen can be a little task to accomplish. Finding the perfect kitchen painting color scheme can enhance the atmosphere of your home, making it feel cozy or spacious depending on your preference. Whether you prefer classic whites or bold navy blues, the colour for kitchen walls can reflect your style and complement your decor.  So, to make your task easier we have added a few color combinations that hopefully you will like.

Tips To Choose Best Colour for Kitchen:

  • First and foremost consider the amount of natural light coming into your kitchen. If your kitchen doesn’t get a lot of natural light. Then choose a lighter color paint that will help brighten the space, and will maximize the kitchen if it’s small.
  • Before jumping to conclusions keep the overall style of your home in mind. Your kitchen paint color should complement the other colors you have used to decorate your home.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment! You can go neutrals or bold. Be ready to explore as there are so many great paint colors out there. So don’t be afraid to try a few samples before you make a final decision.
  • After you decide on the kitchen paint colors, get a few samples and paint them on a board. You can keep it in the kitchen and check with the lighting to know how it looks. Later you can opt for more paint colors or the one you have already chosen.

10 Best Combinations for Kitchen Colour:

  1. Blush, Blues, & Whites
  2. Yellow – Lime, Pale, Bright
  3. Beige Kitchen Colors
  4. Black Color for Kitchen
  5. Different Blue Shades are Bold
  6. Sage Green or Darker
  7. All White Forever Favorite
  8. Forest Greens & Browns
  9. Food Color Palette
  10. Pastel Kitchen Colors

1. Blush, Blues, & Whites:

blue and white | colour for kitchen

The combination of blush, light blue, and white can be the best kitchen interior colors if you are going for pastel and colorful home decor. These colors will make the kitchen brighter and will bring more light. It is a suitable paint color palette for small kitchen spaces.

2. Yellow – Lime, Pale, Bright:

yellow colour for kitchen

In the current trend of decorating homes and kitchens, the yellow palette is the game changer for a modern look. Yellow is a cheerful color that can add a touch of sunshine to your kitchen. It is a great choice of colour for kitchen as it will maximize the space and will brighten the environment.


3. Beige Kitchen Colors:

beige color for kitchen

One of the original and classic looks in kitchen colour design is beige. The color is both warm and neutral and bright. If you are going for darker cabinets and countertops then this color is best suited for kitchen painting.

4. Black Color for Kitchen:

black colour for kitchen

The black color for the kitchen is bold and it will give you that vintage but modern touch. But at the same time, it should be done right. You can pair the black color kitchen walls with white cabinets, or add gold hardware and lining to give a luxurious finish. But do make sure that the black color idea will also match the other design in the home.


5. Different Blue Shades are Bold:

blue kitchen colour

Blue is bold and beutiful, the combinations of blue with white, grey, and lighter pink shades can be used for kitchen wall colors. But for more of a modern and elegant look Navy blue is dramatic and it can make a kitchen feel luxurious.


6. Sage Green or Darker:

sage green kitchen colour

Sage green-painted kitchens are vibrant yet subtle. This paint color brings more light into the kitchen when paired with white. But at the same time, it all depends on you, you can go a little darker shade with the sage green and play with more paint colors to create your palette.

7. All White Forever Favorite:

white forever

White is a classic kitchen colour for a reason. It brightens up the space, makes it feel larger, and goes with any style of cabinetry or flooring. If you’re looking for a timeless look, white is a great option.


8. Forest Greens & Browns:

forest green brown

If you are going for aesthetic tans, browns, and earthy color palettes for your home then maintain the same for the kitchen walls and cabinets too. As it will be vibrant and will give you comfort with the warm colors.


9. Food Color Palette:

food colours for kitchen

Yes, a color full and vibrant food color palette for the kitchen. Why let the tummy get all the favor when even eyes can feel the best with vibrant food color paints? You can choose your favorite fruit, vegetable, or green, combine the colors to make your own and unique kitchen design color

10. Pastel Kitchen Colors:

pastel kitchen colors

Pastel kitchen colors are a great way to create a soft, airy, and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen. They are perfect for those who want a kitchen that is both stylish and functional.

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Additionally, consider the overall colors and decors that you want to incorporate in your kitchen space. As there should be a uniform distribution of colors if not then uneven aesthetics might cause problems.

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