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Best Kitchen Chimneys Brands in India | Features & Price List

Best Kitchen chimney
Best Chimney in India

The kitchen is unquestionably a vital area of our home, as it is here that we cook food for our entire family. As a result, it is our responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of this environment. Furthermore, if this location is not kept clean, it can hurt our health. The use of a kitchen chimney to suck away polluting air in the kitchen has become a necessity in recent years. Especially when the majority of people today live in flats or apartments with small kitchens. For this reason, cooking oil and contaminated air are trapped in the kitchen.

Additionally, a well-designed open kitchen might introduce more oil and filthy air into the room, causing the color of the walls to fade. For all of these reasons, using a kitchen chimney is now a requirement. We’ll delve more into this topic in this essay.

Entry Level of Chimney Brand Names |Price List

Brands Model Suction Capacity Features Price (₹)
Kaff 60 cm Cassette Kitchen Chimney 1000 m³/hr Pyramid-style, cassette filter, LED display 5,599
V-Guard P10 Kitchen Chimney 1200 m³/hr Filterless, auto-clean, motion sensor 7,399
Surya Kitchen Chimney 1100 m³/hr Hand sensor, touch screen, cassette filter 7,990
Crompton IntelliMotion Kitchen Chimney 990 m³/hr Thermal auto-clean, motion sensor 9,490

Mid-Range Chimneys (₹10,000 – ₹20,000)

Brand Model Suction Capacity Features Price (₹)
Glen CH60 CT SELENA60 1200 m³/hr Auto-clean, motion sensor, stainless steel 10,490
Inalsa Maris 75BKMAC 1350 m³/hr Filterless, auto-clean, motion sensor 11,119
Hindware 90 cm Chimney 1200 m³/hr Baffle filter, touch control, LED lights 12,000
IFB GL-14T 1000 m³/hr Stainless steel, auto-clean, LED lights 12,495

High-End Chimneys (Above ₹20,000)

Brand Model Suction Capacity Features Price (₹)
Elica 60 cm 1350 m³/hr 1350 m³/hr Filterless, auto-clean, motion sensor 25,000
Faber 90 cm Chimney 1500 m³/hr Auto-clean, filterless, touch control 29,990
Siemens iQ500 60 cm Cooker Hood 1000 m³/hr it drive motor, LED lighting, touch control 76,490
Glen Senza 60 cm 1050 m³/hr Filterless, auto-clean, motion sensor 1,19,996
Glen Senza 60 cm 1050 m³/hr Filterless, auto-clean, motion sensor 1,19,996

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change

Table of Contents:

1. Kutchina Chimneys
2. Surya Chimneys
3. Elica Chimneys
4. Hindware Chimneys
5. Sunflame Chimneys

An Overview of the Kitchen Chimney in India:

Many homeowners in India who are building new homes these days would almost certainly include kitchen chimneys in their plans. Various companies, both large and small, manufacture kitchen chimneys. Kitchen chimneys come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Therefore, chimneys should be installed according to the size and needs of your kitchen. However, remember to choose the best kitchen chimneys as per your requirements.


Best Kitchen Chimney Designs Brands In India: 

The chimney is the most important and helpful piece of equipment in your kitchen. Exploring the list of best kitchen chimney brands in India is crucial for you when you are going to invest a heavy amount to buy a perfect chimney for your house. There are plenty of Kitchen Chimney Brands in India but if you are thinking of buying a perfect one then keep an eye on some top Kitchen Chimney brands for your home.

1. Faber:

A leading brand name that is popular for its high-quality material is Faber Chimney. This brand is not only popular in India but also in other countries as well. Faber Chimney Pricing starts from 15,000.

2. Hindware:

On the other hand, the second most popular kitchen chimney brand in India is Hindware Chimney. This chimney brand is popular for its excellent quality material Chimney and that’s why most Indian customers trust this brand.

3. Kutchina Chimneys:

Kutchina is an India modular kitchen and home appliances brand, located in Koltaka. This brand is more popular for modular kitchens & chimneys made by Kutchina are considered as best quality in the market. They offer a wide range of chimney models from basic to auto-clean models.

4. Elica:

Elica is the most well-known kitchen appliance brand. The products offered by Elica are the best of quality. This company is a subsidiary of Whirlpool India. Elica has many range of chimneys from low-cost basic models to premium high-end models.

5. Surya Home Appliances:

Surya is an Indian home appliances brand, this brand offers kitchen chimneys at reasonable prices compared to the most popular brands. They offer a wide variety range of chimneys from basic low-cost chimneys to trendy new ones with high-tech functionality.

5 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

1. Kutchina Chimneys:

Kutchina virgose | Best Kitchen Chimney

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Kutchina has the largest number of customers in India when it comes to buying the best kitchen chimney. The Kutchina chimney company was the first in India to manufacture self-cleaning chimneys. Which makes this chimney extremely functional and also extremely beautiful to look at. So let’s see what its common features are.


  • Suitable for multiple Burners
  • 1250 CMH
  • No Filters, instant auto-clean with heat/water on button press
  • Uses water/heat to auto-clean the collection chamber


  • Zero manual effort to clean
  • Less Maintains
  • 100% dependable motor that also comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Best suction while providing an elegant look that fits with all kitchens

Note: Features may vary according to different models.

2. Surya Chimney Company:

Surya Ex chimney | best kitchen chimney

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Surya offers top-quality chimneys with updated technology. It is one of the most trusted companies in India. Here you will get the best kitchen chimney at a low price.


  • Automatically suck the fumes & fire in case of a fire accident.
  • Auto Clean
  • Hand Sensor], operate all features just by waving your hand.
  • Digital display with touch and sensor mode.


  • Equipped with Xifo Technology which is an updated version of advanced technology in the manufacturing world of the kitchen chimney
  • safe and comfortable features included with this unique item
  • Lots of ranges that are different in size, feature, and chimney price

Note: Features may vary according to different models.

3. Elica Chimney Brand:

Elica fl 900 | best chimney in india

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Elica Chimney is also an acceptable and trustworthy company to many people in India when they are thinking of buying the best chimney in India. Even in many countries outside of India this chimney is widely used. The basic features that make it so special are as follows:


  • Suitable for multiple Burners
  • 1350 CMH
  • Filterless  auto-clean with heat/water on button press
  • Uses water/heat to auto-clean the chamber


  • Counting different sizes, shapes, features, and prices
  • The wall-mounted chimneys by the brand are excellent for cleaning your kitchen area perfectly
  • The latest advanced Technologies make this product very convenient to use increase the life span and reduce the maintenance cost.

Note: Features may vary according to different models.

4. Hindware Chimneys:

hindware | best chimney brands in india

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The name Hindware is very familiar to the people of India because it is a very old company that has been making various kitchen utensils for a long time. So according to our suggestion, you can buy a kitchen chimney in India from this company. But before that, find out what kind of characteristics it has.


  • Suitable for multiple Burners
  • 1100 CMH
  • Uses baffle filter panels to separate spice & grease, half-yearly cleaning
  • Manual cleaning of the filters is needed.


  • Every type of chimney kitchen design available to suit your requirements and budget
  • All the chimneys are equipped with the latest technology, that’s why they require less maintenance and increased lifespan
  • Auto-clean is a very popular feature among all the products of this brand.

Note: Features may vary according to different models.

5. Sunflame Chimneys:

sunflame roma | best chimney in india

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It would not be right if we finished our article without mentioning the Sun flame chimneys. Those who are thinking of buying a reliable kitchen chimney at a low price should think about this company. This company has a low chimney price for the kitchen but is very efficient and good-looking enough. So let’s find out what are its features:


  • Suitable for multiple Burners
  • 1250 CMH
  • No Filter used, instant auto-clean with heat/water on button press
  • Uses water/heat to auto-clean the chambers
  • Very good at removing smell.


  • Most of the chimneys from this brand come in wall-mounted feature
  • Made of stainless steel to provide them with a better lifespan
  • Many kitchen chimneys from this brand are equipped with auto clean and touch control technology
  • Generally, this Kitchen Chimney comes with 2 years of warranty.

Note: Features may vary according to different models.


1. Should I take a cheap-priced kitchen chimney?

Yes of course you can take a cheap price kitchen chimney, but make sure that chimney is equipped with all the advanced features. Otherwise, your investment will go wrong.

2. What is the basic price of a good kitchen chimney?

It is a diplomatic provide, it depends on what type of features you are choosing and what brand you prefer for purchasing a kitchen chimney.

3. How I can understand whether the kitchen chimney is good or not?

You must have a look at the features of the kitchen chimney and you also can check the reviews before purchasing.

4. How to clean the Kitchen Chimney?

Most of the new chimneys come with auto-clean features they use heat to clean the waste collection chamber. If you don’t have that option you have to remove the collection chamber at the bottom and clean manually.


We discussed the best kitchen chimneys in India extensively because we want our readers to make the best selection possible when purchasing kitchen chimneys. All of the preceding will assist you in selecting the best firm. And the five businesses we’ve mentioned are unquestionably trustworthy. In conclusion, we must say that making your kitchen chimney selection as soon as possible is a very important need.

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